April 2017 – Nine (9) Book Reviews This Month!


Another month down and another nine books added to my reviews.  I think you’ll find most of these books just as outstanding as all my others, with a few exceptions.

The month started off with one of my favorite series, “Omega Force” Redemption (Omega Force, Book Seven)” by Joshua Dalzelle didn’t disappoint.  Seems like the Omega Force has gone their separate ways after something happened that was not detailed in the previous book.  Now, Jason and Lucky are moping around on a freighter hauling junk for little to no money.  It’s not something Jason wanted to do, but that’s what it’s turn into.  Yet, Doc and Crisstof show up and provide Jason a good a reason as any to patch up the troubles between the Omega Force team and go do something good.  This will be another exciting adventure you’re going to enjoy.

A new author, M. R. Forbes, found his way to my reading list.  I don’t know where I stumble upon this author, but I’m very glad I did.  He apparently has several series already written that are right down mine line.  The first one “Hells’ Rejects (Chaos of the Covenant Book One)” has a young girl as the main character which I guess I don’t mine even though I’m definitely a male chauvinist  Abigail Cage or “Abbey”.  She’s a “Breaker” which is something you’ll have to found out about in the book.  She’s also headed for prison.  Not her fault, but they all say that, right.  Still, this young lady is one tough person and she seems to be able to handle herself.  While things might look bleak now, they do start getting better, not much but better.  Once you’ve been in “Hell” anything has to be better, right?

The next book is written by another new author to me.  This is not my kind of book, but I thought I’d take a break from all the alien fighting and read some other kind of sci-fi.  I’m sorry I did!  Oh, “The R.E.M. Effect: A Science Fiction Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 1)” by J. M. Lanham isn’t bad, it’s just not very interesting as far as I’m concerned.  There’s this pill company that has came across a new kind of sleeping pill that can really give a person a great nights sleep.  That seems to be the biggest problem with people on Earth in that they don’t sleep enough so we’re kind of wandering through our days.  With this pill you wake refresh, rested and ready to do just about anything.  Problem is, this pill has side effects.  Oh, you won’t know about them because they happen when you’re in R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep, the deepest sleep possible.  You can read about these side effects.  I’m probably not going to read more of this series.  It puts me to sleep!

Ok, on to my favorite series and author, S. H. Jucha.  In his “Celus-5 (A Silver Ships Novel)” I, surprisingly, started off disappointed!  I thought the author was trying to shove us off onto his son, Teague, as the main character and leave behind Alex Racine and all his wonderful people.  Fear not, though, for even if his son has gone to a new planet called Celus-5 to establish a new colony, Alex is soon needed in a big way.  What was thought to be a barren, uninhabited planet does in fact have two species that are both intelligent.  Problem is one has been eating the other.  Sounds like Alex needs to step in and help somebody.  Great story if a little different.  It also seems that Alex is off on another great adventure maybe leaving Haranken behind.  That’s going to be interesting if that’s the way this series now goes.

In “Pursuit (Rise of Mankind, Book 5)” by John Walker, the Earth’s only interstellar starship, the Behemoth, that is supposed to protect the entire Solar System is off again on a diplomatic mission.  This mission is kind of important as Earth is finally being granted admittance into the Alliance.  Captain Gray Atwell is to act as Earth’s Ambassador and this mission should involve little danger.  Then Clea An’Tufal, the Behemoth’s kielian Advisor has a very strong dream about something that occurred while she was a junior officer aboard a kielian vessel engaged in combat with their mutual enemy.  She can’t remember what it was that is so important about her dream, but she knows that she left some kind of information on her derelict old ship that might end this war.  So, now the Behemoth finds itself heading for the space equivalent of the “Bermuda Triangle”.  Surely, this can’t turn out good.

Ok, back to the good old Omega Force.  In “Omega Force: The Human Factor (Omega Force, Book 7)” by Joshua Dalzelle we get to focus on Earth for awhile.  That’s not necessarily good.  Jason has been purposely avoiding any mention of his home world to anyone in the galaxy.  He knows that Earth is no where near ready to meet some of the galaxies advanced or even semi-advanced civilizations.  He’s also not had much news about Earth in his neck of space so he doesn’t really know what’s been going on in the Solar System.  It seems that Earth has in fact met with an intelligent race who have provided some advance technology which Earth has used to establish a new colony called Terranovus.  Earth placed an Administrator in charge of Terranovus, but that Administrator has other ideas about who’s in charge.  Now Jason has to step in and stop some internal human squabbling and prevent an alien race from trying to take over the entire planet.  I wonder if his friends will help?

“You Are Prey (Argonauts Book 2)” by Isaac Hooke is very similar to the Omega Force except the Argonauts are all human.  They’re ex-Navy MOTHs which means they are very dangerous and very capable.  No one wishes to mess with them if they can help it.  They’re now setup as a “security consultant contractor” offering to do various task to paying customers.  Their current employer is a Green Phant, the good Phants, who are hunting down the Black Phants.  They have found evidence of a Black Phant hiding out on a barren, desolate planet that doesn’t appear to be able to support life.  But, there is life and there are Black Phants to be found.  Deep, deep underground.  It’s going to get real buggy around here.  An exciting read if you don’t mind crawly things.

Here’s another one of M. R. Forbes’ books, “Starship Eternal (War Eternal – Book One)” which I think is going to develop into a very good series.  It kind of parallels his other book, “Hell’s Rejects”, in that the hero, Captain Mitch Williams is a quasi-hero who has to run for his life after getting dumped on by the Alliance Navy.  Oh, and he’s also accused of raping the wife of the Galactic President or something like that.  Anyway, he flees in a uniquely advanced starfighter to the outer edges of know space and there he waits to die since he has no fuel and limited oxygen on-board his starfighter.  Then he’s miraculously found and picked up by the “Schism”, a salvage hauler which is not what it appears to be.  He’s also been told on several occasions that he must find the Goliath, Earth’s first ever faster than light starship which was lost on it’s first maiden voyage.  Why he has to find this ship, he doesn’t know, but it could mean the destruction of humanity if he doesn’t.  It’s kind of important.

And this next book is also a new series by another new author, Peter Bostrom.  I think I’m going to like this series very much.  In “The Last War (Book One of the Last War Series)” I was struck by the use of my old Navy ship, the USS Midway.  Only this time, it’s a interstellar starship docked to Friend Ship station in deep space.  The Americans and Chinese have just settle a war between themselves and the Chinese will be the caretakers of Freedom Station for the next year.  A diplomatic contingent of Americans has come to show their good will towards the Chinese and allow the American Station Commander the following year to meet.  Only, Admiral Jack Mattis hates the Chinese.  They killed his brother and a lot of other American sailors whom he commanded as Captain of the USS Midway.  He doesn’t like this idea of being friendly to his recent enemy and isn’t afraid to show his contempt.  Then something happens in the deep fringes of known space.  An isolated space station is suddenly and totally destroyed.  Who this new enemy is currently unknown, but they do know they are now heading straight for Freedom Station and the USS Midway!

So, that’s it, another nine books read and reviewed.  I’ve got a lot more coming with the first one of May already posted.

Jim C.

March 2017 – Seven Good to Great Books Reviewed

I’ll start right in with the first book I read this month, “Destination Oblivion (Universe in Flames Book Three)” by Christian Kallias. This, unfortunately, wasn’t the best way to start a month. Oh, the book was “OK”, but just “OK”. I’m kind of getting tired with this story line. This one guy has some how turned into a super hero and the story is getting way to fantastical for me. I think this would be more suitable for a kids comic book than a science fiction book. Again, just my opinion.

The next one, “Esther’s Story: Recon Marine (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Lysander Twins)”, is a good continuation of the series that started off rather short. The first book introduced the two Rick Lysander twins, got them started on Marine careers and then stopped. I knew there had to be more to the story so now we get to read at least two books, one each covering the two twins. In this one, Esther finds out what it’s like to become an officer and then a Recon Marine. How she performs is pretty interesting, not as brilliant as her legendary father, but she’s becoming a very good, but ambitious Marine. I wonder if that ambition might cause her trouble down the line?

Next comes my favorite author, Jay Allan, or at least one of my favorites. I was reluctant to start this series, “Blood on the Stars”, but here I am already finished with book 2, “Call to Arms”. I almost thought this series was a one book series because the Dauntless and Captain Tyler Barron had pretty much finished off their enemy in the first book, but a war was definitely looming and it was certain that the Dauntless would be called back to the front lines. Well, the Dauntless did get the call, but they never found the “front-lines”. They find themselves deep behind enemy lines and now have to fight whatever is there. A very good book that will wear you out as does all of Jay Allan’s books.

One of my favorite characters has been Rade Galaal. He’s shown up in several books and even two different series. I always liked his actions as a MOTH (MObile Tactical Human) and how the MOTH team always worked together to complete their mission. After starting this book, I wasn’t so sure I was going to like what I was reading any more. Rade and his former MOTH team have left the Navy! Yeah, they just all left the Navy and started up a new company. I’m not sure how a dangerous bunch like this can make a living doing what they are trained to do, but mercenaries they become. In the end, this might just work out!

This next book is what I call science fiction horror! I’ve finally figured out that it’s not going to stop either. In “Earth Reborn (Book Seven of the Earthrise Series)” by Daniel Arenson, I thought we were going to get to take it easy for awhile. And some of us did, for a while. Lailani is back in the Philippines, Marco and Addy are on a resort island they now own with a house of their dreams, and Captain Einav Ben-Ari is THE Captain of a huge scientific and exploration ship headed out into deep space to make friends for a change. It’s not a war ship she commands although it can fight. Seems everybody has what they wanted, but of course, things don’t last they way very long. There is another wicked race that wants to conquer Earth. Get ready for some more bloody battles.

My next read for the month of March was a new author. Dennis Meredith sent me a request to read and review his book, “Wormholes” which I put on my reading list. I honestly wasn’t in a rush to read it since I thought I already knew what it was about. I mean, I’ve been reading about wormholes in science fiction books forever. But, I was soon to lean that I had not read about these wormholes. A very unique and interesting take on this subject with a bunch of scientific and technical stuff thrown in to make it sound reasonable, I guess. Good thing it’s not real. A very good book from a very good writer.

And lastly, I got back to a series that I was kind of comfortable reading because it had a tough guy commando as the main character doing some pretty strange stuff. Jack Rimes starts off as a Sergeant in a team of Commandos hunting down bad guys. He then gets a call to go work for the Intelligence Bureau only to find out that his former Commando team is nothing but a bunch of good guys gone bad. So, he decides he’s had enough of that and goes off to get commissioned. He’s also working on developing his plan for an Emergency Reaction Force (ERF) which is what he believes will help win the war against the Genies. Of course you need to read the first two books to know what Genies are, but lets just say they are bad. Still, we are now at the point where that war has been won. Rimes did good getting his guys ready that he was promoted to Colonel and told to create a Battalion of ERF guys which he did. He and they were instrumental in ending the Genie war as he predicted. Now what does he do. Well, he follows thing to the end. There’s something controlling Earth and it’s humans. They aren’t doing or acting like they should while their civilization is crumbling. He’s out to find out what that controlling entity is and destroy it even if it kills him. Jack Rimes does things like that.

So, March 2017 is over. It didn’t seem like a short month, but for some reason, I didn’t get as many books reviewed as I normally do. I don’t set myself a quota so what you get is what you get. There will be some continuations of a number series into the next month and I like that a lot. I might even throw in a few new authors to see what they have to say. April has already started and if you’ll notice, I’ve already posted a review for this new month. I’m getting off to a fast start.

Jim C.

February 2017 – Another 9 Book Reviews Posted!


February started out by re-visiting a starship called Serengeti, only this time there wasn’t all the emotional stuff associated with a starship being blown to bits and set adrift in space. In “Serengeti: Dark and Stars” we get to find out that Serengeti is found by here sisters, but the circumstances are kind of strange. Things have change during the past 53 years Serengeti was adrift. Now Serengeti is re-outfitted into something not quite her old self and she sets out the save the Alliance. This book is entirely different than the firs; you get to shot stuff and blow up things this time around.

I really, really liked the series which detailed the career of Rick Lysander in The United Federation Marine Corps. Unfortunately, his time has past and series ended with him as a former Commandant of the Marines getting blown up along with his wife (maybe). Now all that left is his two twins, Ester and Noah, both about as different as night and day. Yet, they both find a need to continue their father’s legacy. How this turns out is a very interesting read, but it seemed too short. Still, you’ll enjoy “Legacy Marines (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Lysander Twins)”.

This book is another one of those series off-shoots by Isaac Hooke. He’s done a number of these most deriving from his “A Captain’s Crucible” series where we were introduced to the MOTHs (MObile Tactical Humans). This time we read about “Facehopper” who is the Leading Petty Officer in this elite tactical union. There is just one mission covered in this book so it’s kind of short. Won’t take you long to read

Here’s another short story which I don’t read. But, I promised Galen Wolf to do so and make a review. Turns out this is a pretty good book although I don’t know for sure what the real title is supposed to be. My version calls it “Space Horde: Severan”, but I think it’s also known as “Space Mercenaries: Severan”. Either way it’s a bloody revenge story about this guy named Severan. I’ll say this much, he’s tough and not someone you want to mess with. Uh, oh, they messed with him!!!

Anytime I really want to read a good military science fiction story, I pickup a book in the Omega Force Series. There’s about eight of them in my last count although this one is only book six. It’s about the Phoenix or Jason Burke’s starship. There’s something about or in the Phoenix that everyone wants and wants badly. Of course Jason and the Omega Force have just about torn the Phoenix apart and can’t find anything. Someone does thought and it takes them on a one-way trip, maybe.

And now we are set in a universe where Earth and the Solar System is protected by one and only one single starship! Yeah, the Solar System is a huge place where there’s really nothing but space. So how in the world can a single starship protect just one planet. Don’t know because the Behemoth while returning back to the Solar System has a failure of it’s slip-drive and falls into a unknown system. Now this sudden fall out of slip space caused all kinds of problems one of which blinded the Behemoth and incapacitated most of it’s crew. They’re just coming around although a number have to head for sick bay. The Chief Engineer is scrambling everything she has to find out what happened and to fix the problem. Meanwhile, none of the ships sensors are functioning. They can’t even look outside to see where they are until some of the sensors get back on-line. They eventually do come back up and the Behemoth finds itself immediately attacked by two warring races that don’t want them there. Wonder who’s going to win this battle?

I am always excited to see a new “The Silver Ships Novel” even this novella. These books, by S. H. Jucha are rich in humanity and they right way to do things. In “Allora” we meet a new ships SADE called, “Allora” of course. She was just created a long with the ship that surrounds her. She is ready to explore the galaxy and learn about all the wonderful things it has to offer. She is a very, very young SADE and needs the guidance of the much older SADEs which are located on every Méridien starship in the universe. They find that she is very inquisitive and try to give her only that knowledge which she can handle. Then she discovers the Harakens and their independent SADEs. She wants to know what it means to be free! You should have known this was coming if you had read any of the previous books. Alex Racine has a problem and he’s the one who will solve it, hopefully not at “Allora’s” expense!

The next series, “The Rimes Trilogy”, has gotten better, but still has a way to go. Jack Rimes is a special elite military

operator who wants to setup an Emergency Reaction Force of guys like him or trained by him to help fight the “Genies”. But, he’s just now become a 2nd Lieutenant so know one is going to listen to his ideas much. Still, the “Genies”, DNA grown and alter manufactured humans, are a threat and have shown they can thoroughly defeat Earth’s common military units. These “Genies” are usually stronger, faster, and smarter that normal humans. They just aren’t always trained how to fight and that’s where Rimes wants to meet and defeat them, before they get trained and become a real problem. The story is pretty good although I could do without the wife part. She’s more of a distraction than anything and seems to always be complaining. I guess that’s how things are with military families. NOT!

And finally, Jasper T. Scott has brought us up to speed with his back-story that leads to his “Dark Space Trilogy”. I’m not sure it started out that way, but that’s where it ended. After getting all wrapped up in Mindscape and not knowing what was real and what was not, we’ve finally found something real and that’s the Liberty, a human starship that is setting out for Proxima Centauri to start a new human colony. See, androids have just about taken over Earth. They are not in revolt or anything, it’s just that there’s nothing much for real humans to do since androids are taking up all the jobs. They are faster, more efficient and smarter than humans so humanity needs to go start somewhere else. Except the androids are going to do the same thing on their ship, the Avilon. That name should be familiar if you’ve read the “Dark Space Trilogy” because it’s the basis for that entire series. You’ll find out how it came to be and how humanity wound up on a planet destined for only androids. Pretty good, but kind of strange book.

There you have it. A re-cap of all nine books I read and reviewed in February. If a book you provided me wasn’t listed, don’t despair, I’ve still got a long reading list, but i will get to it eventually. I hope you find something in here that you really like.

Jim C.

January 2017 – Nine New Military Sci-Fi Books


A new year, a new month. January 2017 gave me nine great reading treats and I thoroughly enjoyed all nine books.

In “Zaxon B: The Final Struggle” by Andrew McGregor, we finally see the end of some really bloody fight on this planet. The author is very good at describing disgusting battles and all the stuff that goes with them. You really don’t want to be in a war like this with an unseemly un-defeatable enemy. Fortunately, things turn for the better in this book. Now it’s Earth’s turn.

Next, in “Raid (Rise of Mankind Book 3)” by John Walker, we get a pretty straight forward story about some pirates, space pirates, capturing a vital mining colony and trying to steal all of it’s very valuable ore. That’s not going to happen when the “Behemoth” shows up. This is Earth’s one and only starship protecting the entire solar system. Good thing two pirate bands didn’t try this at two different mining colonies!

“Red Team Alpha” by Jay Allan might be one of my favorite books for this month. It’s definitely written by one of my favorite authors. The only thing is, this might be the only book, in fact, it will be the only book about “Red Team Alpha”. You’ll of course have to read the book to find out why.

I’m still trying to figure out how the title, “Momentary Stasis (Book 1 of the Rimes Trilogy)” by P. R. Adams, fits this book. We meet Jack Rimes in this first book and he turns out to be a pretty tough character. While he’s a Sergeant in a highly covert unit, he has the unfortunate experience of finding out that the guys he trusted his life with, are not all that great! Don’t know where he’s going from here.

“The Contested Planet (The Broken Earth Saga – Book 2)” by T. J. Ryan, was probably my least like book of the month, but it still was a pretty good science fiction book. I just don’t like the main character as much as I did in the first book. She seems to run her mouth too much saying the same things over and over again. She asked to go to Earth and now that she’s there, all she wants is to get off the planet. Not happening!

Talk about hardships, there’s nothing but in “Earth Valor (Book Six in the Earthrise Series)” by Daniel Arenson. I wouldn’t want to be in Addy Linden’s boots for all the money in the world. What she’s been through has to stop some day. Any lessor person would have died months ago. Hopefully her friends, Captain Ben-Ari, Marco, Lailani, and Kemi can get back to help her in time.

This Omega Force series is fun to read. Finally, a group of good guys that can kick some a**. “Omega Force: Return of the Archon (Omega Force, Book Five)” by Joshua Dalzelle, delivers on that theme although we find out that one of their members has a pretty fancy title on a planet he’s not welcomed to any more. In fact, if they find him on that planet, he’s going to executed on the spot. Of course, that’s exactly where Omega Force goes. We dare you to do something stupid. They do!

“Worlds at War (A Captain’s Crucible – Book Five)’ by Isaac Hooke is into it’s fifth book and it’s taken this long for the starship Callaway, commanded by Captain Jonathan Dallas, to get back to go old Earth. Only there’s not much left and that part is about to get destroyed. These aliens have one pretty poweful weapon and somebody needs to find a bigger weapon or Earth is doomed.

Book three in a trilogy means the story is over. Thankfully, we’re not all dead at the end. In “Eradication (Book Three in the Void Wrath Trilogy)” by Chris Fox, the three surviving races in our part of the galaxy have to stop fighting each other and star fighting the Void Wrath, only the Void Wrath are just a small part of the problem. There’s this giant evil Eye floating around and it eats people. Yeah, a great Sci-Fi B movie if there every was one.

And that kind of wraps up January 2017. Again, a pretty good month. I hope Mr. Adams gets working on his second book in the Rimes Trilogy. There’s always something happening with the Omega Force so I know there’s more books about them out there. And I know Earth is in for quite a fight with Andrew McGregor’s series although I don’t know the title of his next book yet. John Walker will still have the “Behemoth” trying to protect Earth, but I believe he might have some other books/ships joining this one. So, I got a lot more to look forward to. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

Jim C.

December 2016 – Eight Books And then Christmas!

Considering everything that goes on during the Christmas Holidays, it’s a wonder I got any reading done. Still, I managed to enjoy eight books during the last month of 2016.

“A King’s Ship (Empire Rising Book 2)” by D. J. Holmes is the last book I finish for the month. It’s a pretty good book especially if you’re British. This is all about a British Captain putting his ship and crew to the test of space combat. Now, while his ship isn’t normally expected to be in combat, it still does a lot of damage due to the other guy not being that smart and not having very good stuff. Still, the HMS Endeavor is an exploration ship and does it every go exploring, only that’s not it’s real secret mission. For that you’re going to have to read the book. It is a secret after all!

I managed to get in two of the Earthrise Series books this past month, “Earth Shadows” and “Earth Fire”. Neither are very “happy” books so don’t be reading these if you’re prone to deep depression. Our heroes are in for some serious messed up times. A couple, Marco and Addy, find themselves back on Earth either as war criminals or as heroes of the White Supremacist; neither very appealing to a long, pleasant retirement. Our Captain, Enavi Ben-Ari is still in the serivce, but she sees something she’s not supposed to see and she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut about it. So, she, war hero and all, winds up in prison! Little Lailani has definitely flip her lid and decided she wanted to run off with her significant other girl friend and teach the slum children of the Philippines. None of these alternate careers last long. War comes back to Earth again, only this time it’s definitely not ready. The books were brutal and continue to be. Be warned.

I got into “Fury to the Stars” by Christian Kallias because the covers of his book look so interesting; like comic books almost. And like comic books, there’s one and only one hero that does everything. I don’t really like that kind of hero, especially one that is junior in grade, which Chase is, and one that doesn’t seem to need help, no matter what the odds. But, there is one and only one bad guy and he’s almost exactly like Chase. Why he even looks like Chase. I wonder why?

The Star Brigade series is also more like a comic book than anything. Here we at least have a group of superheroes. They all have some kind of powers and are called “maximums”. Some are not human so I don’t know if their powers are super to their species, but I sure would hate to meet up with a whole planet full of some of these aliens. There’s also a love angle to these stories. Captain Habraum Nwosu is or might be in love with Captain Samatha D’Urso, but I don’t think anyone cares one way or another. And then there’s the names of everyone else in these books. Get a good translator or make up your own names for the characters because almost everyone is unpronounceable by English speaking readers. at least my opinion. The stories are good, but the character names are terrible.

“Inish Carraig” by Jo Zebedee is a book that I probably wouldn’t have read if I hadn’t been asked to do so. It is somewhat science fiction, although I think it could have been written otherwise. Inish Carraig is a prison, by the way. Somewhere in Scotland or is it Ireland? I get those mixed up. Anyway, I liked the book, but won’t read it again and i’m glad there’s not a sequel.

Finally, “Planet Genocide 1” by Andrew McGregor, is the first book I read in the month of December and I was depressed the entire month; even Santa couldn’t cheer me up after this book (not, really, just kidding)! It is a brutal book. If you’ve read any of this series, which is actually called, “When Galaxies Collide”, although none of the books in the series really say that, you’ll know that this is about combat, very, very brutal combat. It takes place on the planet Zaxon B and in the space station in orbit above. The friendly Trevakians have come to Earth to ask for help soon realizing that Earth can’t do a thing but send lambs to the slaughter. And that’s what we do. Through a strange bunch of events, a bunch of Heathrow Airport employees wind up going to Zaxon B and looking like Trevakian marines. They are not. Terribly not. What they are is food for the Morgans who eat their enemies. Depressed yet. if not read the book. You will be.

And so, that was my month of December. I had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I look forward to reading more fantastic books and hearing from new and old authors. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep reading.

November 2016 – Done and Gone!


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Asfbr-rd-logo-xlgnother month wrapped up and another bunch of book reviews posted. I really got carried away with the Alien Wars Trilogy (Hoplite, Zuse and Titan) written by Isaac Hooke. I sat down at night and read all three straight through. That’s not something I always do, but when I find a really exciting military science fiction book, I just love to read every book in the series one after another. I just kind of hate waiting for the next book, but I know that’s not how they get written. So, finding a three or four book series already available is like finding a buried treasure.

I was kind of disappointed in Jasper T. Scott’s Mindscape. I’m having a little problem with his whole New Frontiers Series in that you really can’t tell whatis real and what’s not. The first book has an entire story about a mysterious planet on the other side of a black hole which a starship and it’s crew went to only to find out that none of it was real. The entire crew as just in stasis; kind of just dreaming they were some where else. Now, this entire book is about the “Mindscape” which is where everyone seems to be going. It’s like everyone will just lie around turning into vegetables while their mind makes up a fake life. In the meantime, there seems to be real world attacks against Earth by aliens. Not a good situation, but an interesting book. Continue reading “November 2016 – Done and Gone!”

Finished An Excellent Trilogy – “Alien Wars Trilogy” by Isaac Hooke


Ah, Veterans Day 2016. As a Veteran and a Vietnam Veteran, it’s very nice to hear people wish me a nice Veterans Day and thank me for my service. I obviously didn’t do anything more than a normal 18 in 1969 when I joined the Navy. Other guys I knew got drafted and I was expecting to get the same, but I decided to join the branch of my choice instead of just getting drafted into the Army. Well, actually, I was going to join the Marines, but that’s a whole other story!

I will say, that when I came back from Vietnam and even to Oklahoma, I didn’t tell very many people where I had been or what I was doing. People didn’t respond well when you told them you just came back from Vietnam, not in 1970-73. Some just looked the other way or said, “I’m sorry!” and others were much worse. I did get call a warmonger a few times and in California, where my ship was home-ported, I got called a “baby-killer” more than once. Those were not good times.

But, I’m happy to say, our attitude towards the military has changed drastically since my time. I hope I’m one of the reasons. Service people should be treated with respect. They have a job to do that is very important to this country. We wouldn’t be free to do what we do if it wasn’t for them. I hope our country continues to see service people as the heroes they are and that the next generation of young people want to serve their country.

My personal motto is an old Latin quote, but since I don’t speak Latin, in English it means, “Let him who desires peace, prepare for war.”

Just sounds like a good idea to me.

Oh, yeah, about that Isaac Hooke series. All three books, “Hoplite”, “Zeus”, and “Titan” are about the same group of MOTH Team members. They go on various missions, barely coming back alive while encased in these gigantic mechanized war machines. I’m not so sure about this stuff. It’s a lot more advanced than anything we have now although I know the Army is looking into some exoskeleton framework that would give a soldier more power to lift stuff since they want to load them down with every weapon possible. It might work, but I don’t know how they’re going to power the things without making the a walking bomb. The power for these Mechs in the books isn’t very readily described, but they seem to be able to go on for quite some time without a recharge. And, it’s kind of strange that even in these monster machines, the enemy pretty much beats the heck out of them every time they go on a mission.

These books are very good reading and I recommend them. But, before you get into this series, you might want to start with the “Atlas” series also by Isaac Hooke. Those are excellent too!

October 2016 is Gone – Moving to the Archives



It’s time I move all the October books to the archives. I’m going to try and do a monthly post showing which books move during which month so it might be easier to find something. I said, “might”, I don’t know if this will help or not, but I’m trying.


“Home World (Undying Mercenaries, #6)” by B. V. Larson

“Independence (Book One of the Legacy Ship Trilogy)” by Nick Webb “Dusk to Dust” by Adrian Felder

“Rogue Shepherd: Wayward Hope (Rogue Shepherd Space Opera Series Book 1)” by Chris Vaughn

“Behemoth (Rise of Mankind Book 1)” by John Walker

“Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy #3)” by B. V. Larson

Espero (A Silver Ships Novel, #6)” by S. H. Jucha

“Enemy One (Epic Book #5)” by Lee Stephen

“The Dead Planet (The Broken Earth Saga, Book 1)” by T. J. Ryan

And there we go. Nine books for the month. Not too bad, but who’s counting?

Books and More Books!


Where did I get all of these books? My reading list is really getting out of hand. I now have 50 books on my Goodreads To Read list. Wow! That’s a lot.

Now, I’ve been reading books about as fast as I can, but here lately, I’ve kind of slowed down. I don’t know why, but occasionally I’ll get into a book that’s just not easy to read quickly. It’s not that the book isn’t interesting, it’s just that for some reason I can’t get exited about that particular part of the story so it goes slow. When I get a book that I’m really into, then the book just seems to fly. I’m reading one now by Isaac Hooke, titled, “Hoplite (Alien War Trilogy #1)” and I’m zipping right through it. I’ll probably finish it tonight and I just started it yesterday very late. I’ve already go the second book in this series and I’ll probably start reading it as soon as I’m finished with this one and it will probably zing along also. These are good, very good, fun to read books. That’s the kind I really like. I just found Isaac Hooke as an author and I think this is the already the fourth book of his I have read.

I’m also getting some good book recommendations through Amazon. Just the other day, they sent me an email with six (6) books that I have added to my reading list. Almost all of them are by authors I have read once or there’s a new book with very interesting cover and it will go onto my reading list. These are all military science fiction books so that makes it even better. Right now I just don’t have the time to read something that’s not specifically identified as a military science fiction book. So, if you’re asking me to read something just outside that genre, it’s going to be might hard for me to add it to my already huge list.

Just so you know, here’s my weird reading habit. I read some in the evenings, say from 7 pm until 10:30 pm. I’m usually watching TV and will read if I find the program isn’t any good and a lot of my TV is my wife’s TV, so I do read some in the evening. Then I go into the master bedroom by about 11 pm after shutting down all my computers and I start reading in earnest. I read on my Kindle Oasis or my Kindle HDX 8.9. So from 11 am to around 2 am, I read and do nothing else. That allows me to read and finish a book about every other night. I do sleep from 2 am until about 9 am. Oh, yeah, I’m very retired!!!!

So, now I’ve got to really get busy reading. Of those 50 books on my list as of today, only 11 are promised to read books. While that’s plenty, it’s not that many and they are high on my reading list so I will be getting through them shortly.

Ok, that’s it for this post.

My Website Is What It Is!

sfbr-rd-logo-xlgFor the last month or so, I’ve been working on another version of my website.  I thought I’d try to jazz it up a little and learn some coding while I was doing so.  Now, a month later, I’ve learned a lot of new stuff, finished a couple of on-line HTML5 and PHP courses, and have come to the conclusion that this site is just fine the way it is.

Of course, you might not agree, but for me, it’s about as easy to maintain as I was hoping.  I previously did a lot of double work, posting to a table and then getting that table on a page with a extract of my post and it was just too time consuming.  So, I found this theme, modified a little and that’s how I’m going to show this site from now on.  Oh, I might tweak it from time to time, but this is the way it’s going to be. 

I don’t know how hard it is to find a book on this site since I really don’t look for the books I’ve already read, so I sure would like someone to give me a critique on this page; what they like and don’t like.  If you can’t find a book by title or by author or it’s just too darn hard to do so, then tell me and I’ll try to make it better.  But, for now, I’ve decided that this site looks just fine.  

Maybe one day I’ll consider some kind of sign-up so I can notify my readers when I’ve added a new book.   That might get a little distracting since I can read and post a new book almost every other day, so I’ll definitely have to think about that.

Until then, just drop me an email if you like or don’t like the site so at least I’ll know someone, anyone is out there reading this stuff.