“Liberty (Legacy Fleet, Book 6)” by Nick Webb


It’s been over a year since I last read a book in this series. I don’t know why I never got back to it other than it might have just been released. I don’t know, but I did read it last night and it’s a good continuation to a story that’s been going on for a long, long time.

The Earth is in a desperate struggle against the Swarm. Nothing really is known about the Swarm, just that they are terribly advanced and powerful. They first came to notice about 30 years ago which was known as the First Swarm War. Earth was pretty much devastated then and has taken all of the past 30 years to get well. Now the Swarm appears to be back.

The Swarm has or had the ability to take over different alien races and make them do their fighting. The Valarasi and Dolmasi were two such races and the Swarm control also included select humans. So, not only was the Earth fleet fighting against the Swarm, but also against two other alien races. There was a third race, the Skiohra who weren’t especially threatening, but they also weren’t very helpful. The First Swarm War was followed by a smaller episode still named the Second Swarm War when the Swarm suddenly showed up and then left.

In the first Swarm War, Captain Tim Granger was the hero of the day. He had the bad habit of taking wounded fleet starships and throwing them into the Swarm ships and then detonating the Earth starships Q-drive. This certainly destroyed the Swarm ship and of course, every sole on the Earth ship. Still Captain Granger managed to hold off the Swarm and he eventually devised and executed a plan to get rid of the Swarm from this universe. Only thing is, it required him to fly his starship into a black hole with all the Swarm following. It worked, but now the Swarm is back and so is Captain Tim Granger! Continue reading ““Liberty (Legacy Fleet, Book 6)” by Nick Webb”

“The Theos (The Survivors, Book 5)” by Nathan Hystad

Last time with left Dean Parker in pretty bad shape. His wife, Mary, had been taken over by the Iskios, an evil alien ancient civilization that lived only to destroy others. Their essence was forever trapped in a crystal world until Dean and Mary accidentally stumble upon the planet. Dean and Mary believed they were on the trail of the Theos, another ancient civilization that believed in peace. The Theos were believed that life had to have a balance and since the Iskios were the evil force in the universe, the Theos believed they were the balancing good. As long as the balance was maintained, then things were fine, not perfect, but just stable. Then the Iskios went on a terrible rampage destroying worlds for no reason. The Theos acted to contain the Iskios sealing them in the crystals on a remote planet. Yet, the Theos knew that if the Iskios were to be gone forever, that meant they had to go also. So they placed themselves in the portal stones. These portal stones allowed other races of the universe to freely travel vast distances with the Theos keeping the portals open to only the Gatekeepers.

Some how the Iskios knew Dean and Mary were looking for the Theos so they led them on a difficult false journey which ended at the crystal planet. Mary got too close to one of the crystals and they entered her body and began controlling her actions. They also began a massive vortex which they called the Unwinding. It would destroy entire planets and even suns. Nothing in its path could remain. Of course the Iskios thrived on this destruction while using Mary to act out their destructive nature. She tried to break free of their control, but they were such a powerful force that she was driven to cower in her own mind. Continue reading ““The Theos (The Survivors, Book 5)” by Nathan Hystad”

“Redeemed (Bolt Eaters, Book 3)” by Isaac Hooke

Redeemed (Bolt Eaters, Book 3)

The Bolt Eaters managed to get captured by the evil “Essential” that runs the entire Banthar world. He’s using a former Bolt Eater by the name of Manticore as his proxy in communicating with the captured Bolt Eaters. He’s established a copy of his programming into the AI core of each Bolt Eater and now he controls all of their actions while they can only sit and watch. Problem is, they are sitting in their Devastators while it is destroying humanity.

Yes, Manticore has brought all the Bolt Eaters back to Earth and is forcing them to attack the humans along with his monstrous machines and his bioweapons. There isn’t much Earth forces can do against these attackers. They have some of the knowledge and equipment that the Bolt Eaters previously created to fight against the Banthar, but those forces are very few. Of course, Eric, the one Bolt Eater that has not died on any mission since he was first created as a mind refurb is madly working to free himself from this software trap and isolation that the Essential through Manticore has bound him. He must break free if humanity is to survive this final battle. Continue reading ““Redeemed (Bolt Eaters, Book 3)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Beyond Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 4)” by Brandon Ellis

Well, this series has certainly gotten carried away. Starting out as a unknown archeologist, Kaden Jaxx, was kidnapped by a former Secret Space Program Colonel names Slade. He was then kind of forced to start deciphering the glyphs on some ancient stones that were part of pyramids. Turns out these pyramids were on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. This lead to the discovery that Callisto wasn’t barren, as thought, but the home to a long lost race of people called the Atlantans. They had powers derived from the pyramids that allowed them to build some wonderful cities on Callisto. But, the Atlantans were also peaceful people not used to war.

Anyway, Jaxx finds that he’s actually a descendant of these Atlantans with their DNA and has a power within him that makes him a formidable human. He was also once part of the Secret Space Program (I just can’t get over how lame that sounds) and a hot-shot pilot, a star-fighter pilot. Except now he doesn’t remember any of this and doesn’t know why anyone would want him to decipher glyphs on pyramids on Callisto. Strange thing is, Jaxx’s name is also written all over these pyramids. Continue reading ““Beyond Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 4)” by Brandon Ellis”

“The Last Aeon (Terran Armor Corps, Book 5)” by Richard Fox

The dust has settled after the last book where the Ibarra Nation rescued the crew of one of their starship carriers from a Union prison. As you remember, those crew members were all proccies which is short for processed humans. According to the Hale Treaty and specifically under the Omega Provision, all proccies found alive after the signing of the treaty were to be executed. President Garret ordered this to be carried out which the Armor Corps Templars refused to do. He, therefore, ordered the Templars to be imprisoned along with the Ibarran crew. Our main character, Roland Shaw, who thought he was back with the Union Armor Corps, was also arrested and thrown in prison. He was accused of treason and was to be executed along with the proccies.

It didn’t take long for the Ibarrans to locate their missing crewmen and set about rescuing them. When they found out that the Union Armor Templars were also in the same prison, they offered them their freedom if they swore an allegiance to the Ibarran Nation. The Templars agreed as long as the Ibarran Nation stayed true to their cause of fighting for all humanity regardless of whether they were natural born or created. So now the Ibarran Nation has a much larger military and the Earth Union forces are smaller and heading into dangerous territory by bending to the will of the other aliens who are attempting to weaken the humans any way they can. Continue reading ““The Last Aeon (Terran Armor Corps, Book 5)” by Richard Fox”

“Invasion (Seeds of War, Book 1)” by Lawrence M. Schoen and Jonathan P. Brazee

I almost didn’t write this review. I am or was a big fan of Jonathan P. Brazee and his very interesting United Federation Marine Corps books. Those are well written and very interesting military science fiction. I don’t know who Lawrence M. Schoen is and problem won’t be reading much of his writing if this is an example. The two writers together managed to put together a really horrible ebook.

If anyone is remotely familiar with “The Day of the Triffids” then they will know all about this book. That book and the movie it produced were classics, horrible, but classics. This book won’t every fall in that category.

Story goes that some disgraced Marine Corps General was retired or exiled to this agricultural planet. It has nothing on it but food crops. Everything is automated so there’s not much need for even a human to be around, but that’s where this guy lives with his adopted dog. He talks to his ag AI all day and the ag AI tells him everything is running just fine. Crops that are ready for harvest, get harvested, shuttled to the planet’s rail launch system and shot through a warp-gate back to some where around Mars. Again, I’m not sure why the retired General is even here. Continue reading ““Invasion (Seeds of War, Book 1)” by Lawrence M. Schoen and Jonathan P. Brazee”

” Discovery (First Colony: Book 5)” by Ken Lozito

Once again, I seemed to have gotten a very short book. It seemed like I just started reading it the other night and then last night I finished it. It was very exciting, but I don’t think that’s why I read it so quickly.

Our main character, Connor Gates, now Mayor of Sanctuary, has to get away from his position and the city for awhile. He’s never been the “behind the desk” type of guy, so it’s no wonder that he’s planned this little outing into the wilds of New Earth. “Little” is kind of a misnomer since Conner had requisitioned two brand new N-Class Rovers and they were already packed for what appeared to be an extended camping trip. The other members of the camping group were now showing up and it was going to be quite a group Altogether, including Connor, there would be nine campers.

Some of the group were questionable as to why they were included. John Rollins was one in particular. A lot of Colony Defense Forces (CDF) took R&R in Sanctuary just to get their heads clear and rest up. Some had pretty back cases of PTSD and Connor thought this little camping trip would give them a chance to unwind far from everything and anything. John was pretty much mad at everything and every body. He had a pretty unfriendly attitude, but Connor was willing to work with him to get him back to normal. Anna Gray was another camper with issues (PTSD) that had drawn her into an almost extreme introvert. While she was smart, she was also scared of everything. Her experience during the Vemus War where she was trapped behind enemy line for days was causing her to react as she was now. Again, Connor thought getting her out and away from everyone and having her do something different might ease her fears. Continue reading “” Discovery (First Colony: Book 5)” by Ken Lozito”

“Reforged (Bolt Eaters, Book 2)” by Isaac Hooke

The Bolt Eaters are still stuck on a suspected Banthar colony planet. They’ve been captured by Manticore who was a former Mind Refurb and a Bolt Eater. He went crazy and was thought to have been killed, but he apparently was captured and has been brained-washed by the Banthar. Now he has the Bolt Eaters wrapped up, prepared for transportation back to where ever he intends interrogate them. Of course, it’s hard to keep the Bolt Eaters contained.

Eric and a couple other Bolt Eaters manage to extract themselves from their Devastator mechs and start climbing huge trees to stay out of sight while following one of the Bantha airships. This is just the start of their problems. They are constantly harassed by the Bantha troops even when they re-locate to a mountain range. There they find some other alien life forms similar to bats in side some huge caves, but these things focus on consuming metal just like the “termites” the Banthar have built and released. Continue reading ““Reforged (Bolt Eaters, Book 2)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Reclamation (Legacy War #6)” by John Walker

This isn’t a long book by any means. It follows most of the books in this series by writing about one mission and one mission only. There is several different stories going on all over the place waiting for everything to converge. That’s not a bad thing, in fact it helps in concentrating on what is actually happening to all the main characters since they are all on the same mission.

As you previously read, the Earth and Pahxins have managed to secure two Orbs and have taken them into hyperspace to see if they can link with them and find out more of their secrets. That works and three members of the Gnosis were found to have the ability to link with the Orbs. They even found out where the other two Orbs reside and this mission is to find one more. Continue reading ““Reclamation (Legacy War #6)” by John Walker”

“The Ancients (The Survivors Book 4)” by Nathan Hystad

We start out by finding our trio of main characters, Dean, Mary and Slate, trekking through a cold and ice covered world. They got there through another portal used in their quest to find the Ancients or otherwise known as the Theos. The Theos have left small clues and artifacts that continually led this trio on. They’re hoping that finding the Theos will lead to solve several mysteries, some which have been very deadly.

This is a far cry from the original story where Dean saved all humanity from some aliens who had loaded everyone up in starships and sent them towards the Sun. Yes, Earth and humanity have enemies they don’t even know about. Since “The Event”, Dean and Mary have had quite an adventure. While some thought this would end when everyone decided to flee to New Spero and set up a new human civilization, it didn’t with the discovery of the Portals. This is an ancient network of gateways to various worlds throughout the universe. It was set up by the Ancients or Theos and used for some purpose by them. Now only a few people (including aliens) know about these portals and access is very limited. Since Dean stumbled upon the portals and has a rudimentary understanding of how they work, he’s been made a Gatekeeper with free access to the portals or gates as he needs. It is evident that some of the original destinations along the network have been shut down. Apparently, the Ancients didn’t want anyone stumbling onto these worlds for one reason or another. Usually, it was for the travelers own protection. Continue reading ““The Ancients (The Survivors Book 4)” by Nathan Hystad”