Science Fiction Book Reviews

“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it’s the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. …Science fiction is central to everything we’ve ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don’t know what they’re talking about.”

-Ray Bradbury

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“Here’s a quick rule of thumb: Don’t annoy science fiction writers. These are people who destroy entire planets before lunch.  Think of what they’ll do to you.”

― John Scalzi

Science Fiction Book Reviews

Barbara Walters: “But what would you do if the doctor gave you only six months to live?”

Asimov: “Type faster”

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“ fiction is something that could happen – but usually you wouldn’t want it to. Fantasy is something that couldn’t happen – though often you only wish that it could.”

— Arthur C. Clark

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“It really seems to me that in the midst of great tragedy, there is always the possibility that something terribly funny will happen.”

— Philip K. Dick

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.” (Starship Troopers)

— Robert A. Heinlein

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

— Robert A. Heinlein

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“If you want me to treat your ideas with more respect, get some better ideas.”

— John Scalzi

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“Advertising is legalized lying.”

— H. G. Wells

Science Fiction Book Reviews

“Sometimes I think I must have a Guardian Idiot.  A little invisible spirit just behind my shoulder, looking out for me…only he’s an imbecile.”

― Spider Robinson


About MeNot really me, but you never know!   I’m the Webmaster as well as the person responsible for all these science fiction book reviews.  As you can tell, I read science fiction books.  I don’t read much of anything else.  I have liked science fiction books and movies since as far back as I can remember, and that’s a long time.  I prefer military science fiction and really won’t bother with science fantasy, swords, knights, or zombies.  I also don’t like to read alternate time lines, they just don’t make sense to me.

At one time, I worked for a living.  I started working at the young age of 16 and never stopped until I retired in 2000 and then in 2008.  I had a four year stretch in the US Navy and saw Vietnam doing two tours aboard the USS Midway, CVA-41.  That ship is now a museum somewhere in San Diego, CA!

I also joined the Army National Guard after my active duty period in 1974.  I stayed with this for a long time, 24 years total, and retired from the Army in 2000.  With a reserve retirement, you have to wait until age 60 to start collecting any retired pay.  Retiring in 2000, put me at 50 years of age and as a Lieutenant Colonel, so I had to manage to live another 10 years so I could collect on my Army retirement.  I did and now I get paid for doing what I want to do!

At the same time (1974), I got a civilian job with the USAF in my home town.  I worked for the Air Force for the next 34 years as a Civil Servant.  I retired, as a GS-15, from that job in 2008.  My specialty in the Air Force was Financial Management.  I could never figure out why someone would want to be in the Air Force and work in financial management.  It certainly wasn’t a war-fighting job, although, during the last 14 years of my career, I worked for Air Force Intelligence and did finance a lot of war-fighting activities.  I always figured that if you’re going to be in the military, then get a weapon and go fight the bad guys.  So, now you know why I’m partial to military science fiction.

I’m married with two grown Sons.  I just turned 65 (May 2015), but I plan on living another 100 years or so.  Nanites and body transplants need to hurry and become commonplace for that to happen!  I have a wonderful wife who has put up with me for 45 years (May 1970), and I think she will continue putting up with me for quite a bit longer, I hope!

If you are an author, I really respect what you do.  If you have a book that you would like read and reviewed, I promise to do just that as soon as I get to the book.  If you can provide me with a copy suitable for my Kindle HDX, then I will get it done quicker, but I do not mind buying your book from Amazon.  I don’t know how authors can have books on Amazon and not charge for them or only charge a couple of dollars.  For all the hard work you do, you ought to get paid more than that, but if you sell a million books at $1 each, then you’ve got a million dollars, right!  That’s not too bad.

Ok, that’s me.  If you want to contact me about a book or this web site, use this email address:  Science Fiction Book Portal.


Jim C.