“Devastator (A. I. Fleet, Book 2)” by Isaac Hooke


I just can not get my mind around starships as characters in a book. This is what the main characters in this book are, Mind-refurbs built into AI capsules inside a gigantic starship. These were once humans that for some strange reason, volunteered their brains for transplanting into AI cores when they died. Some knew that the technology to do that didn’t exist when they died, so they really didn’t know what they were agreeing to. Most of the Mind-refurbs are or were military and once the military gets ahold of you, the don’t let go.

Jain is the main character and he leads the Void Warriors. The Void Warriors are a collection of surviving starships from a battle that happened prior to the first book. In that book, Jain was the first one to come to and realized what had happen after he again realized what he was. He was damaged some in the battle because not all of his memories are intact. Still, he know enough to get his starship (himself) repaired and ready for combat again. The other Mind-refurb starships, I think there’s six or so in total, do make a similar recovery with Jain around to tell them what he things happened. They all agreed to let Jain lead them and the set about trying to find out who had attacked and what their mission had been. Continue reading ““Devastator (A. I. Fleet, Book 2)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Weaver (The Fourhorsemen Tails, Book 2)” by Kacey Ezell & Mark Wandrey



If I had known what this book was about, I probably wouldn’t have read it. Yeah, that’s kind of harsh, but this isn’t a normal book. The first book of this series, “Legend” by Christopher Woods, was what I expected and what I had expected this book to continue to be about. It wasn’t and I should have known that since the authors were totally different. My bad. But, if you’re going to have the same series title, then I think you should continue with that story-line and not jump so far astray.

The only reason I finished this book, is because the writing was very, very good! And that is the most surprising thing about the book. If you choose to read this book, look at the cover picture very closely. That’s what the book is about. You’ll see a small furry thing sitting on a giant spider. That furry thing looking like a cross between a cat and a wombat, is a Flatar and the giant spider is a Tortantula, we ran across one of those in the first book. And that’s what this whole story is about! This isn’t anything resembling a human military science fiction story, but it is kind of good.

It starts in the beginning as every book should, where the Flatar, who’s name is Sadek and the Tortantula, who’s name is Azah are both babies, very intelligent babies. Their initial home is the nesting place of Azah. Her nest mother and her siblings are there and they are making it a difficult time for Azah. See, Azah is a runt, the smallest of the brood and one that probably should have been destroyed at birth. But she wasn’t so now she has to start out just like any other Tortantula and that mean pairing off with a Flatar. Sadek kind of knows what he’s supposed to do, but Azah is just hungry. She’s attacked by one of her sisters and immediately finds out she knows how to kill. She thinks nothing of killing her sister and then eating what remains, in fact, Tortantulas will eat just about anything of flesh and blood! Continue reading ““Weaver (The Fourhorsemen Tails, Book 2)” by Kacey Ezell & Mark Wandrey”

“Nightfall (Blood on the Stars, Book 10)” by Jay Allan

Admiral Tyler Barron and the Confederation is facing its pending destruction. The Hegemony is on the move and the Confederation is in disarray! The next target for the Hegemony is the capital planet of the Confederation, Megera. In addition to that pending doom, the Confederation and Admiral Barron just lost their senior military commander, Admiral Vann Striker. Now it looks like Tyler Barron will have to shoulder that load as well as his own command. But, he doesn’t want the job, not yet anyway. He feels that he needs to be leading the fight, not back at some HQ waiting for the enemy. So, they bring retired Admiral Dustin Nguyen out of retirement to command all Confederation military ops. He is a famous warrior who fought along side the famous Admiral Barron, Tyler Barron’s Grandfather.

The one thing you should remember from the previous books in this series, is that the Hegemony has far superior technology and an almost unimaginable supply of starships. They have battleships with rail guns that far out-range the Confederations primary weapon, but they do not have starfighters! And that has been their Achilles heal so far, but it’s not been enough. Captain Jake Stockton has been placed in command of all Confederation starfighter operations and he has done a fantastic job, but the number of starfighters available is slowly dwindling down.

Admiral Tyler has got to come up with something. He assigns Captain Andi Lafarge a mission to go to the Institute and rescue several top scientist that were working madly on some advanced weaponry. She was then to take them to the Calvus System and planet Craydon. This was one of the seven heavily industrial planets of the Confederation core. It was the major ship building center for the Confederation and they were working at a frantic pace to produce more starships. They needed the scientist there to make any modifications that might help in this war. Andi felt that Tyler was just giving her a mission to keep her out of the coming battles and he was, but this was something that needed to be done. Continue reading ““Nightfall (Blood on the Stars, Book 10)” by Jay Allan”

“Embers of War (Starship Satori, Book 8)” by Kevin McLaughlin

Embers of War

It’s been a few months since I was reading this series. It ended with the Earth in pretty big trouble from an alien species called the Naga. These creatures were an advanced war-fighting civilization that we first encountered in the starship Satori’s initial ventures into space. We’ve seen some crew members of the Satori captured by the Naga, although in one instance, it turned out pretty well. Dan was the original pilot of the Satori while being confined to a wheel chair. During his capture by the Naga, he was subjected to some pretty intense torture as well as incredible pleasures. The device they used on him was also healing his broken spine to the point that he has now gained complete use of his legs.

Dan is now the Captain of the Independence, the Earth’s second starship after the Satori. It is a captured Naga battlecruiser that has been heavily modified by humans. His ship is just now finishing readiness tests and appears to be ready for mission. He soon gets one resulting from a surprising quantum call from Naga Command telling Gaurl, the former Naga vessel Captain, to report in and head back to the home planet. Before replying, Dan contacts General Hereford and asks him what he should say in return. After consulting with the President, they tell Dan he should try and negotiate a peaceful approach to friendly relations with the Naga. They want him to offer to return the Naga battlecruiser and the Naga prisoners they are holding. Dan doesn’t think the “peaceful” approach is going to work because he knows the Naga only act from a position of strength. So he fashions his response in that manner. This results in his mission to the Naga homeworld to return the Naga prisoners, but not the warship. Continue reading ““Embers of War (Starship Satori, Book 8)” by Kevin McLaughlin”

“Anomaly (Legacy War, Book 7)” by John Walker




One thing I have said before about the book in this Legacy War series, is that they are mission focused. When the Gnosis is assigned a mission, that’s what it does and nothing else. The Gnosis’ mission is pretty simple, go get the third Orb from a desolate and abandon space stations in an isolated sector of space. This space station was built by a civilization that has now gone extinct. The Pahxin have sent a small contingent of scientist to try and restart the power core of the space station and to see if the Orb is still there. While that mission was going on, the Tol’an also found out about this space station and they sent an armed ship to capture the space station and the Orb it contained.

For some unknown reason, their scientific team has gone silent. There have been no communications with the team since shortly after they arrived. This causes the Gnosis’ mission to be started. Usually, the Pahxin send an escort with the Gnosis, but not this time. Meanwhile, the Tol’an warship has also gone silent and not reporting back to Tol’an headquarters. The Tol’an don’t have any better idea as to why their entire ship and crew have gone silent so they decided to send another ship with a smaller flotilla as backup. Something is going seriously wrong aboard the derelict space station. Continue reading ““Anomaly (Legacy War, Book 7)” by John Walker”

“Legend (The Four Horsemen Tales, Book 1)” by Christopher Woods


This is a very good book by an author that is new to me. I haven’t read a military science fiction book as good as this one in quite awhile. It contains a lot of human and alien characters. In this universe, the Earth is part of the Galactic community albeit a lowly, young member. The only export and contribution to this galactic community is mercenary armies. Some would question if that’s not a commodity that Earth should want to be known for, but the Earth is technologically behind the rest of the galaxy. The only thing we can excel in is military technology and our ability to think while on the battlefield. Yes, human mercenaries are in demand if they can get the attention of those who are issuing contracts.

At the beginning, our main guy is Martin Quincy. He’s been a mercenary for a long time, but not long enough that he’s ready to quit. He’s a member of the Cavaliers, a mercenary outfit based out of Wichita (Kansas?). They have been through some pretty tough contracts which is the same thing as saying battles. Quincy seems to have a unique skill set that makes him excel on the battlefield. He did so well on one particular planet that the Sirra’Kan now call him the Koreverone or “Legend”. Of course, the other members of the Cavaliers are duly impressed with Qunicy’s new moniker so they remind him of it often. His best friend is always spouting off about the great exploits of the “Legend” which aggravates Martin Quincy to no end. He’s just doesn’t feel like a “Legend” and says he’s just doing his job. Fact is, Quincy has come up against some of the more dangerous and aggressive alien mercenaries in the galaxy. He has been captured on video while killing two of these alien monsters in hand-to-hand combat. So now he has to live with the title of Legend or “Gorestole” in Andori, “Torkanto” in Grawwl, “Daksada” in Torvasi as well as the previously mentioned “Koreverone” in Sirra’Kan.

“Fact is, Quincy has come up against some of the more dangerous and aggressive alien mercenaries in the galaxy.”

Continue reading ““Legend (The Four Horsemen Tales, Book 1)” by Christopher Woods”

“Forerunner (A.I. Fleet, Book 1)” by Isaac Hooke


I think I might be getting tired of Mr. Hooke’s story-lines. He’s gotten stuck on this “mind refurb” thing and it’s not working for me. In this book, he has Mind Refurbs stuck in starships! Yeah, like gigantic war machines that move through space. This is similar to his “Bolt Eaters” series although those guys and gals had some resemblance to humans. Not so for these starships.

Anyway, this group (flotilla) of human starships commanded by mind refurbs is recovering from a recent attack. Only thing is, none of the recovering mind refurbs can remember much of the attack. In fact, of the eight ships in the original flotilla, only six remain and they are all damaged to some extent. One, our main character, Jain, has recovered enough to begin organizing his repairs and rebuild his starship. He’s assisted by an Accomp or an Accompanying AI. This AI is just as capable as a human and can and does do everything for the starship. It is does so much, I’m not even sure why the Mind Refurb has to be aboard at all. Jain is always telling Xander, his Accomp, to do something while Jain does nothing but talk all the time.

Jain finally gets around to rebooting the other six surviving starships by rebooting a copy of their original mind refurbs. Now comes the tricky part. Mind refurbs always have backups stored someplace just incase their AI core get destroyed as they did in this latest battle. Unfortunately, everything up to and including their destruction is lost, it goes with the Mind Refurb that was destroyed. So, these newly rebooted mind refurbs have no memory of how they were destroyed or the battle in which that happened. Even Jain doesn’t remember who attacked them or why he’s even out here in deep space with no rift gate or apparent way to get back home. But these are definitely military starships so they begin organizing like a military unit. Jain is placed in charge and directed the other starships to begin their repairs after moving the group over a moon that has suitable metal deposits. Continue reading ““Forerunner (A.I. Fleet, Book 1)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Vanguard Rising” by A. C. Hadfield

I’m not a fan of detective stories disguised as space science fiction. That’s exactly what this book turned out to be. Oh, it’s OK as far as books go, but it’s not my kind of book. Having said that, I’ll try and do an unbiased review.

Our main character is Harland Rubik and he is a senior silicone runner (detective, small caps in the book). Don’t know why they are called silicone runners and it’s never explained in the book or I just missed it. Anyway, he’s on a case that has some interesting twist. He’s following the trail of an assassin who has been in business for far too long. This particular assassin has eluded Harland for quite some time, but now it appears that he’s on the final leg of capturing his prey.

Only, one of those twist come up. Oh, yeah, he does capture the assassin, Santo Vallan, who just killed an abbot (Artificial Biomechanical roBOT) laying a trap for Harland. Now abbots are almost sentient life forms, although they do have programming guiding their actions. In the distant past, something changed that programming and the abbots revolted causing a lot of death and destruction for the humans population. In fact, they destroyed Earth; made it uninhabitable. Continue reading ““Vanguard Rising” by A. C. Hadfield”

“Liberty (Legacy Fleet, Book 6)” by Nick Webb


It’s been over a year since I last read a book in this series. I don’t know why I never got back to it other than it might have just been released. I don’t know, but I did read it last night and it’s a good continuation to a story that’s been going on for a long, long time.

The Earth is in a desperate struggle against the Swarm. Nothing really is known about the Swarm, just that they are terribly advanced and powerful. They first came to notice about 30 years ago which was known as the First Swarm War. Earth was pretty much devastated then and has taken all of the past 30 years to get well. Now the Swarm appears to be back.

The Swarm has or had the ability to take over different alien races and make them do their fighting. The Valarasi and Dolmasi were two such races and the Swarm control also included select humans. So, not only was the Earth fleet fighting against the Swarm, but also against two other alien races. There was a third race, the Skiohra who weren’t especially threatening, but they also weren’t very helpful. The First Swarm War was followed by a smaller episode still named the Second Swarm War when the Swarm suddenly showed up and then left.

In the first Swarm War, Captain Tim Granger was the hero of the day. He had the bad habit of taking wounded fleet starships and throwing them into the Swarm ships and then detonating the Earth starships Q-drive. This certainly destroyed the Swarm ship and of course, every sole on the Earth ship. Still Captain Granger managed to hold off the Swarm and he eventually devised and executed a plan to get rid of the Swarm from this universe. Only thing is, it required him to fly his starship into a black hole with all the Swarm following. It worked, but now the Swarm is back and so is Captain Tim Granger! Continue reading ““Liberty (Legacy Fleet, Book 6)” by Nick Webb”

“The Theos (The Survivors, Book 5)” by Nathan Hystad

Last time with left Dean Parker in pretty bad shape. His wife, Mary, had been taken over by the Iskios, an evil alien ancient civilization that lived only to destroy others. Their essence was forever trapped in a crystal world until Dean and Mary accidentally stumble upon the planet. Dean and Mary believed they were on the trail of the Theos, another ancient civilization that believed in peace. The Theos were believed that life had to have a balance and since the Iskios were the evil force in the universe, the Theos believed they were the balancing good. As long as the balance was maintained, then things were fine, not perfect, but just stable. Then the Iskios went on a terrible rampage destroying worlds for no reason. The Theos acted to contain the Iskios sealing them in the crystals on a remote planet. Yet, the Theos knew that if the Iskios were to be gone forever, that meant they had to go also. So they placed themselves in the portal stones. These portal stones allowed other races of the universe to freely travel vast distances with the Theos keeping the portals open to only the Gatekeepers.

Some how the Iskios knew Dean and Mary were looking for the Theos so they led them on a difficult false journey which ended at the crystal planet. Mary got too close to one of the crystals and they entered her body and began controlling her actions. They also began a massive vortex which they called the Unwinding. It would destroy entire planets and even suns. Nothing in its path could remain. Of course the Iskios thrived on this destruction while using Mary to act out their destructive nature. She tried to break free of their control, but they were such a powerful force that she was driven to cower in her own mind. Continue reading ““The Theos (The Survivors, Book 5)” by Nathan Hystad”