August 2015 – Good Month for Reading!

sfbr logo08/28/15

I must say, I did a lot of reading in August. Nine books! That’s almost two months worth most of the time.

Finished “Constitution” last night. I like this book and am looking forward to the new series. It’s right down my line with a lot of space warfare. It has some good characters in it, too! Since they’re about ready to retire the old ship, I can feel a little bit of what she and the crew are going through, having done the retirement thing myself. But, unlike this ship, duty calls and her situation changes rapidly. Great reading!

I also just finished “The Lost Voyager” the other night. A very good space quasi-military type book that I enjoyed, but just couldn’t seem to get it read very fast. I think I might be getting burned out from reading so many books lately. I hope not.

I’ve still got a full list of reading to do so I’ll be getting back to more books probably tonight. Sometimes I do stop reading for a while, but not right now.

I haven’t had very many author requests lately. That’s kind of a bummer, but I do see a lot of new books coming up so they have been busy writing so I’d better get busy reading!

— Jim C.

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