“Alpha Fleet (Rebel Fleet, Book 3)” by B. V. Larson

Captain Leo Blake and his crew have been more or less grounded due to an outbreak of peace in the stellar region. They are naturally getting bored considering the terror they have most recently experienced out in Rebel space. Under Rebel command, you had to always watch your back or it soon would have a club coming down on it very hard. And hitting you in the back was done only because they missed your head. Peaceful Earth with no fighting just wasn’t what the crew of the Hammerhead were used to.

But, it appears that peaceful existence might be coming to a halt. A rift in deep space has appeared and some unknown ships are arriving. General Vega, commanding all Earth space forces, decides he doesn’t want to wait to find out what’s coming through that rift so he orders his small phase-ship fleet to fire on the first vessel coming through. That turns out to be a mistake since its none other than Admiral Flex with ships and crews from Gref. Their cruisers make short work of the two phase-ships that fired on them and now they sit. Once they do contact Earth, they don’t want to talk to General Vega, but to Captain Blake. Fex is back to inform the Earth that he and his Grefs are there to form a protectorate over Earth. Since Earth has no means of defending itself, he wants the planet to commit to him as its planetary Commander. He wants any and all Earth space forces placed under his command. Continue reading ““Alpha Fleet (Rebel Fleet, Book 3)” by B. V. Larson”

“Orion Fleet (Rebel Fleet, Book 2)” by B. V. Larson

We’re back on Earth with Leo Blake and his crew. They have, almost single-handedly, saved he universe, but they also don’t want the notoriety that comes with being a hero. They just want things to settle down which they do in a hurry. So much so, that most of the crew is getting really bored. With the Imperials pulling back, it doesn’t appear that their will be any further combat for a long time. So, Blake finds himself in limbo not knowing what he’s supposed to be doing.

Except, none other than Captain Ursahn of the Rebel Fleet ship Killer, shows up with some Earthly intel she’s not supposed to know. She has found out that Earth is building a spaceship! Even Captain Blake wasn’t sure of this, but he kind of figured out that was what happened to is old ship, the Hammerhead. He stole it from the Rebels just for the purpose of letting Earth’s scientist reverse engineer the things so we could possibly defend ourselves. It turns out that the ship Earth built was a phase-ship. This is the very kind of ship that the Rebels despise and have made it almost illegal for one of their members to create such a ship. Still, the Earth is new to this Rebel stuff and plays things they way they want to. Now that the ship is known to the Rebel Alliance, they demand that Earth send it into combat. Continue reading ““Orion Fleet (Rebel Fleet, Book 2)” by B. V. Larson”

“Rebel Fleet (Rebel Fleet)” by B.V. Larson

“Rebel Fleet (Rebel Fleet)” by B.V. LarsonBuy on Amazon

Well, this is going to be a fun series! Leo Blake reminds me of James McGill of the “Undying Mercenaries Series” also written by B.V. Larson. They are both irreverent, cocky and don’t follow the rules. McGill gets into more trouble, but Blake has his hands full in this series. There’s just enough comedy thrown in to make the story mildly amusing, but not to the point it gets ridiculous.

Aliens have dropped some kind of rock in the water just off an island in Hawaii. Blake and a friend of his swim out to find out what it is, showing off for their girls who remain on the beach. Blake’s friend disappears below the water and doesn’t come up for way too long. So, Blake dives down and finds Jason stuck to some kind of glowing rock. He doesn’t appear to be breathing. Blake attempts to pull him away from the rock and eventually gets a rocking motion that succeeds in getting his friend free. He drags him to shore and start CPR, but it doesn’t look good. By this time, the girls have called for help and a doctor arrives on the beach to pronounce Jason as dead. Then one of the girls suddenly notices that Jason’s hand is missing. Blake must have broke Jason loose from the ice block holding his hand to the stone by just ripping the limb off. There was blood everywhere on the beach.

That’s starts off this adventure that will take Blake and one of the girls to outer space, far, far from the Earth. Earth hasn’t developed any kind of space exploration capabilities than we have now, yet the have positive proof that aliens do exist and they are visiting Earth. In fact, aliens are now on Earth recruiting humans for their interstellar war. Actually, it’s not a war so much as a rebel uprising against the Imperium which has been devastating alien planets all along the frontier. It turns out the Imperium is using these planets a training grounds for it’s Imperial space forces. They are only sending their inexperienced space craft out to fight against the rebels and not worrying much about the outcome. Except, they don’t expect nor like to lose these battles. Continue reading ““Rebel Fleet (Rebel Fleet)” by B.V. Larson”

“Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth, Book One)” by M.R. Forbes

This is a new series that I’m starting, but I’m not exactly sure I’ll finish it. Oh, the writing is very good and the story-line is interesting, it’s just not my kind of read. For one, the main character, Nathan Stacker, isn’t in the military. And he won’t be brought back into the military because he killed one of his soldiers while on duty and went to prison for a long time. He was in prison for 50 years! Right, that is a long time. Still, Nathan Stacker is kind of unique in that he’s an original replica. He was one of the first humans to be created in a lab using DNA from another human. I think he stated somewhere that he was created and grown inside of three months or something like that.

Anyway, while in the military, he did kill one of his soldiers by accident when they got in a fight. Stacker’s entire body is enhanced way beyond what a normal humans would be, so when he uses his fists, it’s not just a “love tap”. I can’t say it was all his fault, because most normal humans don’t like replicas and treat them badly if they can get away with it. To top it off, this original group of replicas, including Stacker, had a defect that caused them to become unstable when threatened. So, while Stacker didn’t actual mean to kill the guy, he acted without thought or real control of his mind. The military jury didn’t consider this built in flaw, so he was sentenced to prison. He was released after fifty years when a review panel decided to give him some slack and shorten his life sentence. Continue reading ““Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth, Book One)” by M.R. Forbes”

“Reactivated (Bolt Eaters, Book 1)” by Isaac Hooke

I kind of knew this series was going to have to start some day. I thing Mr. Hooke’s “Argonauts” series has ran it’s tour and is getting kind of stale. Seems like they do the same old things and the main character has got kids which really cause unnecessary problems. So on with something fresh and new. Well, almost fresh and new. The “Bolt Eaters” were introduced in the series, “A.I. Reborn”. That one kind of ended when the Bolt Eaters saved all mankind from some pretty nasty aliens. Their story and how they came to be, especially Eric Scala, was told in that original series. I won’t go over it here.

But, as is the usual case, retired military don’t always fit in well with the population. Even when they are now perfecting looking humans, they are still Androids and those people around them pretty much know what they are. They just don’t know who they are or they might be treated a little better. Anyway, the saviors of humanity pretty much like being unknown. They didn’t want the publicity in the first place, just their freedom. That they have and are comfortably living in an apartment building in the city. The same apartment building that appears to have some kind of terrorist group attacking all the inhabitants and specifically the Bolt Eaters. Continue reading ““Reactivated (Bolt Eaters, Book 1)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Colony Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 3)” by Brandon Ellis

“Colony Atlantis
(Ascendant Chronicles, Book 3)”
by Brandon EllisBuy on Amazon


Ok, this one is getting a little crazy. I understand space combat and fighting aliens. Most sci-fi books have those things. They also have large, thunderous mechanized fighting machines that look like Transformers™ which someone, usually a human, will jump in and go to war with. Well, this story was going along just fine with Kaden Jaxx as a super sharp starship pilot; then he met the Leonean’s or creatures that looked like giant Lions! They pitched him in one of their giant mechs after giving him some kind of super brain training instruction on how to operate the thing. He was then told to go fight the Agadon which he had released into this dimension!

Yes, when Jaxx thought he was giving his live to save the Atlantans and the Taiyo, but no, he accidentally opened a dimensional rift that let in negative aliens called the Agadon. They were currently overwhelming the planet Leonean and that’s where the pyramid transport system took him. So, he finds himself in an instant war with aliens he didn’t even know existed. He fights very well in the giant mech until it gets destroyed. He was able to eject, but did so in deep space far from any reasonable rescue. Continue reading ““Colony Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 3)” by Brandon Ellis”

“Rebooted (A.I. Reborn, Book 3)” by Isaac Hooke

“Rebooted (A.I. Reborn, Book 3)”
by Isaac HookeBuy on Amazon


Back from a deadly mission that they weren’t supposed to survive, the “Bolt Eaters” needed a lot of repairs. So, they were sent to the Red River Army Depot and then to a quasi-permanent VR simulation since their AI cores were being stored. As you remember, the Bolt Eaters are mechanical robots built to fight. In their central core is an AI canister containing the mind engrams of long dead people who had some how become property of the US Army. When the Army decided to go to remote war fighting, they still wanted boots on the ground or in this case, mechanical feet on the ground so they built these giant robots. To operate them, they chose to use “Mind Refurbs” or people who’s brains had been frozen and now were thawed out inside the body of a giant mechanized fighting robot. Some minds could take the return to this kind of life, others didn’t and had to be erased. When the method of merging robots and human minds stabilized, Eric, our main character, woke up after being dead for two hundred years.

Now property of the Army, which his emotions programmatically tamped down, he didn’t necessarily care what had happen to him. That is until he found a way to break through the Army’s software coding. He was able to release all their emotions which proved too much for some of the Bolt Eaters. They needed that release on their last mission since they had been restricted in their fighting ability not being able to fire first at a know enemy. Still, now back under Army control after saving all humanity, their emotions had once again been locked down. It’s not that they didn’t have any, it’s just that they couldn’t run them to an extreme. So, the pain of several dead Bolt Eaters on their last mission didn’t bother them as much as it should. It still bothered them, but only just a little. But, they were now getting bored. Continue reading ““Rebooted (A.I. Reborn, Book 3)” by Isaac Hooke”

“Deep Dive (Legacy War #5)” by John Walker

“Deep Dive (Legacy War #5)” by John WalkerBuy on Amazon


One thing about these books, the author writes about one specific mission and nothing else. Each story is pretty much centered around the Earth starship, Gnosis, it’s crew and nothing much else. Yes the Pahxin are characters in the story, but they are mostly minor players in the book. I don’t mind this; it makes for an easy to read book. With some books, there are three or four themes going on at different places with different characters and you have to think about what’s going on where and that’s hard work! But not here.

After the Gnosis’ last mission, you’d think the crew and ship would need a significant amount of downtime. I mean, they did a lot of fighting and many of their crew and Marine contingent died. Getting trapped on a strange planet in a star ship isn’t what the crew is trained for. Not knowing when or how you’re going to get back home and then having two different enemies attacking your grounded ship is a pretty heavy emotional load. Still, they are assigned another mission right off the bat. I don’t think I even read about them have memorial services for the crew that were killed, only something for the Marine that got killed during that side mission to shut down the entity holding them to the planet. I can guarantee that a normal star ship crew would have had to have a lot of downtime and severe counseling after a mission like that. Continue reading ““Deep Dive (Legacy War #5)” by John Walker”

“Destination Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 2)” by Brandon Ellis


Talk about a confusing plot! This story is really confusing. The main character, Kaden Jaxx, doesn’t even know who or what he is. Oh, the “thinks” he’s a lowly Earth-born archeologist, but apparently that’s not the case. He has been a member of the Secret Space Force (SSP) [ real catchy name, that one ], but can’t remember ever being a part of any kind of military. Apparently he was a super good star fighter jockey that could fly rings around anybody. That is until he defected to the enemy. His wingman (wing-person, wing-woman) was Rivkah Ravenwood, a super good star fighter only second to Kaden. Supposedly, when Jaxx defected, he allowed Rivkah to get caught in her downed star fighter where she almost burned to death. Jaxx must have had some opportunity to rescue her, but he didn’t. She was rescued by SSP personnel although she was seriously burned and left the SSP to live as a disfigured hermit. The only thing that’s keeping her alive is her hatred for Kaden Jaxx.

Alright that’s all in the past. Jaxx and Rivkah have been dragged along with Colonel Slade via a “Global Security Administration” star ship to arrive at Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons. Admiral Gentry of the SSP found out that Callisto is occupied by a previously unknown alien race. It appears to be a paradise just waiting for the SSP to take it over. Unknown to Admiral Gentry is that the inhabitants of Callisto are none other than the forgotten Atlantans of Earth mythology. They are definitely prepared to defend their world and do not want to be forcefully conquered by Earth. So, when Admiral Gentry orders his star carrier to attack one of the domed cities on Callisto, he gets more than he bargains for. He finally decides to use his ultimate weapon, a nuclear missile, which he fires at the city. The Atlantans know what he’s about to do so they fire a energy pulse that strikes the nuclear missile right after it’s launched. That certainly doesn’t do the star carrier much good. Continue reading ““Destination Atlantis (Ascendant Chronicles, Book 2)” by Brandon Ellis”

“Renegade Dawn (Book 7 in the Renegade Star Series)” by J. N. Chaney


This kind of starts a new era in the Renegade Star Series. Chase Hughes is now more or less land-bound. He’s no longer soaring through the galaxy in the Renegade Star and certainly not aboard the Titan, an original Earth colony seed-ship he found on his journey to Earth. No, Jace Hughes is now a citizen of Earth whether he realizes it or not.

But this Earth is not the one that was told about in the old stories nor is it the Earth that you and I know about. It seems that the last inhabitants of Earth pretty much messed it up. Still, they appear to have gone beyond their destructive ways and are now making an attempt to restore Earth although those former Earthlings are long dead and gone.

It’s now up to Jace and his crew plus all the people he has picked up along his journey to Earth to figure out what’s going on with the planet. There appears to be something controlling all of the terraforming activities and especially the trilobites, little automated machines located on the planets surface. While they are not necessarily harmful, they are best to stay away from. It’s is known that they can consume almost any kind of material that is put in their way. Now a bunch of them have gathered below the city of Verdun and no one knows exactly why. Verdun is one of several totally vacant cities Jace and his crew found when they first came to Earth. These cities sit on massive scaffolding high above Earth. Verdun is the one Jace chose and named as the new home for him and his crew and the others he had brought with him. He intends to go back to the “badlands” and find other peoples that would want to start a new life outside Union control and bring them to Earth to further the restoration of the planet. Continue reading ““Renegade Dawn (Book 7 in the Renegade Star Series)” by J. N. Chaney”