“Exodus: Empires at War Book 12 – Time Strike” by Doug Dandridge

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 12 – Time Strike”
by Doug DandridgeBuy on Amazon


Wow! This was a quick read. Probably because it was very exciting. In this one, we’re mostly seeing the New Terrain Empire fighting off a major offensive from the Ca’cadasans. After the Ca’cas devastating strike against several of our key strategic locations, the New Terrains are just barely starting to recover. The New Terrain Empire lost a lot of ships when the Central Docks were almost destroyed. Many of those ships were in for repairs along with others that were brand new or almost finished. Repairs were underway at the capital as well as at the Donut. Fortunately, the Donut is repairable and can continue making wormholes as before.

Still, the loss of the heir to the Throne, Augustine, has put the royal family in a terrible, but understandable mood. While we know the tiny baby wasn’t killed, we don’t know who did it or why. In this book, that all becomes clearly apparent. And yes, it involves Time Travel!

Time travel has been eluded to in previous books, but it’s also brought up the disappearance of a previous ancient civilization that was thought to have been very advanced. They too had reached a point where time travel was something they were tinkering with when suddenly their civilization ceased to exist. It was thought that messing with time travel and the timeline was the cause of that civilizations demise and any effort to develop something along these lines were met with skepticism. Still, one New Terrain scientist had written papers about developing a time travel method, but he was dismissed from his position and thought insane. Continue reading ““Exodus: Empires at War Book 12 – Time Strike” by Doug Dandridge”

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 11 – Day of Infamy” by Doug Dandridge

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 11 – Day of Infamy”
by Doug DandridgeBuy on Amazon


This is the eleventh (11th) book in this series. I have no idea how long this series will continue, although I already have book 12, but this is quite an accomplishment. To be able to continue a series and make it interesting through all 11 books is just amazing. This author is really, really good. If you haven’t started this series, I highly recommend you go get book 1, “Exodus: Empires at War” and definitely start there.

Now, a couple of cautions, the names of the aliens are unpronounceable for the most part. You’ll quickly form a habit of calling them John, or Jack or just skipping over the aliens names all together. I’m in the skipping mode now, but I’m also familiar with the story. There are quite a few characters in this book and you do get introduced to many of them at the beginning, but after 11 books, things and characters have changed. And yes, some die off. There is a war going on after all and the humans aren’t always winning.

Which brings me to another point. Early on the humans and their alien allies aren’t prepared for the Ca’cadasans. It gets pretty disheartening to read about this enemies slaughtering millions of humans and aliens as though they would never be stopped. But, the Ca’cadasan empire is huge, far bigger than the human empire and it has vast resources that have been put to war for thousands if not millions of years. They have conquered all the know civilizations in their part of the galaxy and have continued to expand their empire almost at will. They are breed for war; it’s their culture. Meanwhile, the New Terran Empire, led by Emperor Sean Ogden Lee Romanov, has sought peace throughout it’s history. Yes, they have had to fight to win that peace on numerous occasions, but by and large, their empire is a prosperous and peaceful one. That has now all changed. Continue reading ““Exodus: Empires at War Book 11 – Day of Infamy” by Doug Dandridge”

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 10 – Search and Destroy” by Doug Dandridge

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 10 – Search and Destroy”
by Doug DandridgeBuy on Amazon


I just got back to this series after finding out that I had bought and downloaded book 12 before reading either book 9 or 10! That won’t work so I’m working my way back to book 12. This has been a pretty good series. This is a story of the New Terran Empire built from the Exodus of Earth humans after they were attacked by the Ca’cadasans, eight-foot tall, horned aliens of immense strength. The Ca’cadasan Empire is huge; much, much bigger than the New Terran Empire although the New Terran Empire pretty much reigns supreme over it’s part of the galaxy. The do have other aliens in close proximity, but they have forged strong alliances with these Kingdoms or have won wars making them subjects of the New Terran Empire. Still, citizens of the New Terran Empire are free to do as they please under the order of law. Even the Emperor, Sean the First, is subject to the laws of the Empire, although he can make changes as he pleases with the approval of the Parliament. Continue reading ““Exodus: Empires at War Book 10 – Search and Destroy” by Doug Dandridge”

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 9 – Second Front” by Doug Dandridge

“Exodus: Empires at War Book 9 – Second Front”
by Doug DandridgeBuy on Amazon


What the heck is that on the front cover of this book? I have no clue what it is. Anyway, I finally got back to this series. I had enjoyed it pretty much, but then I got busy reading some other series and this one kind of fell behind. Now I see that book 12 is already out and I’m just reviewing book 9. I’ve got some reading to do. Thankfully, these books are pretty easy reads. The writing is excellent and flows very well.

When I last left the series, the New Terran Empire had sent an exploration task force some thirty light-years away to find a possible ally in their struggle against the Ca’cadasans. The Empire had no idea who they would find, but they did know through intel sources that the Ca’cadasans were having trouble fighting on two different fronts. So, if an alliance against them could be forged, then both the Empire and their new allies could possibly coordinate their attacks to really give the Ca’cadasans fits. Problem was, they had to find these new allies and hope they were friendly towards the Empire. Continue reading ““Exodus: Empires at War Book 9 – Second Front” by Doug Dandridge”

“Soldiers (Empires at War Book 8)” by Doug Dandridge


Missiles, missiles and more missiles.  That’s about all this book is about.  The Empire under Sean the First has finally driven the Casa’s out of Empire territory, but they know the Cacas are going to mass for a counterattack someday in the future.  Also, Sean knows that he’s going to have to take this fight to the Caca’s home world before it’s over.  I tend to agree.  Any enemy that wants to eat you has to be completely eradicated.

The Empire has found out that the Cacas have captured the last planet they passed by on their retreat.  That planet happens to be New Moscow and it has about seven hundred million people still on it.  This planet wasn’t exactly part of the Empire.  They were going it alone and as such didn’t have the ships necessary to evacuate their entire population.  So, when the Cacas came, most of the population was still on the planet.  As I mentioned earlier, the Cacas eat humans.  It’s a delicacy for them.  And, they eat a lot.  Now they have over 700,000,000 humans corralled in camps all over the planet New Moscow and they are processing them through their food processing plants as fast as they can.

Sean and the Empire isn’t going to stand by while the Cacas eat that many humans even if they are not directly his subjects.  He tells his military staff to plan on getting those people rescued, not to attack the planet and get everyone killed, but safely rescue seven hundred million people.  It’s obviously going to be a very tough job and it’s going to cost a lot of lives.  Any type of rescue will involve soldiers on the ground fighting for the defenseless humans.

So, how does the Empire plan to pull this off?  That’s what the book is about.  You’ll have to read it to get the details.  I’ll admit, there was a lot of space battles involving missiles, so much so that I got tired of reading how many missiles were coming towards which group of starships.  I must be missing something because I don’t understand how missiles fired days away can still hit a target that may or may not be where it was aimed.  The battles do get confusing.  Nobody in this book is a hero but you do have a cast of characters from the previous books which is what I like.

And another point I’ll make, this battle doesn’t seem to end in this book.  I felt it abruptly shut down there at the end for some reason.  I hope the next book comes out soon because there are a lot of lose ends with this one.

“Counterstrike (Exodus: Empires at War Book 7)” by Doug Dandridge


Another excellent continuation of a great story line.  This is the seventh book and they are all great reads.  I would have given this 5 stars out of 5 but there were just took many typos, words like and instead of an, the instead of they, and so on.  While the reading is easy, you find yourself saying, “What was that?” a number of times because the sentence didn’t make sense.

Still, this is the story you’ll want to read.  After all this time the Humans and their alien allies have been getting their butts kicked by the Cacas, it’s now time for payback. The Emperor, Sean, is waiting on a double star to supernova which he thinks will cause the Cacas all sorts of problems with tracking ships.  He’s gathered a mighty armada and plans to attack the Cacas again after their recent battle in the Congreeve system.  He believes that his victories at Congreeve and with the problems created by the supernova, his forces might just be able to drive all the Cacas out of the Terran Empire. But, things don’t always go as planned!

We get to read more about Cornelius Walborski, the Officer Candidate, who seems to always find himself in the middle of desperate action.  Now he’s at the “Donut” and the Cacas have a surprise they are about to spring on that installation.  If it gets destroyed, the Terran Empire is most likely doomed.  I wonder if Walborski is in for another medal?

And then, there’s the supernova which should go off in a couple of months.  Should is the operative word.  No one controls a supernova.  It will happen when it happen.  And what happens if it goes off sooner than expected?  Can Emperor Sean’s armada manage to get itself together fast enough to conduct the planned attacks?

Lots of fast action and great writing.  We get to know more about the people we have read about over the last six books and we finally get to feel good about the war but it does feel kind of anti-climatic.  You need to read this book to find out if the outcome was what you expected?

The war isn’t over and I hope there are many more stories in this series.


“The Day of Battle (Exodus: Empires at War Book 6)” by Doug Dandridge


One Battle Does Not Win a War!

That line should probably be a good replacement title for this episode in the Exodus Saga. The young Emperor has set the stage for a major battle which, if won, will certainly cripple the invading Casca enemy. There are many things happening at the same time in this book. Some are hard to follow. Some you know should have the Emperors attention but he’s busy enough without having to do everything himself. Still, with good people around, he shouldn’t have to but it’s apparent that he doesn’t have the most competent people where they should be. How does an Admiral come to be in charge of the “Donut” security without himself being securely screened? Those kind of mistakes can lose this war.

So, we have an inconclusive end to this battle and to the war. It doesn’t appear that the much needed victory the humans wanted has happened although they are not through with the battle even though the Cascas are running back to their base which has already been destroyed. So it looks like we’ll have to wait for the next book to really find out if this effort has really done a lot of damage to the enemy.

I’m not especially fond of books that leave you hanging. This one does and even during the battle, it’s a little hard to follow just who’s winning. There are so many numbers being thrown around that it’s impossible to know which really mean anything. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like this book, because I did, and I do look forward to the next one in this series.


“The Long Fall (Exodus: Empires at War Book 4)” by Doug Dandridge


I knew this would be a great series after reading the very first book. Now with each succeeding book I can’t wait for the next one. This last book is no different than those before it. I can’t put it down! I really do have other things to do but reading this book is all I get done for about two days.

It is good to see that the new Emperor gets back and takes over. There is a lot of fighting even though it’s not going very well for the humans. Still, we’re getting our act together and breaking in a new Emperor so it will take time. We’ll have to get some allies to come help but they seem to be having problems of their own. There are a lot of smaller stories going on and we only get glimpse of some of these. It will be interesting to see how these side stories all tie together at the end.

Good action. great writing, needs some closer editing. And on once again, I’m can’t wait for the next book!


“Exodus: Empires at War: Book 2” by Doug Dandridge


Second book. Get’s a little better. Earth humans have fled the solar system after it was attacked by an alien empire that was bent on the absolute destruction of all humans since we apparently killed one of the heirs to their Empire.

Earth built these massive ships and fled out of the solar system with the aliens in hot pursuit. One made it traveling for 1,000 years at near the speed of light. When they decided to stop, it was about 10,000 years in the future. Even thought the spaceship was started out with a crew and passengers lead by a military ships Captain, by the end of the trip, the ship was now the seat of a human empire.

Now the Terran Empire has been settled for thousands of years. All this time, we have been wondering if our ancient enemy is still out there getting closer and closer to our new home. We have been advancing in technology faster than any other civilization and have conquered many other alien civilizations since finding this new part of the galaxy. Our curent Emperor is the last of a long chain that has steadily made preparations for the day when our old enemies would again find us. But this time, we won’t be running, at least we hope.

Finally, the day comes. Our enemies are at the door. Read what happens to the Terran Empire. I hope the next book comes out soon.


“Exodus: Empires at War: Book 1” by Doug Dandridge


This was a hard book to read at the beginning. It didn’t really get easier until I got into the second book. It’s still a very good book but this one seemed way to short for the potential of the entire story. This book talked about the destruction of Earth and how only a small band of humans managed to flee to a distant part of space.

The aliens have unpronounceable names. They seem to have about twenty-seven letters to each name which doesn’t help in the reading so you’ll find yourself probably skipping over them quite frequently. It also seems like every human in the book also has a name but the humans don’t last very long. It was hard trying to figure out who to follow in this story. Turns out you really just need to know what happens to the humans at the end of this story. That’s the whole book for the most part.

The second book is better. At least it gets you focused on a main character some what towards the end, but then it ends. This would have been much better if these two books would have been put together in one single book. Just my opinion.

I am looking forward to the next book when ever it comes out. I can’t find much about it although each book has a few chapters of the next book at the end. Sure would be nice to know when the next episode might come out.