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The Confederation starship Morrigan was off on another adventure. She was heading to the far hinges of the frontier to

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Void Horizon

“Void Horizon”

I like this series. It has some wonderful characters, the good guys, and some horrible characters, the bad guys. There’s

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Mother Ship

“Mother Ship”

I didn’t really like this book for several reasons. While this book doesn’t contain zombies, the mindless humans are pretty

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This book starts off following the exploits of Jamie, the Chaanisar and Assassin, who wasn’t like other Chaanisar. He never

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Mission One

“Mission One”

This book was very interesting, but didn’t explain a lot about what happened. We’re definitely in the future for Earth

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Ship of Ruin

“Ship of Ruin”

I like this story, although it really, really seems improbable. With a name like Casmir Dabrowski, you’d think he was

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Shots Fired

“Shots Fired”

The Leviathan was back from it’s mission to harrass an orbital ship factory over the Kingdoms captial. She was temporarily

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Ruins of the Galaxy

“Ruins of the Galaxy”

Lt Adonis Olin Magnus, Commanding Officer of Charlie Platoon, Seventy-Ninth Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Special Units, was on a “milk-run” mission

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Our reluctant hero, Daniel Hunt, is still searching for his lost love, Amber. He now knows that she might have

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The Earth’s one and only FTL capable starship, the Leviathan, is still trying to help Avania regain her throne. Why

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Command Code

“Command Code”

We are back with the exploits of Lieutenant Solomon Cready and now Second Lieutenant Jezebel Wren, or Jezzy for short,

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If I had known what this book was about, I probably wouldn’t have read it. Yeah, that’s kind of harsh,

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Admiral Tyler Barron and the Confederation is facing its pending destruction.  The Hegemony is on the move and the Confederation

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One thing I have said before about the book in this Legacy War series, is that they are mission focused.

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I think I might be getting tired of Mr. Hooke’s storylines. He’s gotten stuck on this “mind refurb” thing and

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The Bolt Eaters managed to get captured by the evil “Essential” that runs the entire Banthar world. He’s using a

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The Bolt Eaters are still stuck on a suspected Banthar colony planet. They’ve been captured by Manticore who was a

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Orion Fleet

“Orion Fleet”

We’re back on Earth with Leo Blake and his crew. They have, almost single-handedly, saved the universe, but they also

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Back from a deadly mission that they weren’t supposed to survive, the “Bolt Eaters” needed a lot of repairs. So,

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Deep Dive

“Deep Dive”

One thing about these books, the author writes about one specific mission and nothing else. Each story is pretty much

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Black Dawn

“Black Dawn”

When we last left our intrepid crew of the Dauntless, it was making a mad dash back to Confederation territory

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This book seems to wrap-up the series. There’s a lot of fighting between the New Earth Colony Defense Forces and

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Admiral Shelby Proctor is back with the Integrated Defense Force of United Earth. She had been retired but was called

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This seems to be a short book. It’s also a straight-forward mission for the Behemoth, Earth’s spectacular solar defense vessel

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The book starts out by introducing the main characters which happen to range from young adults to teenaged kids. Of

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Void Wraith

“Void Wrath”

11/22/16 Another really good space science fiction book. This follows the first book, “Destroyer”, picking up nicely with all the

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I’m going through this series way too fast, but it’s just that kind of series. These books are not short,

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Man, I really like this author. I just recently found Isaac Hooke by reading his “A Captain’s Crucible” series, which

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Star Carrier

“Star Carrier”

Once again, we’re with Captain William Sparhawk, of House Sparhawk, and his stuffy, straight-laced way of speaking and acting. You’d

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Once again, Mr. Jucha has written a wonderfully great book. If you have not started from the beginning with “The

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Atlas 3

“Atlas 3”

What an amazing series this has been. I am completely worn out! It feels like I’ve gone through MOTH training,

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Atlas 1


Isaac Hooke is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I’ve already read and reviewed three of his “A Captain’s

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Earth Lost

“Earth Lost”

This is a gruesome and horrifying book! It is also an impossible love story/triangle with young soldiers fighting a terrible,

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A really good space warfare, military science fiction book. I like to read stuff like this. In the previous book,

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What a career! And it almost ends on a sour note! Lieutenant Colonel Ryck Lysander, UFMC, signed his resignation from

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Second book in the Silver Ships series. I don’t know how to exactly describe these books. They are magnificent writings

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This is one of my favorite series. The action is always intense and pretty much continuous in some way or

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This book gives great satisfaction!  If you’ve read the other six books, you know what Fleet Admiral Streth has been

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The first two books in this series deal with Captain Eric Weston getting command of the new Earth starship “Odyssey”.

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Moon Wreck

“Moon Wreck”

This book is actually three books in one:  First Contact, Revelations, and Secrets of Ceres.  They are each relatively short but

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Hum, I specifically read this book because I previously read “StarFire” also by Mike Lee.  He’s a petty good writer

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Wool Ominbus 1- 5


Wasn’t sure I wanted or was going to read this book(s). I hadn’t heard anything about them and what I

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Whew! Another book that I couldn’t put down. I though the first one was exciting but hold on to your

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Wow! Take a breather, will ya! Good night! Colonel Riggs and his Star Force Marines are fighting almost every hour

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Absolutely great read! I do not believe I have read any other books by this author but I will certainly

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