“Vanquish (The Pike Chronicles, Book 6)” by G. P. Hudson


Admiral Jon Pike has really accomplished a lot since we’ve been reading about him and his exploits. He’s just about done everything he can to stop the Juttari, saved the Colonies from themselves and the Kemmar, and now has all his forces under the United Human Space Force (UHSF). They have fought and gained Juttari territory which they won’t be giving up. Now he’s deciding what to do when the Colony world of New Byzantium comes under attack by the Kemmar. Their ships just appeared above the planet and started dropping nuclear weapons on the population. It didn’t take long for the colony UHSF defense forces to obliterate the Kemmar battle group, but the damage had been done.

Now Admiral Pike has to figure out what to do with the Kemmar as well as the Juttari. It appears that the Juttari have given the Kemmar the jump drive technology so any advantage the UHSF had is now gone. Except that Chief Engineer Singh has come up with some more revolutionary discoveries. He’s found a way to pin-point where a jump ship will emerge from jump space. He’s also identified a way to identify which ship is emerging from jump space so they can be known as friend or foe. He’s also developed jump bombs which can be jumped right inside any ship that they desire. These are tremendous new advantages in warfare that now belongs to the UHSF.

Except that Jon has a problem. One that’s about to kill him. His Diakan symbiont is about to die. Dr. Ellerbeck has determined that his symbiont has been poisoned by someone and the only way to keep it and Jon from dying is to see the a symbiont specialist on the planet Diakan. So, the war has to stop while Jon hand his entourage travel to Diakan to see if he and his symbiont can be saved. This should have been a routine, no problem trip that almost turns into a disaster. Jon finds himself in front of the Great See’er. This is some kind of almost religious God for the Diakans. Jon finds out some very interesting information about his symbiont which is getting healed while they are in the temple. She is the one that has the Diakans now following Jon as he leads the UHSF into battle with the Juttari. She has predicted a number of events that have already happened and even some that are yet to happen. It is very important to her that Jon stays alive and therefore of paramount importance to all Diakans. Continue reading ““Vanquish (The Pike Chronicles, Book 6)” by G. P. Hudson”

“The Grand Alliance (Blood on the Stars, Book 11)” by Jay Allan

The Grand Alliance

Interesting that the book cover I have says it’s book 12, but in reality it’s actually book 11.  Wonder why they didn’t catch that during editing.  Well, it’s not the only bad edit in this book.  While they are not serious, there’s a lot of missing small words and things you don’t usually notice in a Jay Allan book.  Just thought I’d point that out since the cover is so obvious.

I cannot believe we have come so far with Admiral Tyler Barron.  Eleven books and he’s still fighting the good fight.  As you’ll recall, the “Grand Alliance” has just survived a significant assault on the Craydon system.  They are desperately trying to produce more ships and weapons in the eventual counterattack by the Hegemony.  This is kind of wearing on the Grand Alliance troops.  They know they are going to be in another fight to the death and most of them just want to get it over and done with.

Admiral Nguyen lays almost dead in a hospital on Craydon with little hope that he will ever recover.  The doctors have already said that even if he lives, he’ll never have the facilities to command the fleet.  So, now it’s on the shoulders of Admiral Tyler Barron.  This is not a job he wanted nor does he feel qualified for, but his time has come and just like his Grandfather, Barron’s always rise  to the challenge.

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“Rift (The Resistance, Book 1)” by Nathan Hystad


This was a pretty good story, but very predictable for the most part. The Earth Fleet is pretty much in charge of the Solar System. Humanity has moved out from Earth to settle on Mars and various moons of our other planets. There’s not much danger in our system, except for a few space pirates and the occasional planet uprising for which the local government can’t handle. Once the Earth Fleet is sent in, everything comes to a screeching halt.

Grand Admiral Jish Karn has been leading the Earth Fleet for well over thirty years and she is driving it to become much, much larger than you would think necessary. Still, thirty years ago, something happened in our solar system that has scared her almost to death. She knows something that only a very few people know and has kept her secret for the last thirty years. The only other person that knows her secret is Councilman Jarden Fairbanks.

Jarden Fairbanks disappeared almost two years ago. Some say he died, but others are not so sure. Either way he’s not around to discuss Grand Admiral Jish Karn’s plans which he wouldn’t have liked anyway. Truth is, Councilman Fairbanks has been very busy over the last thirty years and has become a hugely wealth man. He’s taken that wealth to develop his own plan and is soon going to execute it. Everything is coming to a head in just a few short days. Continue reading ““Rift (The Resistance, Book 1)” by Nathan Hystad”

“Into the Breach, Always Forward and Chaos Sieged (Gateway to the Galaxy, Book 1-3) ” by Jonathan Yanze and Jr Castle

Gateway to the Galaxy, Books 1-3

(Each book!)


This is a very long review!


This is some good writing. It’s different than most stories because the author uses contemporary language and references just like a person from this century would do. I don’t know what century this book was supposed to have been written for, but it could easily be for right now or a little further in our future. It doesn’t really matter since all the action happens far, far from Earth.

Frank Wolfe is an ex-Marine, but since there isn’t such a thing as a ex-Marine, I guessed you have to call him an inactive Marine. He was in real life a weapons salesman representing his company called B.U.T.T.S. Yes, that’s the name of the company which stands for Ballistics United Tactical and Tech Systems. Sounds like something that was made up and it probably was. Anyway, Frank was a very good salesman for the company going out into the field and demonstrating the latest tech in weaponry and personal protection that his company developed and sold.

Then he got a call from his Boss to meet with a prospective buyer and do his thing for them once at their location. Transportation was arranged by the proposed buyer and Frank was whisked away by a not so bad looking Marine Major Lucy Lopez. Nothing was unusual about this pickup other than it was in a Humvee which he soon found was going into the deserted Nevada desert. Then the unusual happened when he was asked/told to put a black hood over his head since the final destination was going to be classified. Reluctantly, he followed along. Continue reading ““Into the Breach, Always Forward and Chaos Sieged (Gateway to the Galaxy, Book 1-3) ” by Jonathan Yanze and Jr Castle”

“Legends Never Die (Omega Force, Book 10)” by Joshua Dalzelle

Legends Never Die

Didn’t think I’d get to read another book in this series. Last time we were with the Omega Force, Lucky, the battlesynth had been killed. Now a year has past and the Omega Force team has kind of dissolved. Jason Burke and Crusher snuck off in the middle of the night with the Phoenix and went out to the Badlands rim to stir up some trouble. They were bored with setting at their home base and needed to do something to take out their sorrow and anger over losing Lucky.

Of course neither would admit that Lucky’s death really got to them, but it was pretty obvious. They were now tearing around like a couple of wild men not showing their usual restraint when it came to killing everyone. They were on the verge of getting a very bad reputation, but that didn’t seem to be a reason for them to stop.
Then they got a call from an unexpected source that told them Kage and Twingo were in trouble and needed some serious rescuing. So, just in the nick of time, Jason, Crusher, and the Phoenix showed up and plucked them and their cargo off the roof of a factory that was about to blow to kingdom come! Jason and Crusher had no idea how their two other team members had gotten themselves in so much trouble. So, Kage began telling them a story that explained the what, but not the why. Continue reading ““Legends Never Die (Omega Force, Book 10)” by Joshua Dalzelle”

” A Fiery Sunset (The Omega War, Book 1)” by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

A Fiery Sunset

This book seems to be a continuing story about mercenaries from Earth who are not well liked by other alien mercenaries. It seems like I’ve read another book about a young mercenary who decided to split off and run his own company. He had help from the daughter of a King or something like that. She provided the funds and he organized the fighting force. His mercenary company had a lot of aliens as fighters which was quite a bit different from most Earth-based merc companies.

But that’s not what this story is about. We’re still reading about Earth mercenaries, but we have a whole bunch of them in this book. It seems that Earth is part of a galaxy-wide community and is up-and-coming with is highly successful mercenary companies providing a much needed service to the rest of the galaxy. There are some alien civilizations that will not fight no matter what the reason although they want someone else to fight for them or to protect them from an aggressor. Earth mercenaries seem to be well suited for the task and have come to the attention of the Mercenary Guild. The Mercenary Guild is supposed to control all the contracts for all the galaxy mercenary companies and to make sure all of them follow some common rules. Continue reading “” A Fiery Sunset (The Omega War, Book 1)” by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey”

“Gamma Strike (Legacy War, #8)” by John Walker

Gamma Strike

I like the way these books have been written; they have one central story and that’s all. There are very few side-stories and there is a small one in this book. It also seems like the series has ended, but there is a major part that’s missing.

Earth has been in an alliance with Pahxin to fight off the efforts of the Tol’An, a terrorist group threatening the entire galaxy. Earth has developed one starship called the Gnosis which was supposed to be an exploration ship and not a warship. The threat from the Tol’An have changed that.

Central to this story is the Orbs. These are very advanced devices left by an alien race long, long dead. Neither Humans nor Pahxin know exactly what the devices were for or exactly how to use them. They believe the hold significant scientific advances which, if they could be accessed, might push humanity and the Pahxin well beyond their current technology levels. The Pahxin are already much further advanced than the Humans, but they are willing to share their technology. Continue reading ““Gamma Strike (Legacy War, #8)” by John Walker”

“Recruit (Iron Legion, Book 1)” by David Ryker and Daniel Morgan


I like these kind of books where it takes a young person doing what he or she would normally do and turns them into a warrior. Only, this time it’s not done under the best of circumstances. James Alfred Maddox was born on Genesis-526, a dirt-ball of a planet with nothing going for it. He’s a terraform engineer which is a better way of saying he digs in the dirt! He also a “tuber” having been born in a test tube just for the purposes of doing what he’s doing now. He’s nineteen and going to get real old doing the same thing everyday if something doesn’t change.

And that change comes one day after he just barely save his own life from a horrendous accident caused by a Federation troop transport that lands on Genesis-526. James’ part of the galaxy is ruled by the Federation. They control everything and everyone. Now they have come to exert even further control over some of the young men from Genesis-526. He’s conscripted into the Federation military. At least that means he’ll be getting off this planet and seeing something else for a change. He doesn’t realize that the changes awaiting him are pretty dangerous.

During the in-processing, James is shoved from one place to another aboard the troop carrier, a huge Federation ship. He’s been conscripted into the Federation military. Without any kind of pedigree, James is headed for the Federation Ground Forces. Federation Ground Forces were cannon fodder, plain and simple. Out of whatever number they sent in to fight the ground battle, usually only 7 percent survived; 7 out of 100! That’s not very good odds. Continue reading ““Recruit (Iron Legion, Book 1)” by David Ryker and Daniel Morgan”

“Interstellar Wars (The Pike Chronicles, Books 1 – 5)” by G.P. Hudson

Interstellar Wars

Overview – This is a five book series contained in one Kindle file. I don’t usually like reading books this way because it often means that each book if short and all the books together only make for an average sized book. Not so with this group. The first book which I have finished was quite long. I was kind of wondering when it would end, not that I wanted it to, but it seemed to be going on for a long stretch. That first book is title, “Sol Shall Rule” and I have no idea why it was named that. It certainly doesn’t fit the story. I’m going to break each book down and write my review as I read them, that way I won’t forget something important. So here goes.

Sol Shall Rise, Book 1, The Pike Chronicles – Jon Pike, also known as Captain Jon Pike is a unique human. He’s obviouslySol Shall Risemilitary and was previously selected for a limited experimentation, one that he now regrets. See Captain Jon Pike is the only living human to have a successfully a living symbiont inside his body. This symbiont was from an alien species called the Diakans. Trials didn’t go too well. Both the human host and the symbiont died. Diakans were born with a symbiont so there was nothing unusual about someone having one. Still, this human experiment was to see how the human body and the symbiont would interact with each other. Unfortunately, several first trials didn’t go too well. Both the human host and the symbiont died.

Not so with Jon. In fact he and his symbiont seemed to flourish even though they were in constant conflict. Jon was a black ops operative and very good at what he did. The symbiont gave him some remarkable new abilities like faster speed and greater strength and stamina than normal humans. It also was very aggressive and did not tolerate much compassion on Jon’s part. When threatened, it sometimes forced Jon to kill when it was unnecessary. Jon wanted the symbiont removed. That wasn’t going to happen. Any attempt to remove the symbiont would result in both Jon and the symbiont’s death.

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“Marine (Terran Scout Fleet, Book 1)” by Joshua Dalzelle


Now this is my kind of book. It starts from the beginning and takes a young man through his military training up to becoming a somewhat capable operative. And it ties into the Omega Force series which was very, very good. In that series, a guy name Jason Burke, became a rouge operator with a mixed team of aliens. They set out to do good for the galactic community although their idea of good wasn’t always the majority opinion. Read that series if you want a good story. It’s out to ten books now, so you have a lot of reading to do.

Back to this book, our main character is Jacob Brown. He’s a young man who grew up with his Grandparents on Earth before the first aliens appeared. Those aliens made some demands about wanting a single human named Jason Burke, which Earth had no idea who or how to get him. Still, Jason Burke had been to Earth at least a few times and enough times that he had a son, yes, Jacob Brown. Since the name Burke was not one well accepted by humans, Jacob has his name changed to Brown. He also listened to too many stories painting his Dad as some kind of villain wanted by all Earth Forces. Due to a government cover-up, his Dad was actually far from a villain and probable the greatest spacefaring asset Earth had, but certainly not to Jacob.

So as soon as he could, young Jacob enlisted in the United Earth Armed Services (UEAS) with intentions on becoming a Naval Officer. He dreamed of commanding a huge starship as it sailed through space. He surprisingly did very well on the battery of test he had to take and was soon approached with an offer to attend the Academy on Terranovus. It looked like his dreams were about to come true, eventually. Continue reading ““Marine (Terran Scout Fleet, Book 1)” by Joshua Dalzelle”