“Lost Systems (Legacy War 2)” by John Walker

Lost Systems

“Lost Systems (Legacy War 2)” by John WalkerBuy on Amazon

I’ll start out by saying that the typography problem I found in book 1 has been fixed. This book reads much, much better. But, and I’m not complaining, it is a short book. While there is a lot of action, it seems to go by pretty quickly.

After returning to Earth with a second Orb and a Pahxin scientist, Doctor Thayne Randala, they now know their enemy is a rebellious group of Pahxin who are out to collect all the Orbs and other ancient technological artifacts. Doctor Randala believes that his people, the Pahxin, would be more than agreeable to an alliance with Earth if they were given something to help with defeating this splinter group the Tol’An. He informs Captain Bradford, commander of the Gnosis, that another scientist of his race might have more answer as to the origins of the Orbs. He also tells them that his scientist friend is currently located in self-exile on a neutral space station called the Rilla. Doctor Gil Vaedra is an expert in stellar archaeology. Continue reading ““Lost Systems (Legacy War 2)” by John Walker”

” Gnosis (Legacy War Book 1)” by John Walker

“Gnosis (Legacy War Book 1)” by John WalkerBuy on Amazon


Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you why I gave this book a 3-star rating. It’s has nothing to do with the story, but this book was released in electronic/digital format with atrocious typography! Kindle version was very hard to read due to extra spaces around commas and smashed together words that happened way too often. The author should direct that a reprint be done and send it out to all that had to deal with this lousy publishing work.

Now, back to the story. It’s the first book of what reads like a pretty good new series. Once again, Earth has just now started to reach the stars. While we don’t appear to have settled on the Moon or even attempted to colonize Mars, we’ve built our first faster than light (FTL) starship named the Gnosis. The Gnosis was intended to be an exploration ship roaming the stars beyond our solar system, attempting to find just what is out there. We know that there are aliens in outer space. We’ve known that since finding the Orb, as it’s called. It is an alien device of unknown origin and, right now, of unknown abilities and uses. It seems like a data depository which has grudgingly released some of it’s knowledge for human benefit. Once such knowledge release was the reason the Gnosis now existed. Nothing on Earth was as advanced as the Gnosis. We had our own small fleet of spaceships capable of flying to the edges of our Solar System, but nothing quite as capable as the Gnosis. She wasn’t even fully tested yet so we didn’t even know her full capabilities. The first mission for the Gnosis was to go out beyond our know solar system and return, just a small test to see just how well her FTL engines would work. Continue reading “” Gnosis (Legacy War Book 1)” by John Walker”

“Dark World (Undying Mercenaries #9)” by B. V. Larson

“Dark World (Undying Mercenaries #9)” by B. V. LarsonBuy on Amazon


Whenever I want to take a break from the very serious nature of space warfare and all that rigid military organizational stuff, I read one of these Undying Mercenaries books. They are so different from most other stories that I would have to admit that these series is one of my most favorite.

To my delight, we’re back with Centurion James McGill, Legion Varus warrior. Now that does sound impressive, especially when you realize that after all the stuff James McGill has gotten himself into and out of, he’s still an officer in the Legion. If you’ve followed this series at all, you know that McGill does what he thinks is right in situations where he has not chose but to rely on his own thinking. Most of the decisions he makes in those instances, are disastrous, for him and every one else!

This time, it’s not going to go any different. Right off the bat, McGill finds himself on the wrong side of the former Imperator Galina Turov. Having just come from a mass Legion Varus officers call, he saw Drusus, his long time friend, promoted to praetor, a rank that would take him out of direct command of the Legion, but would allow him to appoint whomever he desired to the leadership of said legion. To everyone’s surprise, he demoted Imperator Turov down to Tribune and promoted Tribune Deech up to Imperator, clearly switching their previous roles. Whatever his reasoning, it was terribly wrong. Unfortunately, our James McGill couldn’t see how wrong it was so he was one of the loudest in cheering the announcements of these changes by Drusus. Continue reading ““Dark World (Undying Mercenaries #9)” by B. V. Larson”

“The Black Flag (Crimson Worlds Successors 3)” by Jay Allan

“The Black Flag (Crimson Worlds Successors 3)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


So all the major players are back and in agreement that something is going on that is going to destroy the Occupied Space worlds. The new enemy is known as The Black Flag and it is making small, but meaningful progress towards dominating all the worlds that it touches. Some worlds have become so corrupt that they won’t know the difference. Their governments have already descended into dictatorships and the people are no more than slaves. Most of this happened when the Black Flag established agents on their planet with the money to buy off just about anyone. Those that couldn’t be bought were simply eliminated. Those politicians who were in power and wanted to stay that way, didn’t object to these dark and behind the scenes because they just didn’t want to lose what they had.

Now, the Black Flag is going to openly begin it’s conquest of the Occupied Space worlds. Corrupt politicians in high offices soon found themselves the target of assassins. They died in droves and were replaced by the Black Flag agents that had corrupted them and their governments in the first place. Since most of these worlds were not very rich, they couldn’t and didn’t provide much in the way of protection for their own citizens and definitely not for the protection of their planet. Now, the meager resources they did produce were going to support Black Flag operations and it’s military conquest of all Occupied Space.

Yet, our heroes, Vane Jackson of Mars, the Cain Family (Erik, Sarah, Elias and Darius) and Fleet Admiral Augustus Garret and then later, Jarrod Tyler of Columbia, joined together to oppose the Black Flag with as much resolve as necessary. But, first they had to find out where the Black Flag headquarters was located and attempt to cut the head off the snake. Fighting piecemeal battles over various Occupied Space worlds wasn’t going to get the job done. Continue reading ““The Black Flag (Crimson Worlds Successors 3)” by Jay Allan”

“To the Stars (Earth Fall: Book 2)” by Raymond L. Weil

“To the Stars (Earth Fall: Book 2)” by Raymond L. WeilBuy on Amazon


Our author, Raymond Weil, has this thing about five young people saving the world. He wrote about the “Special Five” in his “Slavers Wars series and continued them in his “Originator Wars series. They may have been in another series, but I can’t remember. Anyway, we now have another group of five young people that are “special”, but at least they aren’t called the “Special Five”. Still, some of the writing in these books are kind of child like.

This story pickups up after the Trellixians have been to Earth and nearly wiped out humanity. But, we had prepared since the days of the Roswell incident which was in fact and alien ship crash site. One of the aliens had survived and has been telling humans all the secret technology of the Jelnoids, an alien race smaller than the humans and completely wiped out by the Trellixians. So Earth had some eighty years to prepare although humanity couldn’t figure out some of this advanced technology just because they didn’t have the tools, techniques or materials back in the early 40’s and 50’s. Humans knew they were not alone in the universe, but to avoid panic, no one ever reveled this fact to the general population. They also knew the Trellixians would eventually find Earth. They were hoping it wouldn’t be for a long, long time and by then we would have figured out all the Jelnoid tech and had prepared our defenses. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Continue reading ““To the Stars (Earth Fall: Book 2)” by Raymond L. Weil”

“Funeral Games (Far Stars Trilogy #3)” by Jay Allan

“Funeral Games (Far Stars Trilogy #3)” by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


So, Arkarin Blackhawk used to be a really, really bad guy. He was an Imperial General no less, known then as Frigus Umbra. Now how did our author come up with a name like that? Well, it is Latin and if you look up the meaning of “Frigus” it will say it means “cold, cold weather or frost”. That pretty much fits what the General was, a cold-blooded killer without emotions. Then “Umbra” translates to “shadow or darkness” and that pretty much describes how the former General was usually seen, as the shadow of death! Now the question is, can Arkarin Blackhawk really bury his past and act as he has for the past twenty-five years or will he eventually revert to his murderous past self?

As the story to date shows, he’s pretty much been on the side of good for quite some time. Yeah, he and his crew of the Wolf’s Claw have done some questionable things, but only when it was absolutely necessary and usually against people that deserved what they got. His best friend, Marshal Augustin Lucerne, knows about his past and now his crew does too. Yet, they have all stood by him and will continue to do so even thought some of his darker traits have been coming forth on specific occasions. They all can see the dark side of Arkarin, but they also know he is a strong fighter and will keep that self at bay as much as necessary. Continue reading ““Funeral Games (Far Stars Trilogy #3)” by Jay Allan”

“The White Fleet (Blood on the Stars, Book 7)” by Jay Allan

” The White Fleet (Blood on the Stars, Book 7)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


Jay Allan keeps pumping out excellent military science fiction books. By my count, I have reviewed over 30 of his books and they aren’t stopping. He obviously is one of my favorite authors. This book continues an excellent series and clearly indicated there’s more to come!

The CFS Dauntless was destroyed in the last book when it wiped out the Union’s Imperial tech (old tech) pulse weapon. There was nothing left of it to really salvage so it was gone. Yet, there were survivors among the old crew who are now part of a new Dauntless, a brand new, huge warship never before deployed by the Confederation. This new Dauntless was many times more powerful than the old one and it was massive. Still, to Admiral Barron Tyler, now a Fleet Commander, it wasn’t the same. He still longed for his old Dauntless and didn’t believe this huge monstrosity could take it’s place. Continue reading ““The White Fleet (Blood on the Stars, Book 7)” by Jay Allan”

“Sanctuary (First Colony: Book Four)” by Ken Lozito

“Sanctuary (First Colony: Book Four)” by Ken LozitoBuy on Amazon


You would have thought that the end of this series was in the last book. The New Earth Colony had just defeated the Vemus and in doing so, just about destroyed their new world. The Vemus, as you’ll recall, were mutated humans that no longer were human. Still, they some how traveled many lightyears from a destroyed Earth to find the only colony of humans left in the galaxy. General Connor Gates, a former Special Operations Commander, was instrumental in defeating the Vemus and almost lost his life in doing so. He and the Colonial Defense Force were the defenders of the Colony in their desperate time of need.

Now peace has come or so everyone believes. New Earth isn’t necessarily a friendly planet. There are plenty of wild animals or lifeforms that can and would easily kill colonist if they didn’t pay attention. Yet, as the peace continues and nothing major happens, the colonist kind of forget that they are not completely out of danger. One particular New Earth predator that hasn’t been around much until lately is the Ryklars. These are vicious beast, genetically altered by the original New Earth inhabitants to kill. They usually hunt other animals and mostly stay away from the colonial settlements. Except recently, something has stirred them up and they are migrating closer to the human settlements. Continue reading ““Sanctuary (First Colony: Book Four)” by Ken Lozito”

“The Event (The Survivors Book One)” by Nathan Hystad

“The Event (The Survivors Book One)” by Nathan HystadBuy on Amazon


A new author and a new book. That’s like getting a present from someone you don’t know and not knowing what they gave you at all! But, this book was a pretty good gift to the science fiction genre if I may say so myself. It wasn’t the greatest because I think there are some flaws in how the story unravels, but it did make an interesting tail most all the way through. The ending kind of came quick and not much for details, but there are additional books coming so that might improve.

So, what’s the book about? Well, it’s about an accountant saving the entire human population. Yeah, an accountant! That’s great because I are one. I can see where this could happen since I was also in the Army for quite while. But, I’m no where near as nerdy as the main character seems to be. Dean Parker is now a widower having lost his wife three years prior. Janine was a pretty wonderful wife, but somewhat different. Dean had know this all along, but really thought nothing of it. She had a brother which Dean certainly didn’t care much for and had trouble remembering the times he had stopped by the house to talk to Janine. It was like he was always going to sleep or passing out when Bob showed up. Continue reading ““The Event (The Survivors Book One)” by Nathan Hystad”

“Enemy in the Dark (Far Stars Trilogy #2) ” by Jay Allan

“Enemy in the Dark (Far Stars Trilogy #2)” by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


Sometimes an exciting book can get a little boring. I found myself in this situation when reading about Arkarin Blackhawk during the first part of this book. I mean, the mission he and his crew of the Wolf’s Claw” was really going south and they were soon to be in big trouble, but I knew they were going to get out of it as they always do. That took away some of the drama that I had experienced in the first book. Still, this is a good series once it gets going.

If you’ll remember, Arkarin Blackhawk was some what of a rogue semi-pirate out among the stars. He and his crew did what they were hired to do and only they job didn’t cause undo harm to the good guys. The good guys were not only Akarin and his crew, but other nice and innocent people. Most of his employers were definitely not the kind that cared about anyone but themselves. Blackhawk tried to stay on the right side of the law, but out in space which is so vast, who’s to say what exactly is the law on the fringes of civilization! Yet, Blackhawk had a definite moral code that made him a good person even if he though otherwise. He has a background which he definitely doesn’t want his crew to know about. While he knows just about everything about each one of his crew members, they know he doesn’t talk about his past and they are smart enough not to bug him about it. The only person who does know just who Arkairn Blackhawk really is, is Marshal Augustin Lucerne, now ruler of Celtiboria and Chairman of the newly established Confederation of Far Stars planets. And even he didn’t care about Blackhawk’s past. Continue reading ““Enemy in the Dark (Far Stars Trilogy #2) ” by Jay Allan”