“(Earth Fall, Book 1) Invasion” by Raymond L. Weil

“(Earth Fall, Book 1) Invasion” by Raymond L. WeilBuy on Amazon


I don’t know, but it seemed like I had read some parts of this book before. I guess I might have read an excerpt at the end of another of his books, because right in the middle of this one, I knew what was going to happen. Not all the way to the end, but just enough to know that something was going to happen about midway through the book to make things change. Still, this book was very good although the aliens appear to be kind of dumb.

For the last eighty years, Earth has known we were not alone in the universe. Of course the worlds government didn’t tell anyone. It was a deep, dark secret kept from the public for all those years. Yeah, right, if that could ever happen. With our nosy news reports, nothing can stay a secret very long especially the kinds of things that this Earth kept hidden.

You see, the Roswell, NM incident really did happen like everyone thought. It was an alien spacecraft that crashed and there were aliens aboard, two of which survived! One even survived for twenty-six years telling our scientist everything he could about his worlds technology. While he was doing that, we tried to reverse-engineer everything on his ship. But, back in 1940s and 50s, we just didn’t have the science to understand much of this alien tech. Over time we did manage to get some thing figured out. One thing we did know was that this alien spacecraft had come from a civilization that was under attack and about to be wiped out. This was a scout ship making a mad dash to our planet knowing they could never go back home, but they did warn us of what was coming. Continue reading ““(Earth Fall, Book 1) Invasion” by Raymond L. Weil”

“Dauntless (Blood on the Stars, Book 6)” by Jay Allan

“Dauntless (Blood on the Stars, Book 6)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


Back again with Commodore Tyler Barron and the Confederation. They are now and have been in a long, drawn-out war with the Union. But, now it appears the tide may be changing and the Union could break the stalemate with an ancient weapon. This weapon can destroy most any Confed starship with one shot. And now, plans are in the works by the Union to make the one and only weapon of this kind, mobile. If they can manage to somehow bring this weapon forward, they could clear out all Confed assets all the way to the Confed capital. So, Fleet Admiral Striker knows that the only way to prevent that from happening is to attack. Somehow they must destroy that weapon without destroying the entire Confederation fleet. He, himself, doesn’t have a plan, but Commodore Barron comes up with one that is about as insane as they come.

Through Captain Andi Lafarge’s efforts and her ship, Pegasus, the Confederation has an ancient weapon of their own. Only it’s not an offensive weapon and they don’t exactly know how it works. But, it’s believed to be a cloaking device. Once turned on and operating, the ship that it’s in pretty much disappears from all sensors know to man. This ancient weapon will play a significant role in Commodore Barron’s plan. He also wants to carry out this mission using the Dauntless, his old ship. Things have changed since the last book and now Captain Atara Travis in now in command of the Dauntless, with just about everyone from the old crew under Tyler Barron promoted and transferred to other assignments. Still, Commodore Barron wants to command this mission from the Dauntless using his old crew. Doing something like that is highly unlikely especially during a war. But, since this is science fiction, anything can happen and does. Continue reading ““Dauntless (Blood on the Stars, Book 6)” by Jay Allan”

“Mechs vs Dinosaurs (Argonauts Book 8)” by Isaac Hooke

“Mechs vs Dinosaurs (Argonauts Book 8)”
by Isaac HookeBuy on Amazon


Well, I’m getting a little more tired of this series. I think the author has run out of good evil aliens so he’s making some really weird stuff up and it’s just not working. As you probably guess by the title and cover of this book, the Argonauts do, in fact, have to battle some huge dinosaurs but even they are not what you’d expect. See, this author firmly believes that dinosaurs were the prehistoric equivalent of birds, very, very, very large birds. You’ll need to read the book to figure out just what that means.

Anyway, time travel is involved and so is a Purple Phant that we met in a book a long time ago. It seems this Phant has now turned up and is seeking revenge on Rade Galaal and his family! Yeah, he’s going to be messing with Shaw and the two little kids. That’s not fighting fair, but Rade doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

And that’s kind of the whole problem with this book and the series as it’s going. Rade and Shaw are on the Argonaut along with the other guys and Rade/Shaw’s two kids. The Argonaut is no place for kids. Shaw needs to take the two kids and go back home or wherever she feels safe. Tahoe has a family also, but they aren’t running around on the Argonaut, that’s for sure. The Argonaut has the worlds worst security systems and the Argonauts don’t seem capable of fixing it so it can’t be take over by some rogue Phant. They are supposed to have all this super fancy Phant detecting equipment that Surus built, but it apparently doesn’t work very well. They could have all be killed in their sleep by this Purple Phant since they had no idea he was aboard until he decided to let them know. And, it gets back on-board during the latter part of the story which is even worse than it’s first penetration of their security. Additionally, the Argonauts AI, Bax, is about as stupid as they come. It can’t do anything to protect the Argonauts and what it does do is nothing but give up every single time. Continue reading ““Mechs vs Dinosaurs (Argonauts Book 8)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Revenge of the Ancients” (Crimson Worlds Refugees 3) by Jay Allan

“Revenge of the Ancients (Crimson Worlds Refugees 3)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


On our way to Shangri La or the planet that promised to hold untold advance technology that should help us finally defeat the Regent. As you know by now, the Regent is the actual enemy. It is the super intelligence behind all the mindless robotic attacks against the humans. It’s sense of self preservation has some how over ridden it fundamental program which was to server the Old Ones of this ancient race. It and it alone, decided that the Old Ones were a threat to its existence so it methodically began to exterminate these ancient humans. The weapon it used has worked before to wipe out hundreds of thousands of humans without a shot being fired. And now it was going to turn that weapon lose upon the humans of this new fleet.

Dr. Cutter has found references to other human civilization that the Old Ones seeded just as they had Earth. Admiral Compton, strongly urged by his scientist. agrees to send out an exploratory vessel to find this other civilization and see if they can become an ally in their fight against the First Imperium. That single ship sets out on a voyage alone knowing that the fleet will forge on without them to Shangri La. If they can return, they will meet back up with the fleet there, but first they have to find this other human planet. I wonder what they will find there, and more importantly, what will they bring back. Could it be something useful or could it destroy the rest of humanity?

While this is going on, the fleet is still fighting sporadic attacks by the First Imperium. These attacks are not large, but just enough to wear down the fleet. It is slowly using more and more ships and crew. The surviving crews are becoming battle weary and barely able to continue at their stations. Something must be done to bring some rest to the fleet and Admiral Compton has a plan that could do just that. Continue reading ““Revenge of the Ancients” (Crimson Worlds Refugees 3) by Jay Allan”

“Shadow of the Gods (Crimson Worlds Refugees 2) by Jay Allan

“Shadow of the Gods(Crimson Worlds Refugees 2)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


On to book 2 of this series. Boy, that first book worn me out. So much fighting. The decision has now been made that this fleet of humans can no longer try and find a way home. To do so would lead the First Imperium right back to human space and that’s something Admiral Terrance Compton isn’t going to do. While that decision didn’t set well with everyone in the fleet, the sudden and vicious appearance of the First Imperium in X18 left no doubt that it was the correct decision. The First Imperium is bound and determined to kill all the humans invading its territory.

The Fleet fled the X2 system with the First Imperium hot on it’s tail. They had to send scouts out ahead to find if the next system was free of enemy before following behind. Fortunately, they found such systems and manage to delay the First Imperium just long enough to get the fleet through the next warp gate and the next after that. They finally felt a small reprieve when arriving in system X18. There were no First Imperium starships in the system and nothing else that appeared to be a threat. So, they orbited a gas giant while the engineers built a refinery to collect fuel for the fleet. Scouts were sent ahead to scout out then next potential systems for the fleet.

Then in system X20 they made a major discovery. A First Imperium warship, a Colossus was setting idle orbiting one of the planets. This definitely got the interest of Admiral Compton and his scientist. Dr. Hieronymus Cutter and Dr. Ana Zukov were the premier scientist on-board the Midway and probably in the entire fleet. Dr. Cutter laid out a convincing argument to Admiral Compton on why he needed to go see this First Imperium vessel. He felt that he had created a computer virus that could possible cause the on-board AI to respond directly to his commands. Continue reading ““Shadow of the Gods (Crimson Worlds Refugees 2) by Jay Allan”

“Into the Darkness (Crimson Worlds Refugees 1) ” by Jay Allan

“Into the Darkness (Crimson Worlds Refugees 1)”
by Jay AllanBuy on Amazon


For some odd reason I didn’t actually want to start reading this series. I’m not exactly sure why since Jay Allan is one of my favorite authors. His stories are always excellent and I have read every “Crimson World” series book he’s written plus his “Blood on the Stars” series as well. I followed Fleet Admiral Augustus Garrett and Erik Cane through all their epic battles. And then when the First Imperium appeared and Fleet Admiral Garrett managed to destroy the gate connecting our universe to theirs, I knew that a new series would be starting up concerning those left on the other side, the wrong side of that now destroyed gate. Yet, for some reason, I didn’t want to read about them.

But, as I gotten through a number of other books, I realize that I need to read this series if nothing else than I know the author is a good one and won’t let me down. And he sure didn’t. In this first book, you get to know the new characters that were kind of mentioned in the “Crimson World” series. Admiral Terrance Compton is now the Fleet Admiral for his abandon group of ships. He knew that Garrett had to do what he did and blow the warp gate in X1 or the First Imperium would have poured through and that would have been the end of humanity. If you remember, the First Imperium is an enemy without feelings. They are machines doing only what they are instructed to do. They feel nothing; no pain, no remorse, no terror and absolutely no fear. They just kill and kill until there is no enemy left or they are totally destroyed. There are way too many First Imperium assets for humanity to ever destroy. The war with them has clearly proven that. Continue reading ““Into the Darkness (Crimson Worlds Refugees 1) ” by Jay Allan”

“Sanctuary (Neanderthal Alliance Book One)” by D. J. Proctor

“Sanctuary ( Neanderthal Alliance Book One)”
by D. J. ProctorBuy on Amazon


Ok, here’s another new author with a pretty exciting new series. And, yeah, there’s a group of aliens in this book that are Neanderthals. Still, they ain’t your typical Neanderthal that we think about. No, these Neanderthals suddenly arrived in a starship in a near orbit off the moon where the Sol Alliance Command is located, specifically at Port Clarke. They showed up with a small fleet of undetermined composition and so far, haven’t taken any hostile actions.

For some reason, Port Clarke is relatively undefended. Earth and the Sol Alliance have been in a continuous war with the Centauran Rebels. That war had just concluded with a seemingly uneasy truce in place. So, that might account for the lack of warfighter spacecraft in the vicinity of the Sol Alliance Command. As soon as the mysterious fleet appeared, word was sent to recall the AFS Victory (I wonder what AFS stands for?). That starship is a fleet carrier and is commanded by Captain Thomas Dalton. It was to be his last day in command as he was finally getting ready to retire. But things have suddenly changed.

The mystery fleet does turn out to be the Neanderthals, but they are not here to attack Earth. Far from it! The need sanctuary! Their tiny fleet is all that is left of their group of Neanderthals who have been fighting the same enemy for many, many years. Come to find out, the Neanderthals are much more advanced than Earth. They have technology far superior than what Earth currently has and demonstrate it to some extend when their dreaded enemy, the Cobrans show up right near their fleet and the moon. The AFS Victory immediately engages the new threat after it fired on the Neanderthals and then turned its weapons on Port Clarke. Captain Dalton, well actually Commander Rao quickly found out that most of the ballistic weapon systems they had were useless against the Corbran starships. Yet, she did find a way to use her beam weapons and torpedoes to eventually damage the enemy vessel. The Neanderthals and their starship were about to finish off the threat so things could calm down a little. All this happened during the first part of the book! Continue reading ““Sanctuary (Neanderthal Alliance Book One)” by D. J. Proctor”

“The Price of Honor (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Gub Wars, Book Two)” by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)

“The Price of Honor
(The United Federation
Marine Corps’ Gub Wars, Book Two)”
by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)Buy on Amazon


While this book is supposed to be about the Grub Wars, it’s really a political treaty about the relationship between the UAM (United Assembly of Man) which once included the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood have withdrawn from UAM since they don’t believe it’s conceivable to ally themselves with the Kelthso and do not believe the Grubs are a threat if left alone. The Brotherhood have fought the Kelthso in the Gladiatorial events for the last 100 years. They are the enemy and nothing can seem to change their thinking that allows them to now ally with them. They would be just fine if the Grubs were to wipeout the Kelthso.

Yet, the Grubs now know about humanity. No one knows how intelligent the Grubs are or what their purpose is in invading Kelthso space and attempting to take over Kelthso planets. The Brotherhood wants to blame the Federation for attracting attention to humanity. They are trying their best to ignore the Grubs.

This isn’t going to work for a couple of reasons. First, the Grubs have found the Brotherhood on planet Destiny. How they did this is unknown, but they did attack Purgamentuim and somehow learned of the location for Destiny. Second, the Kelthso have this honor system where they consider the Federation and the Brotherhood as honorable warriors until the Brotherhood withdrew from the Alliance. Now they see the Brotherhood as without honor which must be restored. They way the Kelthso see as restoring that honor is by attacking the Brotherhood with everything they have. And, considering that the Kelthso have the tech to cancel humans weapon systems, that’s a fight the Brotherhood can’t afford while being attacked by the Grubs at the same time. Continue reading ““The Price of Honor (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Gub Wars, Book Two)” by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)”

“Alliance (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Grub Wars, Book One)” by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)

(The United Federation
Marine Corps’ Grub Wars, Book One)”
by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)Buy on Amazon


I wonder if authors ever run out of bad guys? I mean, there is a whole galaxy of badass aliens out there somewhere, but do they have to be stinking grubs? Yeah, that’s what they are in this book. Big, fat, and very dangerous worms that look like grub worms. I don’t know, but this sounds kind of stupid to me. Still, Federation Space Marines gotta’ fight something, so it might as well be grubs!

No on knows where the Grubs came from. In fact, humans didn’t even know they existed until the Kelthos came to them and actually asked for help! Seems like even the Kelthos were have trouble beating these Grubs and nothing ever stands in the way of the Kelthos, well except humans. Having the Kelthos come and admit that there was an enemy they couldn’t defeat on their own was pretty frightening to the humans. We had been holding off the Kelthos for a hundred years using the Gladiatorial Combats as a substitute for all out war. The winner of such one-on-one fights, got the prize, be it a planet or territory that was in dispute. Now things have changed. The Kelthso need help and we’re going to find out why.

Now, the main character in this story isn’t a Space Marine just out of basic. No, he’s Lance Corporal Hondo McKeever, United Federation Marine Corps. He’s also one of the cerebral ones in that in the opening scene, he’s found reading a book, a novel no less! Astonishing! A Marine that can actually read and reading something that isn’t a field manual. (Sorry Marines. I just couldn’t pass that up!) And who names their kid, “Hondo”? We’ll learn that he’s an alien or at least he’s from a planet not Earth. I don’t know if that makes him an alien or not even though he is human. But, “Hondo”? Sounds like a name that some science fiction writer would use in a book about tough guys! Continue reading ““Alliance (The United Federation Marine Corps’ Grub Wars, Book One)” by Jonathan P. Brazee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)”

“Forged in Space (Jack Forge, Fleet Marine, Book 2)” by James David Victor

“Forged in Space (Jack Forge, Fleet Marine, Book 2)”
by James David VictorBuy on Amazon


Don’t let the cover of this book fool you. That picture of a Space Marine looks pretty good, but looks can be deceiving. I don’t think that is Jack Forge because he’s never been that tough looking and probably never will be. Oh, Jack is smart enough and that gets him out of some scrapes, but he certainly isn’t tough enough to be a real Space Marine.

He and his squad have lived through an attack on their training base which unfortunately cut short their extremely short training period. They did lose a lot of recruits who ran when the Chitin attacked the base, but those are better gone anyway. Jack didn’t run, but he did find a way to go build a drone and held save most of his squad. Still, he’s not very inspiring in the way he acts around his squad mates especially Squad Leader Torrent.

Now Jack and his squad are onboard the Scropio, an Earth Defense Forces destroyer. Due to the lack of human manpower, most ships of the fleet are in very poor condition. The Scropio isn’t any better, in fact, she could be worse off than most. Still, it is space-worthy so it is assigned a mission to deliver a battalion of Space Marines to a moon close to the home planet of the Chitin. They are to find out if the moon is vacant so an observation post can be established. It’s supposed to be vacant so there shouldn’t be any heavy fighting required. Of course, whatever is “supposed to be”, is never the real deal. Continue reading ““Forged in Space (Jack Forge, Fleet Marine, Book 2)” by James David Victor”