“Invasion (Seeds of War, Book 1)” by Lawrence M. Schoen and Jonathan P. Brazee

I almost didn’t write this review. I am or was a big fan of Jonathan P. Brazee and his very interesting United Federation Marine Corps books. Those are well written and very interesting military science fiction. I don’t know who Lawrence M. Schoen is and problem won’t be reading much of his writing if this is an example. The two writers together managed to put together a really horrible ebook.

If anyone is remotely familiar with “The Day of the Triffids” then they will know all about this book. That book and the movie it produced were classics, horrible, but classics. This book won’t every fall in that category.

Story goes that some disgraced Marine Corps General was retired or exiled to this agricultural planet. It has nothing on it but food crops. Everything is automated so there’s not much need for even a human to be around, but that’s where this guy lives with his adopted dog. He talks to his ag AI all day and the ag AI tells him everything is running just fine. Crops that are ready for harvest, get harvested, shuttled to the planet’s rail launch system and shot through a warp-gate back to some where around Mars. Again, I’m not sure why the retired General is even here. Continue reading ““Invasion (Seeds of War, Book 1)” by Lawrence M. Schoen and Jonathan P. Brazee”