“Assault (Liberation War, Book 2)” by John Walker


Earth is recovering from the devastating attack by the Collector ship. It took thousands of humans aboard using small atmospheric aircraft and some kind of transportation device. These humans were then processed to recover their “essence” which seems to be a valuable commodity for the galactic community. Human essence is used to enhance and extend other aliens bodies at a great expense to those who use it. Obviously, this makes the harvesting of humans are real profitable venture. Except, this time the humans fought back. That was all in book one.

Now, after recovering a ton of technology from the wrecked Collector ship, humanity have began to reverse engineer a lot of this new tech. It has pushed Earth two or three centuries up the technology ladder and has now placed them on the brink of experiencing FTL travel via a wormhole device. All the Earth scientist believe it will work, but they need to test it first. The Earth’s only starship, the Leviathan, was scheduled to conduct that test in the very near future. That schedule got change quickly when a distress signal was found suddenly activate within the debris field of the Collector ship. All the signal translates into is that someone outside the Solar System needs help. Continue reading ““Assault (Liberation War, Book 2)” by John Walker”

“Starship Liberator (Galactic Liberation, Book 1)” by David Vandyke and B. V. Larson

Starship Liberator

After having gone through a number of seemingly short books, I’ve now latched on to one that is just the total opposite. This book is very long, but it is exciting all the way through. I really like that kind of book and it’s the start of a new series, a military science fiction story just the way I like them.

Assault Captain Derek Straker is a mechsuit warrior, in fact, he’s the best mechsuit warrior in the entire Hundred Worlds Alliance. And he’s also part of the best mechsuit unit , the First Mechsuit Regiment, in the Hundred Worlds Alliance. He and his warriors are about to drop on the capital city of the planet Corinth. He’s almost sure they are going to be annihilated!

So, not a great start to a long book. While preparing for the drop from Flight Lieutenant Carla Engels’ drop-ship, he contemplates how he got to this position. The story goes back to when he was a young boy. He was genetically engineered to someday be a mechsuit warrior. The war with the Hok had been going on for so long and the Hundred Worlds was desperate for some kind of edge to their fighting capabilities. The mechsuit became that edge, but only a few could actually control one in combat. So, Derek and a number of other kids were altered and groomed to be mechsuit pilots from the very beginning. There were other youth who were also genetically altered, but they were developed as brainiacs, super smart kids who would grow up to be super smart soldiers going into intelligence and command positions. Continue reading ““Starship Liberator (Galactic Liberation, Book 1)” by David Vandyke and B. V. Larson”

“Sojourn (A Silver Ships Novel, #13)” by S. H. Jucha


Thirteen books in this series so far. That’s fantastic. S. H. Jucha is a wonderful writer and very different from what I normally read in science fiction. Oh, this is a military science book, don’t get me wrong on that, but his treatment of war and warfighting in general is really magical. Led by Alex Racine, a former New Terran heavy worlder, his gathering of Omnians, Harakens, New Terrans, Dischnya and just about any other species he has met, have gathered around the planet Toral. They are now deciding what to do and when to do it.

Meanwhile, a group of Omnians that did not go with Alex and his fleet, have found a new water world that they initially explore. While the planet seems benign, it’s below the surface that they get in trouble. A traveler ship has been swallowed by a gigantic almost transparent sea monster. It has gone to it’s cave to digest its food and the traveler has no idea how to get out of their situation.

Back aboard the Sojourn, a Haraken explorer ship, Captain Azasdau and Willem, were in charge of the expeditionary mission and responsible for any and everything happening with the expedition. Yet, they were at a loss on how to rescue the “eaten” traveler with seven of their crew aboard. Even the Trident Captain, Adrianna Plummer, had no idea how to extract the traveler. They didn’t even have a good location for the traveler since it had dived to a depth that was out of communications reach. Still, there was no thought to abandon the traveler.

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“The Martian Incursion (Outcast Marines, Book 4)” by James David Victor

The Martian Incursion

Solomon Cready is back on Ganymede at the Outcast Marines training base and seems to have mostly recovered from his recent gunshot wound suffered on Titan. And that’s a good thing since Warden Coates doesn’t tolerate slackers even if they had been shot.

He’s kind of rudely awoken by Malady in the early morning, not to do some more training, but to listen to the latest news headlines concerning Mars and the Confederation. Since the Confederation has held the Imprimatur of Mars, Dr. Valance and the spokeperson for the First Martians/Chosen of Mars, Father Ultor, Martian colonist are in an uproar. They have taken over and destroyed several Confederation corporate assets and now the Confederation has to respond.

That response is going to come via the Confederation Marines including the Outcast Marines. So, once again into the breach goes Gold Squad led by Specialist Commander Solomon Cready. All is not well with the squad right now. Combat Specialist Jezzie Wen is in a deep depression due to the recent run in with a Yakuza operative. He had told Wen that she still have a job to do for Boss Mihashi when she had thought she was done with all that. Wen decided that she couldn’t kill Solomon Cready and that put her father in jeopardy. Since she had killed the operation at the end of their last mission, she was expecting to hear word that her father had been killed by the Yakuza in retaliation for her not doing the job assigned. Solomon finds her ready to commit suicide and talks her out of that for a while anyway.
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“The Titan Gambit (Outcast Marines, Book 3)” by James David Victor

The Titan Gambit

Another short, but very good story. Solomon Cready is still not getting any slack from Warden Coates. The man just doesn’t like him and makes it known in the most painful ways. But, apparently, the strange “DNA Complex-strand variant 21” that Solomon has been receiving in large doses, seems to be helping him recover from his injuries and he’s able to think much clearly now. Solomon was always pretty sharp, but now he seems to be thinking faster also. His days are still one constant bruise after another, but he and his fellow Outcast Marines are getting used to the grind.

Well, those that are still alive anyway. It seems that “variant 21” can cause convulsions and death in some people. Solomon and the rest of the Outcast have witnessed this when one of their members crashed and died while working out on a treadmill. There wasn’t much that could be done for the guy; he just started convulsing and foaming at the mouth and before anyone could get to him, he was dead! Pretty bad way to go, but at least it was quick.

As if Solomon didn’t have enough to worry about, Squad member Jezzie Wen has clammed up with something on her mind and won’t talk to Solomon about it. Little does he know that she’s still debating whether or not to kill him. She then gets another message from the Yakza handler disguised as a Marine staffer, subtly telling her that they know about her Father and if she wished him to stay healthy, she needs to get her job done! But, how can she kill Solomon and not get blamed for it which would definitely send her to the mining prison on Titan or have her executed immediately? And, she realizes, she doesn’t want to kill Solomon. Continue reading ““The Titan Gambit (Outcast Marines, Book 3)” by James David Victor”

“The Kepler Rescue (Outcast Marines, Book 2)” by James David Victor

The Kepler Rescue

First off I have got to comment on the book cover art work, it’s terrible! I can’t believe that Solomon Cready looks as bad as that guy on the cover. It’s just seems off. Even Jezzie Wen isn’t that great a drawing. And, to complete my complaint, how in the world can Malady fit into anything the other Outcast Marines are doing. He must train all by himself every day and then recharge while not training. If the hits one of the Outcast Marines, it would be all over for them! And lastly, how come just these three characters are shown on every book cover, I mean, change it up a little and not by just moving two of the characters from one side or the other. Ok, that’s all my complaining about the art work.

Again, I have to say that this book seems short. Having already read book three now (review coming later), I noticed they are all short books. I’m not a speed reader, but I can start reading at 11:30 pm and I’ll finish one of these books by 2:15 am. Yeah, I know that’s a strange time to read, but it’s what I do. I finished the third book in the one night of reading.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like these books. The characters are very interesting and what they’re going through is interesting also. They have to deal with Warden Coates in every book and he’s not a fan of Solomon Cready. Yet, Solomon is holding his own and getting to become a pretty good Specialist Commander. Continue reading ““The Kepler Rescue (Outcast Marines, Book 2)” by James David Victor”

“Return (The Resistance, Book 3)” by Nathan Hystad


I think this was the most exciting book of the series. There’s a lot of action and a lot of things get completed in a good way. That’s not necessarily a spoiler, it’s just that thing happen to work out even though the didn’t appear to be going that way. Strangely enough our main characters, Flint Lancaster, Dr. Wren Sando, and Charles all get left out of the major battle for Earth, but they do get in their final licks!

Now that the Eureka is back in the Sol System, they have a lot of catching up to do. It has been thirty years for the humans on this side of the Rift while only about a year has passed for those aboard the Eureka. They find Serina, yeah, the same cadet Serina that Ace had a crush on before he dived through the Rift, now known as Grand Admiral Serina. She is leading the Earth Fleet as did her month twenty years before. Right now, it’s a desperate stalemate between the Earth Fleet and the Invaders (Watchers). While the Invaders have gained footholds on Mercury, Jupiter’s moons, Europa, and Saturn’s Titan, they haven’t directly attacked Earth. Neither has the Earth Fleet been able to amass enough forces to dislodge the Invaders from their holdings. Lots of Earth Fleet personnel have died over the past thirty years yet here was Ace, now returned looking only a year older. Grand Admiral Serina was just about worn out. Continue reading ““Return (The Resistance, Book 3)” by Nathan Hystad”

“Outcast of Earth (Outcast Marines, Book 1)” by James David Victor

Outcasts of Earth

Started a new series with this book and wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Even with the prologue didn’t give me any idea of what was coming.  I thought this was going to be some kind of space detective story, but that was totally wrong.

Solomon Cready is our main character and that sounds like a name for a main character.  It’s easy to pronounce and probably was the results of someone knowing a thing or two to name their child, Solomon.  Only thing is, this Solomon is a thief, a very good thief that has done something really stupid and bad.  He’s going to prison and there’s no way out of his situation, even if he could get out of it.  What he did was unthinkable for him on a few months before.  Yet, the deed is done and now he’s going to pay with his life.  Or is he?

The normal penalty for murder in 2205 is to be shipped out to Jupiter’s moon, Titan, where you will dig frozen CO2 ice until you hit a methane pocket and blow yourself to kingdom come.  In chains and headed up the space elevator in the most minimal of transport boxes, Cready and the other criminals with him definitely don’t have much to look forward to.  Then they meet Warden Coates of the Department of Justice and Defense.  He’s the sick bastard that will be transporting this bunch of criminals all the way to Titan.  Only this trip won’t be done in a jump ship.  No, that’s too expensive to waste on mere criminals.  Much to Warden Coates’ delight, he gets to show these new criminals their “star ship” and its accommodations.  Those accommodations are best described as coffins!  In actuality, they are suspended animation or sleep pods which will barely keep a human alive on their long journey to Titan.

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“Galactic Empire (The Pike Chronicles, Book 7)” by G. P. Hudson

Galactic Empire

This story has gotten better through each book. While Admiral Jon Pike isn’t as bad an idiot as he was in the first book, he now has a lot of people around him that are providing the right “guidance” in the form of advice and to his credit, Pike mostly listens. Of course, he and his UHSF wouldn’t be anywhere near as good and as large as it is if it weren’t for the A.I.

Jon is now attempting to go get help since the Erinyie, The Dark Ones, have shown up. Following his “vision” provided by the Diakan Seer, he is seeking the Builders, an ancient race probably not still in this galaxy or maybe even dead and long gone. Yet, it’s his only hope in combating the Erinyie. They have sided with the Juttari and are now forcing their way back through previously conquered space. Neither UHSF or Diakan starship can make a dent in an Erinyie vessel. What was a distinct advantage, the jump bombs, can neither penetrate the Erinyie shields and are ineffective against those shields. Yet the Erinyie can target any USHF or Diakan ship and blow it to pieces. The smartest tactic against the Erinyie is to retreat out of their range, which is slowly being learned by Jon Pike’s Admirals. Continue reading ““Galactic Empire (The Pike Chronicles, Book 7)” by G. P. Hudson”

“Golden Age (Legacy War, Book 9)” by John Walker

Golden Age

Ok, so you thought this series was pretty much over, right. With the Tol’An defeated and all six Orbs now gathered together on Earth, what more could this story contain. Well, obvious there’s still enough for at least this one more book. It’s also a pretty good end to the series, if it does end here.

Earth’s allies, the Pahxin have agreed to allow Earth to have their two Orbs so as they can all be placed in the same room which has never been done before since they were created. Know one knows what will happen when all six Orbs are finally in close proximity. Some believe it could be a total disaster since they appear to work just fine over vast distances. Others think they will start revealing some wondrous new information that will move humanity into a “Golden Age”, still others believe nothing at all will happen.

Agent Casandra Alexander, Captain Desmond Bradford, Commander Vincent Bowman and the rest of the main characters are back along with some new, but important players. All of the main characters except those not directly involved in the long struggle to capture all the Orbs have now gathered on Earth to await the activation of all six Orbs. Newly promoted Sergeant Major Geoffrey Heathrow (Heat) is also in attendance since he was one of the previous three people who had some kind of mental contact with the Orbs. Pahxin Doctor Gil Vaedra was also present since he just awoke from a previous contact with the Orbs. He was the longest one to recover and his Doctors were not sure why. Continue reading ““Golden Age (Legacy War, Book 9)” by John Walker”