February 2016 – 9 Books Read!

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Well, it looks like I read 9 books during the month of February 2016. That’s not too bad considering it’s a short month. Of those 9, it looks like about two were of my own choosing and the other 7 were from author requests. I appreciate those authors who asked me to read their books and I’m looking to read even more by request.

I still don’t get a lot of request for military science fiction, so I’m going to be a little more selective on what I agree to read in the future. Detective type sci-fi stories I’m not a fan of because they seem to get figured out before the end or so it seems. So, if you have a military science fiction book about to be published or even already published, get me a shot at reading and reviewing it. It’s got to be better than some of the stuff I’ve been reading lately.

As you might have noticed, I’ve highlighted the Epic Book series by Lee Stephen. I have read other military science fiction series and they would have been my top pick at the time, but this series has just superseded about all of them. I really, really like David Weber’s Safeholdseries and it was my favorite for a long time. His books are now coming few and far between on this series so I’ve kind of lot interest and I don’t have a clue when his next book will come out.

Fortunately, I know that the new book in the Epic Series is due out this summer or at least that’s what the author is stating. I’ll be buying Enemy One as soon as it’s available.

Ok, on to March. I’ve got a string of books I have to read.

— Jim C.

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