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March 2021

Strange Company

“Strange Company”

This was a strange book! I guess I should have expected it to be considering it’s title, “Strange Company”.  The title could have meant some kind of strange business and it a way it does. The business of the Strange Company is killing because they are a company of mercenaries! 

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This story line sees to be going on forever. That’s not necessarily bad, but it seems to be almost the same thing in each book. General Conner Gates in the Commander of the Colony Defense Force (CDF) and he does his job very well. He is on New Earth, a

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Prime Vanguard

“Prime Vanguard”

Well, if you like your science fiction books to be heavy on the “science” then you’re going to love this book. There is a lot of scientific jargon in this book mostly explaining how things should work when they don’t. You’re also not going to be anywhere near Earth. As

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“The Acheron”

Ok, I’m going to get this right out front. Since I’m a male chauvinist, I’m not partial to female main characters. Sandrine Hollande is the main character in this book and she is definitely a female. Ok, with that out of the way, let me go on to say, it

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“WayWard Galaxy”

This was a very good story with an interesting twist. Instead of having the main character just joining the military, Jared Reach has just left active duty with the US Marine Corps. He is now, very definitely, a civilian with a new gig and it’s not anything to do with

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