“Dropship (Forsaken Mercenary, Book 1)” by Jonathan Yanez


A surprisingly very good book! Not that Mr. Yanez can’t write, because I’ve read some other books that he’s worked on usually with another author. But this time, it’s only his name on the cover and I think he’ll be happy with the resulting reviews.

Daniel Hunt is a bouncer in a bar on the moon. Well, he’s the “head” bouncer since the bar employs several. This job is one that Daniel is happy to have seeing as how five years ago, he woke up in a very dirty back alley in the city of Doom on the moon. He recalled his name immediately, but that was it. He had no idea who he was or why he was in this situation. He found he had some skills that managed to get him an odd job here and there so he put them to good use. In his current job, he was excelling at keep the place nice and peaceful except when the guys hired by another establishment called “Reds” wanted to cause trouble. Fighting was something he was very good at. He didn’t know how he had come by his skills, but they were very, very good and he always came out on top. And, he didn’t seem to ever get injured. Oh, he’d been stabbed a few times, but by the time a medic was on scene, he had surprisingly already healed to the point you couldn’t tell he’d been wounded. Continue reading ““Dropship (Forsaken Mercenary, Book 1)” by Jonathan Yanez”

“The Colossus (Blood on the Stars, Book 12)” by Jay Allan

The Colossus

Well, you knew the war with the Hegemony was going to have to end sooner or later, right? Well, it looks like it might end pretty quickly now. The Hegemony have just deployed a secret project named “Zed” and something else called “Red Storm”. Initially, no one on the Confederation side knows anything about either of these secret Hegemony projects. But, it doesn’t take long for them to find out exactly what Project Zed actually was.

Project Zed cruised into Confederation space. It was a colossal starship from the days of the Imperium. The Hegemony had found it and had spent the last 20 years getting it ready for battle. Still, the size of the thing was far larger than the resources even the Hegemony had to bring it to its full warfighting potential to use. Over sixty kilometers long, it massed over five hundred times the size of the Hegemony’s largest starship. There was no doubt that this single ship could destroy the entire Confederation fleet in a single battle and end the war that had been going on for over six years. Continue reading ““The Colossus (Blood on the Stars, Book 12)” by Jay Allan”

“Vigilance (First Colony, Book 7)” by Ken Lozito


So Connor Gates and Sean Quinn have teams working on a land-base and space-based interdimensional gate. They believe these gates will lead them back to the Krake so they can get some desperate intelligence on their new enemy. Neither one of these projects are guaranteed to work, but if they can get them to seemingly work, General Gates and Colonel Quinn expect to take their respective forces with them through those gates. Why they would do this, not knowing that they even work, is something of a mystery.

Still, neither are willing to set back and wait for the Krake to appear around New Earth without knowing what they will be up against. So, it’s through the gates they go. General Gates’ forces don’t meet up with any resistance upon first entering the new dimension. The do find a Krake base and head towards it which happens to also be the source of a CDF distress beacon. They find the base destroyed and empty. There is also no sign of the missing CDF personnel until the scouts announce they have found another human built village not far from the Krake base. In it were the CDF survivors, barely alive, but surprisingly still alive. Continue reading ““Vigilance (First Colony, Book 7)” by Ken Lozito”

“(Galactic Liberation, Book 2) Battleship Indomitable” by David Vandyke and B. V. Larson

Battleship Indomitable

Commodore Derek Straker continues on his quest to free all of humanity starting with the liberation of those oppressed by the Mutuality. His current target is the orbital fortress above Sachen-3. This system was home to a number of his Straker Breakers so it was logical to start his liberation efforts with this system possibly gain additional support and a place to operate from.

While they liberate the Sachen system and gain a number of supporting personnel and ships, they still need more help. According to Zaxby, the Liberation is due to fail only because of the large number of systems that must be liberated. They need something to change the balance of things, something that will give an advantage to the Liberation movement.

After going through captured Mutuality documents from the orbital fortress, they discover schematics for what appears to be a huge, no humongous starship. The don’t have any information on whether the Mutuality actually built this ship or where it would be located after having been built in the Baikonur system. So, Starker’s fleet proceeds to Baikonur to see if they can find any more information on this incredible ship. If it had been operational and up to it’s full potential, the war between the Hundred Worlds and the Mutuality would have been over. Nothing could have stood up to this ship and that’s why the Liberation need it. Continue reading ““(Galactic Liberation, Book 2) Battleship Indomitable” by David Vandyke and B. V. Larson”

“Emergence (First Colony, Book 6)” by Ken Lozito


I haven’t been back to this series for awhile. I kind of thought it was over since the New Earth Colony had just about killed all the possible threats to it’s existence, so far. Since this is still a relatively new colony, they are still exploring the space around them to now include the underway space. They would like to find all the NEIIS (New Earth Indigenous Intelligent Species) sites, especially any small or large cities.

It appears that the researchers from New Haven have found such a new site, but it is under water, at the bottom of a large inland sea. That’s a first for any of the NEIIS sites. Connor Gates, former General Gates of the Colony Defense Force (CDF), now retired, has been invited to visit this new NEIIS site and he eagerly takes his team with him. Continue reading ““Emergence (First Colony, Book 6)” by Ken Lozito”

“Orion’s Dawn (Frontier’s Reach, Book 1)” by Robert C. James

Orion's Dawn

The author actually wrote to me and requested a review. I like doing that because it brings books to my attention that I might otherwise not notice. I wasn’t able to get right to reading his book since I already have a full reading list, but I do eventually get books read and reviewed and its not been that long since the request. If you want me to read and review your book, just email me a request and I’ll get it done.

Now, I don’t really like reading novellas and that’s exactly what this book is. It’s short. I’m no speed reader, but I got this book read in a few hours and that’s not how I like to read books. I don’t feel that novellas have enough to really grab the interest of the reader. Additionally, they don’t go into much background about the characters and therefore the reader can’t really relate to what’s going on. Continue reading ““Orion’s Dawn (Frontier’s Reach, Book 1)” by Robert C. James”

“Storm World (Undying Mercenaries, #10)” by B. V. Larson

Storm World

I was just thrilled to find that Mr. Larson was still writing this series. I hadn’t seen a new book for quite sometime and I really missed the series. And to my great pleasure, I not only found this 10th book, but he’s already published the 11th, “Armored World” which I immediately purchased and will enjoy very soon. If this is your first time to see a book in this series, I highly encourage you to go back to the beginning and start from there.

Now, about this book. Well, James McGill is back and that’s great. Legion Varus is in-between mission which means they’re standing down on Earth with most of the Legion members enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation. James just happens to be in his shack in Georgia with none other than Galina Turov, his Tribune! This isn’t that unusual except it is unusual for his parents to drop in while he is entertaining a female guest. His parents invited James and his guest to go to breakfast with them, which on a Sunday, wasn’t all that unusual, well, except for his guest being Galina Turov. Continue reading ““Storm World (Undying Mercenaries, #10)” by B. V. Larson”

“Dark Paths (Liberation War, Book 4)” by John Walker

Dark Paths

The Earth’s only starship, the Leviathan, has just returned home from a very successful mission. They are anxious to get back out and meet with General Atalis who is now consolidating his forces and situation on the cathedral planet. They have a short meeting with Colonel Jack’s who tells them a little bit about a terrorist group known as Icarus Rising led by a man going by the name of Phoenix. So far, this group hand only taken over a telecommunication station which he used to broadcast his message in hopes of gathering more recruits to his cause. This group was opposed to the exploration of space and therefore against the Agency and all it stood for. They believed the Agency had brought the terrible destruction by the Collector ship upon Earth through it’s space program. They wanted Earth to quit all space exploration and go back to hiding from the galactic community.

Now this is where the book diverges from previous books. Usually, the author, John Walker, will only write about the mission assigned to the leviathan and that’s about all. What happens on Earth while the ship is gone isn’t usually of interest and it makes the story-line pretty easy to follow. But, now we have a seond thread beginning and that’s with this terrorist activity. Of course, this is a problem of Colonel Jacks since he’s in charge of the Agency. So, I think we’ll now be following two separate stories, but I don’t know how involved we’ll get with the Icarus Rising part. Of course, if they try and attack the Leviathan directly, then that would merge the two story lines, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Continue reading ““Dark Paths (Liberation War, Book 4)” by John Walker”

“Revolution Rising (Liberation War, Book 3)” by John Walker

Revolution Rising

5 Stars out of 5

Ok, now back to a good story. For some reason I kept wanting to skip this book and go straight to book 4. That’s what I get for grabbing multiple books in a series at the same time. I read about two or three chapters in book 4, “Dark Paths”, before I realized they were talking about people and places that I hadn’t read anything about! So, I got back on track and read this book in a very short time.

These books are known for their straight up approach to one mission and one mission only. That’s how John Walker, the author, writes most of his books. Oh, the Leviathan goes a lot of places, but it’s only in pursuit of a single mission goal. This time they are after additional allies; hopefully military allies with some additional resources. That partially happens, but the defense of Earth is still in serious jeopardy. Continue reading ““Revolution Rising (Liberation War, Book 3)” by John Walker”

“Lucky Universe, Lucky Legacy (Lucky’s Marines, Book 1 – 2)” by Joshua James

Lucky's Marines

3 Stars out of 5

Well, this is another 4 in 1 book. I’m not really a fan of cramming four books into one; it doesn’t seem like you’re getting your monies worth when you read them like this. I’d prefer single books so I could finish one and then write a review for it and then read the next one or some other book. But, since I’ve got this one started, I’ll just review them as I finish them. Hopefully they’ll be short reviews!

Lucky Universe

This is a strange book. There wasn’t much introduction to the story even though there was a Prologue at the beginning. Lance Corporal Lucky Lee Savage is our main character. He’s an Empire Frontier Marine doing what he’s told as any good Marine should. Yet, I don’t think you could qualify Lucky as a “good” Marine. he’s been in way too much trouble for that label to stick. He’s also been in a lot of hypersleep cycles which is how Frontier Marines get from one mission to the next. Only Lucky was not long ago in hypersleep for some fifty-one years! That was extraordinarily too long and should not have happened. It’s a miracle that he survived and is also the reason for his first name “Lucky”. Continue reading ““Lucky Universe, Lucky Legacy (Lucky’s Marines, Book 1 – 2)” by Joshua James”