This is the page you’ll find my general comments on this blog or  on specific books I’ve read and reviewed. I’ll try NOT to insert any “spoilers”, but I can’t guarantee that, so be advised!

Sometimes I want to say more about a book than can be done in a review for Amazon or Goodreads, so here’s where you’ll find the “more” if you want to read it.

Jim C.

Two More Books Reviewed and a Request Full-filled

Well, I just added “Wayward Galaxy” by Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney and “The Archeron” by Rick Partlow. Both of these were very good books although my male chauvinism did show up against “The Archeron“, sorry about that. Rick Partlow usually writes his stories with strong male main characters so I was kind of surprised to see the MC as a young woman. The story is good, but it comes with some of the

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Updating the Web Site

I added a new page. This Updates/Comments Page will contain my own comments on books I’ve read and reviewed that I don’t necessarily put in my official reviews. Sometimes I like to write about things I noticed in a book, but it would be too much of a spoiler to include those comments in the actual review. Additionally, I’ll keep you informed of any changes to this web site. You can also look at my

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My Comments on “Forgotten Ruins” by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

Boy! Am I ever becoming a fan of Jason Anspach and Nick Cole’s books! At first, I was impressed by their Galaxy’s Edge series when I read the first book “Legionnaire”. Then I was kind of puzzled by the second book, “Galactic Outlaws”. I didn’t want to read a book about a bunch of criminals or that’s what I thought the book was about. It wasn’t, so I’m back on the series, except this book

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