Best Military Science Fiction Series – So Far!

Epic Book Series by Lee Stephen


This is by far the best military science fiction series I have had the pleasure to read. I was very fortunate this series was in print all the way through book 4. It would have been terrible to have to wait between each book. Enemy One, Epic Book 5, is supposed to be out in the summer of 2016.

This story is something rather unique. We have a hero, Scott Remington, who seems to be a very normal guy. Yet, unlike most military sci-fi books, Remington has a religious faith that is not hidden from the reader. It’s unusual to read about a fictious character in a book that has a strong faith in God. In fact, it’s unusual for any author to write about a charcter’s religion or even mention God. But, it’s part of the story and it works.

The story is really, really good and it will give your emotions a good work out. There is a lot of drama both in the fighting against the aliens, but also between the male and female “Operatives”.

It’s a fun book to read, has it’s ups and downs and makes you read one book after another. That’s what I did. The author has a website, EPIC Universe that you’ll want to visit. If you get on the Forum and ask questions about the books, don’t be surprised if the author answers you back. Good stuff!

— Jim C.

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