April 2016 – 10 More Books!

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Well, I got my 10 books read and reviewed in April. I wasn’t quite sure I’d make it, but I read last night until 2 am and got the last book for the month finished.

Now, I’m not big on the number of books I’ve read. I don’t have a quota, but I just like to know that I did accomplish something over that month.

I’m not sure how I got the two books written by Ms. Wells. I thought that the author has requested me to read and review them, but I can’t find any request on my list. Those two books were fine, but I probably wouldn’t have picked them on my own…oh! wait, I did just that????

The three Joshua Dalzelle books were just great. Sometimes I get lucky and can read a series straight through. I sure don’t like to have to wait and wait on a book in a series. I know they can’t be written overnight, but that’s how I read them. I just hope I keep getting lucky.

Now, on to May. I have already started “Shackleton’s Folly”. So far it seems pretty good. I know nothing about it, but I’ll continue tonight and hopefully have a review up in a day or two.

— Jim C.

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