“The Last Aeon (Terran Armor Corps, Book 5)” by Richard Fox

The dust has settled after the last book where the Ibarra Nation rescued the crew of one of their starship carriers from a Union prison. As you remember, those crew members were all proccies which is short for processed humans. According to the Hale Treaty and specifically under the Omega Provision, all proccies found alive after the signing of the treaty were to be executed. President Garret ordered this to be carried out which the Armor Corps Templars refused to do. He, therefore, ordered the Templars to be imprisoned along with the Ibarran crew. Our main character, Roland Shaw, who thought he was back with the Union Armor Corps, was also arrested and thrown in prison. He was accused of treason and was to be executed along with the proccies.

It didn’t take long for the Ibarrans to locate their missing crewmen and set about rescuing them. When they found out that the Union Armor Templars were also in the same prison, they offered them their freedom if they swore an allegiance to the Ibarran Nation. The Templars agreed as long as the Ibarran Nation stayed true to their cause of fighting for all humanity regardless of whether they were natural born or created. So now the Ibarran Nation has a much larger military and the Earth Union forces are smaller and heading into dangerous territory by bending to the will of the other aliens who are attempting to weaken the humans any way they can. Continue reading ““The Last Aeon (Terran Armor Corps, Book 5)” by Richard Fox”

“A House Divided (Terran Armor Corps, Book 4) ” by Richard Fox

Getting back to a quasi-religious war-fighting scene. In these books, there is a contingent of Marines or soldiers, I’m not sure which category they fit into, that fight for some kind of saint, Saint Kallen, to be exact. She is some kind of mystical war hero who used to be armor. Now when I say armor, this isn’t the tanks of today. No it’s heavy armor that encases a soldier and makes them almost invincible. They are actually in a womb of amniosis fluid with nerve connected attachments all over their bodies. They become one with the armor. Our main character, Roland Shaw, is part of the Terran Union, the Armored Corps. He’s also taken the vows of the Templar, a group of Armored personnel who fight for all humans and Earth. These are the religious warriors I mentioned.

Roland is in a difficult situation in that he was captured by the rogue humans called the Ibrarrans. They have gone off on their own since they could not agree to the terms of the Hale Treaty which Earth signed with a bunch of other alien civilizations. This treaty was to stop on-going wars with different alien factions, a war that Earth was close to losing! Continue reading ““A House Divided (Terran Armor Corps, Book 4) ” by Richard Fox”

“True Measure (Terran Armor Corps Book 3)” by Richard Fox

“True Measure (Terran Armor Corps Book 3)”
by Richard FoxBuy on Amazon


Roland Shaw is armor. At least that’s what he’ll tell you when asked. He’s also a captured prisoner of the Ibarrans, held in a cell Navarre, capital of the Ibarran Nation. How he got there is the story contained in the second book in this series. Now he has to deal with where he’s at and realize that he failed in his mission. Except his mission wasn’t as he thought it would be. Now he starts to learn some interesting details about the Ibarrans that he wasn’t getting from his Armored Corps leaders.

In fact, and surprisingly, the prisoner in the cell next to his is none other than Marc Ibarra, the grandfather of the two Ibarra’s who seemed to have deserted the Earth and Terran Union when things weren’t going their way. Stacy Ibarra is apparently very much in charge of the Ibarran Nation and rules with an iron fist. But, as Roland is soon to find out, there really isn’t that much difference in what the Ibarran Nation wants to do than what his own Terran Union is striving for. Still, the Terran Union has branded the Ibarrans as traitors to the Union and anyone aligned with them is a Terran Union enemy.

Yet, the members of the Ibarran Nation are the same people Roland has joined with since becoming Armor. There are numerous Armor Corps soldiers serving the Ibarran Nation and they are just as devoted to their cause as anyone else. The Ibarran Nation sees an alien threat that the Terran Union refuses to recognize. While the war with the Xaros may be over, there are other aliens who would be pleased to see humanity destroyed. Now that the Terran Union is part of the Galactic Alliance, they much adhere to the Hale Treaty which clearly states that humanity cannot create the proccies that was perviously used to help win the Xaros war. Proccies are genetically engineered humans that can and were grown in huge tubes taking on nine days to fully develop. These proccies were given false memories and when fully awaked assumed they were natural born humans but they were bread to fight. The ability to process humans this quickly definitely frightened other alien races so they wanted that practice to stop and that’s the Terran Union gave up to get the Hale Treaty signed. Except the Ibarrans didn’t want to sign the treaty and fled Union space and set up their own nation. Continue reading ““True Measure (Terran Armor Corps Book 3)” by Richard Fox”

“The Ibarra Sanctions (Terran Armor Corps Book 2)” by Richard Fox

“The Ibarra Sanctions (Terran Armor Corps Book 2)”
by Richard FoxBuy on Amazon


Gideon has now formed his lance consisting of Roland, Aignar, and Ch’ril, even though the latter three are not completely trained Armor warriors. Yet, they all three have proven themselves in the first book so now they are recovering from that mission and have just been given a new mission. It never ends, even in peacetime.

This time they are dropping onto a planet that mostly water. They are looking for signs of the Cairo which has been missing for sometime. Nimbus IV is covered in a cloud layer so they have to do a combat drop not knowing what they are dropping into. They don’t even know for sure if the Cairo or it’s remains are here on this planet. Still, they need to find out what happened to that ship and the crew. While it was a struggle, the lance does find some evidence and a recorder from a gun emplacement that had some interesting video recorded on it. Something attacked the Cairo and it appears to be human weapons.

So, now the lance is aboard the Ardennes, a much bigger ship and off on another much bigger mission. Someone or something is attacking the human colony on Oricon and the Ardennes and its fleet have been dispatched to find out what is going on. They believe it could be the work of rogue humans lead by the Ibarra’s, brother and sister, once held in high esteem by the humans, but since the Alliance was formed and the Hale Treaty enacted, the Ibarra’s have become outlaws. Their main contention is that Earth gave up too much when they signed the Hale Treaty. The previous war (Ember Wars) with the Xaros almost wiped out all of humanity. The Ibarra’s discovered a method to grow fully adult humans in nine days and give them a set of normal appearing memories so they wouldn’t know or believe they were “processed humans”. The Hale Treaty made the creation of “processed humans” illegal. The Ibarra’s fled Earth and took with them humans who believed that these “proccies’ were necessary to the continued existence of the human race. Continue reading ““The Ibarra Sanctions (Terran Armor Corps Book 2)” by Richard Fox”

“Iron Dragoons (Terran Armor Corps Book 1)” by Richard Fox

“Iron Dragoons (Terran. Armor Corps Book 1)”
by Richard FoxBuy on Amazon


I am absolutely thrilled to find another series that starts out like this one. I love reading about young people or a young person getting their first indoctrination to the military. Coming from civilian life to a military life can and is a traumatic experience for a lot of young people. I like reading about how science fiction authors treat the prospect of basic military training for those who will become heroes in their books. Starting from scratch like this, really gives a reader a great background on the main character and makes the feel they know why and how they got to be as good as they eventually will be.

Here we follow a young orphan named Roland Shaw as he decides upon what branch of the military he will go into when his 18th birthday has rolled around. His parents died serving the Terran Union during the war with the Xaros. That war ended with the Terran’s victorious, but very costly. Most of the Earth was destroyed and now just barely coming back to life. Those few large population centers still in existence are doing well, but there isn’’t much else for a young person to do but join the military at 18. Besides, it’s mandatory now that the humans know there are “bad guys” out in the far and not so far reaches of space. Continue reading ““Iron Dragoons (Terran Armor Corps Book 1)” by Richard Fox”

“Blood of Heroes (The Ember War, #3)” by Richard Fox


This third book of the series continues to be a bloody struggle for Earth’s remaining humans. Except, this time they go looking for trouble. Isaac Valdar, Captain of the starship Bieitenfeld, has decided to send his meager forces on a rescue mission. It’s not to rescue humans but a sizable planetary colony of Dotok, an alien species on the brink of extinction caused by the Xaros. He has decided to take the Breitenfeld to the planet Takeni which is the last stronghold for the Dotok. If the settlements on Takeni get wiped out, it’s the end of the Dotok species.

So, although this seems like a simple rescue mission, no one knows if the Xaros have found the Dotok on Takeni yet. As expected, upon reaching the space near Takeni, Captain Valdar flies right into a massive space battle. This one is a little strange. It appears the Dotok fleet is firing on their own colony ships! After some trial and error, Captain Valdar makes contact with the Dotok Admiral and demands to know what’s going on. Thousands of Dotok survival pods are ejecting from the Dotok colony ships and the Dotok fleet is firing on them!

Once the translators come on line, Valdar gets an explanation. The Xaros have captured these colony ships, killing all aboard and are using mindless banshees as their soldiers occupying the life pods. The Dotok Admiral tells Captain Valdar not to let any of the life pods land on his ship. Unfortunately the warning comes to late. These banshees stand six and half feet tall and are all teeth and claws. They have armor and weapons, but are just as dangerous without either. Not only are they landing on the Breitenfeld, but thousands are landing on the planet.

Well, the humans have their job cut out for them. They find that the initial estimate of Dotok colonist remaining on Dotok is much greater than anticipated. The number to be rescued won’t fit in the Breitenfeld, so what are they going to do. It so happens that the Dotok society is based on a ranking system. Each Dotok is ranked according to their ability to contribute to the society at large. Higher ranked Dotok get better living conditions, food, clothing and other things first. This ranking include men, women and even children. So, when the Dotok learn that only a limited number might be rescued, they begin lining up according to rank. Guess who is at the front of the line. It’s not the women and children!

Lots of good Marine combat in this one. I can’t believe how tough these Space Marines appear to be. Not a one seems to have broken and turned to a slobbering idiot even thought the Banshees are about anyone’s worst nightmare. Our group of Marines, led by Lieutenant Hale is slowly being decimated. We get to know a few more things about each one of his Marines only some of them won’t make it through the entire book.

The writing is great. The editing was almost perfect. I couldn’t find a single instance of a missing word or bad sentence, but with the action so fast paced, I probably wasn’t looking for such errors. If you’ve read the first two books, then you’ll need to read this one. And, yes, there is another book in the series coming in February 2016!

“The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Saga, #2)” by Richard Fox


I really like reading a military science fiction series, especially when two or three books are already written. That’s the case when I found “The Ember War” series. I’ve read and reviewed the first book, “The Ember War”, and now I’ve just finished the second. This book pretty much carries on where the previous book left off which is always good.

Having saved what remains of Humanity, they now have to prepare for the next visit by the Xaros. That probably won’t happen in a hundred or more years, but when they came and the Earth had over 7 billion people, that didn’t stop them from almost wiping out every last one. Humanities population is now around 400 or I think that’s the number in the Earth remaining fleet. But, first they need to find something that will help them to fight against the Xaros. That something just might still exist on the planet Anthalas, so the Breitenfeld is going to go exploring.

It seems that the previous occupants of Anthalas were left alone since they were already extinct when the Xaros arrived in their solar system. The Xaros have a strange habit of not doing anything to the remains of ancient civilizations. Earth’s Central Command believes there may be some advanced weapons or other advanced items left behind by the Anthalasians. They decided to send the Breitenfield to have a look; this is recon only and the ship is not to engage in combat if it can be avoided. The Xaros are not currently in the Anthalas system and aren’t expected back anytime soon. The Breitenfield doesn’t want to attract any attention if at all possible; get in, find what’s left, collect it, and get out.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever so easy. The Toth have arrived with the same idea, only they are or were working with the Xaros. The Toth are the sworn enemy of the Karigole, an alien race now allied with humanity. So, now Alliance Marines must not only fight off the Xaros, but the Toth also. This battlefield is getting crowded. Lots of military action. Some characters get taken out with serious wounds and some new characters get introduced. We find out more about Marc Issac’s Granddaughter, Stacy, and she appears to be a key player in all of this story.

I’m already on to the third book since I can’t really find anything more interesting right now. I think you’ll enjoy the series. Some of the characters are beginning to have a history and we’re learning a little more about the leaders in this book. There certainly not very many humans left so they have to find some thing to help them fight off what could be millions of Xaros drones in the next battle for Earth.

“The Ember War (The Ember War Saga, #1)” by Richard Fox


This book starts out a little slow. Some college kid gets woken up by his cell phone and keeps turning it off so he can get back to sleep. He knows he’s supposed to get up and go to classes, but after the night he had, no way. Still, his cell phone keeps ringing. He actually powers it completely down and the thing comes back on and is still yelling at him! By now, I would be really worried about whether I was still asleep or not. He finally answers his phone and then he’s off to rendezvous with something in the desert.

Turns out, his rendezvous was a serious necessity if he was to save all of humanity! Wow! That’s kind of an important meeting, don’t you think. Anyway, you start off with this kid living approximately around our time and then the next chapter has you flying through space as a Atlantic Union Marine. They’re combat dropping on to an asteroid that is supposed to be a mining operation. For some reason, the mining operation has not be answering radio calls so the Marines are going to find out why. From here on in the action is pretty fast and continuous. I just love this kind of science fiction story. There’s a lot of shooting and being shot, deranged robot mining machines and then alien droids coming from every where.

The whole premise of the story is that the kid, remember him, has been planning for the last 60 years to save humanity from an alien attack. At the time he had his meeting in the desert, Earth and all of humanity was just about as doomed as you can be. Yet, he had just wrote a scientific paper which alerted the envoy from deep space that there might be something worth saving in the Solar System. The only problem is that Earth has only 60 years to get ready.

Again, I really like the book because of all the fast action and it was a military science fiction book. What I found lacking was any in-depth background on the main characters. Even the kid, a.k.a., Marc Ibarra, wasn’t really covered in detail as to his background or anything. The same can be said for his Granddaughter, Stacy. How did she come to being and what apparently caused her to end up being the only Grandchild of Marc Ibarra. The story alludes to his Granddaughter as being very special but nothing happens that really shows her to be special, so far. Maybe that’s coming the in next books.

The nice thing about reading this book is that the next two books in the series are already published. “The Ruins of Anthalas” and “Blood of Heroes” are on Amazon and in my library. I have some more reading to do.