“Shadow of Empire (Far Stars Trilogy #1)” by Jay Allan

“Shadow of Empire Far Stars Trilogy #1)” by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


I read a previous book titled, “Blackhawk (Far Stars Legends)” by Jay Allan and liked what I read. He introduced the character Arkarin Blackhawk in that first book and he was a pretty tough dude with some kind of strange background. Apparently, he’s done some jobs in the past that he’s definitely not proud of and wants to forget. In the “Legends” book, I think he was kind of drifting along going no where when he befriended a guy that was trying to win a war. Anyway, Blackhawk took his side and command his army to victory. At least that’s how I remember it.

Now, we’re back with Arkarin Blackhawk and he’s immediately in big trouble. Seems like he was on a mission to rescue the daughter of a very close friend. He’s kind of accomplished that since the daughter, Astra Lucerne of Celtiboria, is aboard the Wolf’s Claw and ready to be transported back to her father, Marshal Augustin Lucerne. Marshal Lucerne was engaged in a planet-wide battle to control Celtiboria. He wanted to dispense with all the Warlords fighting over everything on Celtiboria and consolidate the planet under one government. He was just about to finish off the last Warlord when his only daughter was kidnapped. He sent his only really trusted friend, Arkarin Blackhawk, to attempt to return his daughter. He didn’t really think Blackhawk had much of a chance, but he knew that no one else stood any chance of finding and returning his daughter. Continue reading ““Shadow of Empire (Far Stars Trilogy #1)” by Jay Allan”

“Homefront (Portal Wars #3)” by Jay Allan

“Homefront (Portal Wars #3)” by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


I read the first to books in this series sometime ago and then kind of forgot about it. At that time, I knew there would be a third book, but there was no announcement of when, so I moved on. Then I found this third and not necessarily final book in the series. It is a very enjoyable read in that Jake Taylor accomplishes what he set out to do so long ago on Gehenna, the portal world where he was sent to die.

As you read in the first two books, Jake is now not a normal human in the sense that he has been surgically altered into a superhuman. He and about 10,000 of his fellow soldiers were subject to UNGov’s experiment to make them more lethal against the Machines, a.k.a. the Tegeri Then, Jake was captured by the Tejeri and told he truth. Their enemy for the last thirty-years wasn’t really their enemy at all. They were a peace-loving race of aliens who had come to Earth to make friends and share their advanced technology. UNGov saw this as a threat to their power so they started a vicious lie about the Machines and that started a terrible war. Continue reading ““Homefront (Portal Wars #3)” by Jay Allan”

“Age of Expansion: Exploration (The Ghost Squadron Book 2) ” by Sarah Noffke, J. N. Chaney, and Michael Anderle

“Age of Expansion:
Exploration (The Ghost Squadron Book 2) ”
by Sarah Noffke, J. N. Chaney, and Michael AnderleBuy on Amazon


Something is just off in these two books. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just kind of irritating reading them some times. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the writing and that may be the problem. The two main characters, Edward (Eddie) Teach and Julianna Fregin are just too perfect or something. Teach is an ex-Federation Marine or something like that while Julianna is some what of a mystery. She’s almost a cyborg, part machine and part human. She also hundreds of years old, but doesn’t look much older, if that, than Eddie Teach. The cover of the book shows Eddie looking older if I was to guess, but Julianna can run rings around Teach and never loses a fight.

These two have been taken in by General Lance Reynolds. He’s the commander of the Federation’s military, but finds himself caught in a unreasonable Alliance agreement which makes it impossible for him to use the Federation military to stop what he knows as upcoming trouble for the Federation and it’s allies. So, he’s formed the Ghost Squadron consisting of two, now four people, Eddie, Julianna, Lars (a former Trid Brotherhood member), and Doctor A’Din Hatcherik, an alien resembling a squid. They are now going about recruiting additional members to their Ghost Squadron while at the same time trying to accomplish some highly dangerous missions. Continue reading ““Age of Expansion: Exploration (The Ghost Squadron Book 2) ” by Sarah Noffke, J. N. Chaney, and Michael Anderle”

“Mercs (Crimson Worlds Successors 1)” by Jay Allan

“Mercs (Crimson Worlds Successors 1) ” by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


There are a lot of Crimson Worlds stories. They never seem to end, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still, sometimes it’s kind of hard to remember the back-story about the characters you read about in books long gone. This one is no exception. We’re now reading about Erik Cain’s sons. Yes, if you’ll remember, he and Sarah had twins, Darius and Elias. They are now grown men and about as different as two people can be.

Darius has his father’s military genes which, unfortunately, have driven him to find war anywhere he can. Since the Galaxy has calmed down after the Second Incursion of the First Imperium, there were no real enemies to fight. The Alliance Navy and Marine Corps found itself with nothing to do. And with the fall of Earth, there was no centralized government willing to foot the gigantic defense bill these two organizations represented. So, they were downsized considerably. And that’s where Darius Cain comes in. He is the Commanding Officer, General, of the Black Eagles, a mercenary army equal to no one. Only they don’t downright call themselves Mercenaries, but Companies, very successful Companies. He and his men fight for whomever puts up the right amount of money regardless of the reason they want to hire the Black Eagles. They never fail to fulfill a contact. Continue reading ““Mercs (Crimson Worlds Successors 1)” by Jay Allan”