Amazon Cancels My Associate Account!!!

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Well, crap. Amazon just informed me that it’s cancelling my Associate account because I haven’t had any activity with it. That means I don’t have enough readers of this website who are interested enough in clicking on any of the Amazon links to the books I have listed.

>To me, that’s just stupid. While this site might not be reaching thousands of people, it’s still a viable site that might some day reach a lot of people. I have numerous links back to Amazon using my previous Associate ID and I’m not going to go back and change every one of them to delete that account.

So, if you click on a Amazon link and it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s not my fault. And, now I don’t care. If in the future, I decide to again join Amazon as an Associate, I’m not going to go back and change all these links with the new ID.

I wouldn’t make that much money anyway and I didn’t expect to make any money in the first place. I certainly wished someone had bought one of these books using a link I created, but it didn’t happen so, I don’t care.

I’m still going to write these reviews. You can buy these books at a number of places. Amazon isn’t the only place selling books so feel free to buy them anywhere you like.

I just wish that someone had used one of my links, just once, anyone??

— Jim C.

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