“Ascension (Book 6 of the Ascension Series)” by Ken Lozito

“Ascension (Book 6 of the Ascension Series)”
by Ken LozitoBuy on Amazon


I don’t know why, but this particular book didn’t hold my attention as well as the previous books in the series. Then again, I’m not sure any of these books actually held my interest. I say that because it seems the author had an original idea for the book, i.e., a group of astronauts are sent out to explore an alien construct on Pluto and then he decided to expand the story to something entirely different. Now that might have been a good thing, but I’m not so sure.

Still, we’re back with the human crew of the Athena, a vastly different starship that came from Earth. It has been remade by the Drar in the previous book and is actually much, much more than what was anticipated. The on-board AI is almost sentient if not so, and is now considered an extremely valuable asset for any civilization/species that would control her, if that could even be done. Zack Quick, our resident computer nerd and genius, has grown very fond of Athena. He works much closer to her than any of the other crew and has grown very protective of the ship. Continue reading ““Ascension (Book 6 of the Ascension Series)” by Ken Lozito”

“Alliance (Legacy War #3)” by John Walker

“Alliance (Legacy War #3)” by John WalkerBuy on Amazon

By now we should be used to the fact that Earth has only produced one FTL starship that’s capable of some combat. It has performed well in the two previous missions fighting off some rather pesky Kalrawv Group ships and the somewhat more difficult Tol’An terrorist. This next mission should be a “milk-run” in that it’s only an Ambassadorial transport mission. For some reason, Earth has designated Admiral Reach as it’s Ambassador to the conference with the Pahxin. It is hoped that the two civilization can come to some mutual agreement to share technology and provide each other some mutual support against the Tol’An.

Of course the Tol’An know about the pending meeting and will be attempting to sabotage it as much as they can. If they can capture the two primary Ambassadors, that would send a signal to everyone that they were a power to be reckoned with. So we get to read about the leader of the Tol’An and met his chief henchman who like all good bad guys runs around in black with a black hood covering his face. Continue reading ““Alliance (Legacy War #3)” by John Walker”

“Thunder and Lightening” by Christopher G. Nuttall and Leo Champion

“Thunder and Lightening” by Christopher G. Nuttall
and Leo ChampionBuy on Amazon


I really don’t like books like this! Now, I hope that doesn’t turn you off from reading the book because some of you might very well like the theme of this kind of book. It’s an Earth invasion story. Simply put, some aliens travel the stars to our lonely planet and literally kicks our butts! They kill some where around 3 billion, yeah, that’s billion humans and then say they were trying to help us!

What I hate about these books is that they are so depressing during the first seventy-five percent of the book. Earth and humans that live on this planet have been broadcasting our TV and radio waves out into the universe for hundreds of years now. Sooner or later, some civilization on a distant planet will capture our old broadcasts and that will form their basis of figuring out who we are. That’s pretty frightening. I don’t think we can stop it. I mean our radio and TV just shotgun everything all over the planet and that stuff is what we call “entertainment”. But, what if the aliens started just now hearing stories and news releases of World War I and then not long after, news about World War II. I would guess they would think we’re all deranged and I would know that’s what they’d think after viewing some of our comedy shows. Continue reading ““Thunder and Lightening” by Christopher G. Nuttall and Leo Champion”