The Dark Between

“The Dark Between”

This is kind of a weird story, but it’s weird in a very good way. We’re reading about a semi-transformer kind of book in that the hero, Dash Sawyer, is the pilot of a huge spacefaring electro-mechanical robot, called the Archetype. How he was “chosen”

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Glass World

“Glass World”

This has got to be one of my most favorite series. There is so much subtle humor and craziness going on that I get a real kick out of reading each book. I hope they continue forever! James McGill is back to his old hilarious

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Attack Plan Alpha

“Attack Plan Alpha”

The Confederation never, ever stops fighting. And now it looks like they will finally be destroyed! The Highborn are in control of the Union and both Gaston Villieneuve and Ciara have been Collared which means they can’t control their actions any more. Villieneuve now serving

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Well, Captain Thomas Baldwin made it back to the Concord capital, Nolix, with his ship the Constantine and its crew. Only now he faces a Board of Inquiry for his recent actions against the Statu. He had gone against his orders given by Admiral Hudson

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Well, it looks like I missed a book in this series! Book 14, “Alliance”, some how got past me. I haven’t downloaded it and now I’m not sure that I will. This current book covers some of the things that happened in “Alliance”, but not

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The Confederation starship Morrigan was off on another adventure. She was heading to the far hinges of the frontier to investigate reported rumors of the Confederations new enemy, the ervas, being on a planet once held by the Confederation. Captain Noah Markel now had the

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Blackout Invasion

“Blackout Invasion”

Well, first off this is a young adult book, very young adult, probably for kids barely in their teens. It’s an action-packed story about a 17 year old kid on a very strange planet, although he doesn’t know that. I don’t usually read young adult

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Well, here we are with another series by Ryk Brown. It’s been awhile since I finished book 15 of the original Frontiers Saga and when we left that book, I wasn’t sure there would be another in that series. And there wasn’t except the author

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Starting a new series again. I’ve read books by both of these authors and they write pretty good. The only trepidation I had about diving into this book is that it references another series, the “Ixan Legacy Trilogy”, as a prelude to this series. I

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The Shield

“The Shield”

I think I finally caught up in this series. When I previously stopped it was at book twelve not knowing at the time that more books were soon coming. When I did get back to it, I found book 16 and knew instantly that I

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I really cringe when I see one of these books on my reading list. I’ve been a long time reader of Raymond L. Weil books including the first of the “Slaver Wars series” which kind of started this whole thing. Oh, the stories are good

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All Quiet on the Second Frong

“All Quiet on the Second Front”

After fifteen books in a series, you’d think I would like the story-line. Well, I do no that the Cas’cadas are getting their butts whipped! It’s been a long time coming, but it look like the Human Empire (plus their alien allies) are making some

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Ashes of the Past

“Ashes of the Past”

We’ve come a long ways since the Peck twins rescue. They are both grown and have had careers with the Confederation Marine Corps; well, at least one of them had a career! Rita Peck had been kicked out of the Marines for striking a superior

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I’ve read a number of books by Nathan Hystad and he’s a proven good writer. So I’m looking forward to this series and think it will be pretty good. But, there are a few things I desperately need for him to change. The story is

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Black Labyrinth

“Black Labyrinth”

First book of a new year and it’s a very good one. I really like this story and how it has developed. As read in the last book, Willowood, mother of Valerie and gandmother of Piper was rescued from the dungeons of So-Elku’s palace. That

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Well, the war with the Cas’cadas is going well for the Empire. While the Cas’cadas do occasionally come up with something unique in their tactical strategy, it’s not very often and the Empire can usually figure out what they are up to. Now, it appears

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First Encounter

“First Encounter”

Not to give you a spoiler right off the bat, but I’m not a fan of “monster” or “horror” science fiction. This book kind of fits into those categories, but you may have a different opinion. The UNES Forerunner One is one of three Earth

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Empire's Ashes

“Empire’s Ashes”

Little did I know that some day I’d find a sci-fi war series that I am getting tired of. No, not tired of reading it, but tired of all the war that has gone on for so long. I could never have survived the amount

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It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book in this series. I had picked up one recently only to realize it was book 16 and I had left off at book 12, so I have a lot of reading to do! The Empire, ruled by

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Void Horizon

“Void Horizon”

I like this series. It has some wonderful characters, the good guys, and some horrible characters, the bad guys. There’s no confusing the two, except when some of the good guys don’t know who they are working for! Our band of good guys have grouped

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Mother Ship

“Mother Ship”

I didn’t really like this book for several reasons. While this book doesn’t contain zombies, the mindless humans are pretty darn close. The premise that an alien entity would go to the trouble of controlling humans just enough to make them kill each other is

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