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“Trapped”Bartlett, ScottStarting a new series again. I’ve read books by both of these authors and they …5 Small Starsbartlett-scott
The Shield
“The Shield”01/16/2020Dandridge, DougI think I finally caught up in this series. When I previously stopped it was …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
“Explorations”01/14/2020Weil, Raymond L.lI really cringe when I see one of these books on my reading list. I’ve …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
All Quiet on the Second Frong
“All Quiet on the Second Front”01/11/2020Dandridge, DougAfter fifteen books in a series, you’d think I would like the story-line. Well, I …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Ashes of the Past
“Ashes of the Past”01/10/2020Walker, JohnWe’ve come a long ways since the Peck twins rescue. They are both grown and …5 Small Starswalker-john
Baldwin's Legacy
“Baldwin’s Legacy”01/08/2020Hystad, NathanI’ve read a number of books by Nathan Hystad and he’s a proven good writer. …4 Small Starshystad-nathan
Black Labyrinth
“Black Labyrinth”01/02/2020Chaney, J. N. First book of a new year and it’s a very good one. I really like …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Rebellion”12/31/2019Dandridge, DougWell, the war with the Cas’cadas is going well for the Empire. While the Cas’cadas …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
First Encounter
“First Encounter”12/28/2019Scott, Jasper T.Not to give you a spoiler right off the bat, but I’m not a fan …4 Small Starsscott-jasper-t
Empire's Ashes
“Empire’s Ashes”12/25/2019Allan, JayLittle did I know that some day I’d find a sci-fi war series that I …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Retaliation”12/20/2019Dandridge, DougIt’s been awhile since I’ve read a book in this series. I had picked up …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Void Horizon
“Void Horizon”12/13/2019Chaney, J. N. I like this series. It has some wonderful characters, the good guys, and some horrible …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Mother Ship
“Mother Ship”12/09/2019Bartlett, ScottI didn’t really like this book for several reasons. While this book doesn’t contain zombies, …3 Small Starsbartlett-scott
Fatal Fringe
“Fatal Fringe”12/05/2019Waker, JohnOne thing about John Walker, when he writes a military book, it’s about one mission …5 Small Starswalker-john
Terradox Quadrilogy
“Terradox Quadrilogy”12/02/2019Falconer, Craig A.Well, this is going to be somewhat of a long review. To summarize, this is …4 Small Starsfalconer-craig-a
“Vanguard”11/27/2019Hudson, G. P.This book starts off following the exploits of Jamie, the Chaanisar and Assassin, who wasn’t …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
Gateway to War
“Gateway to War”11/24/2019Chaney, J. N. This has been one of the most enjoyable sci-fi series I have read. It contains …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Realm Wars
“Eyes of the Descendent”11/20/2019James, JesseThis is a pretty good science fiction book that is just getting started. The author …4 Small Starsjames-jesse
Mission One
“Mission One”11/18/2019Best, SamuelThis book was very interesting, but didn’t explain a lot about what happened. We’re definitely …4 Small Starsbest-samuel
Galactic Breach
“Galactic Breach”11/15/2019Chaney, J. N.Back to a very entertaining series written by one of my better authors. Last time …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
The Last Stand
“The Last Stand”10/25/2019Allan, JayIf anyone should be tired of war, then it should be the Confederation and Fleet …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Ship of Ruin
“Ship of Ruin”10/20/2019Buroker, LindsayI like this story, although it really, really seems improbable. With a name like Casmir …5 Small Starsburoker-lindsay
Archangel One
“Archangel One”10/16/2019Currie, EvanI’ve read some of Evan Currie’s book before and they were good. It looks like …5 Small Starscurrie-evan
Clone World
“Clone World”10/12/2019Larson, B. V.This series just goes on forever and I’m certainly OK with that! I love this …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Shots Fired
“Shots Fired”10/08/2019Chaney, J. N.The Leviathan was back from it’s mission to harrass an orbital ship factory over the …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Ruins of the Galaxy
“Ruins of the Galaxy”10/04/2019Chaney, J. N.Lt Adonis Olin Magnus, Commanding Officer of Charlie Platoon, Seventy-Ninth Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Special Units, …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
The Messenger
“The Messenger”09/30/2019Chaney, J. N.Newton is kind of unique name for a hero, but no one that you can …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Shockwave”09/27/2019Buroker, LindsayA new author to me and a very good one. We start off being mis-directed …5 Small Starsburoker-lindsay
“Vendetta”09/16/2019Yanez, JonathanOur reluctant hero, Daniel Hunt, is still searching for his lost love, Amber. He now …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
Conquest of Earth
“Conquest of Earth”09/14/2019Victor, James DavidLast time we were with Lieutenant Solomon Cready, he was just chosen to lead the …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Edge of the Rings
“Edge of the Rings”09/12/2019Stone, AndriaWe’re back with MAVREK Enterprises headed by Doctor Mark Warren. As you know, Mark isn’t …5 Small Starsstone-andria
By Dawn's Early Light
“By Dawn’s Early Light”09/08/2019Fuesting, JasonNew author and a new series. Reads like it’s going to be pretty good. This …5 Small Starsfuesting-jason
Secret's Past
“Secret’s Past”09/03/2019Warren, EricI don’t know how an editor or publisher can release a book that has two …3 Small Starswarren-eric
Journey's Edge
“Journey’s Edge”09/30/2019Warren, EricWell, this book is kind of confusing. We’re now past the strange creature that held …5 Small Starswarren-eric
Darkest Reach
“Darkest Reach”08/29/2019Warren, EricOnce in awhile, I’ll start reading a series and become so captivated by it, that …5 Small Starswarren-eric
Tempest Rising
“Tempest Rising”08/27/2019Warren, EricCaspian Robeaux has a new mission! That sounds pretty strange considering he’s still a civilian …5 Small Starswarren-eric
First Command
“First Command”08/25/2019Bartlett, ScottCommander Tad Thatcher was the XO of the USS Hepburn currently located in the Milky …5 Small Starsbartlett-scott
Edge of the Stars
“Edge of the Stars”08/23/2019Stone, AndriaThis is a really well written science fiction book. I was kind of skeptical about …5 Small Starsstone-andria
Galactic War
“Galactic War”08/19/2019Hudson, G. P.Admiral John Pike is now back in his home galaxy and has a problem. He’s …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
“Descent”08/17/2019Walker, JohnThe Earth’s one and only FTL capable starship, the Leviathan, is still trying to help …4 Small Starswalker-john
Command Code
“Command Code”08/15/2019Victor, James DavidWe are back with the exploits of Lieutenant Solomon Cready and now Second Lieutenant Jezebel …4 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Caspian's Fortune
“Caspian’s Fortune”08/13/2019Warren, EricOnce again, I have the fortunate experience to star a brand new series with a …5 Small Starswarren-eric
Edge of the Future
“Edge of the Future”08/11/2019Stone, AndriaThis is a very, very good book. It is well written and very well edited. …5 Small Starsstone-andria
First Flight
“First Flight”08/09/2019Jones, ZacheryA new author and a new series. This is one that I will stay with …5 Small Starsjones-zachery
“Armada”08/07/2019Hudson, G. P.Admiral Pike and his Armada of United Human Space Force which is comprised of Channisari …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
“Fury”08/04/2019Yanez, JonathanSo, Daniel Hunt, former of the Pack, is now running with Preacher, another member of …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
“Genesis”08/02/2019White, Lawrence P.Boy, has Greg Hamilton, Earthman come a long, long way since he first saw aliens …5 Small Starswhite-lawrence-p
“Conception”07/22/2019White, Lawrence P.I think every author who has written a series, has at least one book titled …5 Small Starswhite-lawrence-p
The Frozen Sky
“The Frozen Sky”07/20/2019Carlson, JeffDon’t waste you time with this book! I found it on my Kindle not remembering …2 Small Starsuncategorized
“Fracture”07/19/2019Lozito, KenGeneral Connor Gates of the Colonial Defense Force has his hands full. He’s got a …5 Small Starslozito-ken
“Downfall”07/17/2019Walker, JohnLast time we read this series, Queen Avania and General Atalis had done something real …5 Small Starswalker-john
“Aftershock”07/15/2019Kloos, MarkoThis is a good author. He writes interesting books although I haven’t read one of …5 Small Starskloos-marko
“Battleground”07/14/2019Dalzelle, JoshuaThis is kind of a continuation to Mr. Dalzelle’s previous series title, “The Black Fleet …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Ship's Log
“Ship’s Log”07/10/2019White, Lawrence P.Well, this book could probably have been half as long as it was. I haven’t …4 Small Starswhite-lawrence-p
“Absolution”07/08/2019Yanez, JonathanDaniel Hunt is a guy who can’t remember anything about himself beyond the last five …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
Conflict Unending
“Conflict Unending”07/06/2019Weil, Raymond L.I have to say that Raymond L. Weil is consistent in his writing. He continues …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Trojan Colony
“Trojan Colony”07/02/2019Colrain, JackThe first book in this series was so good that I decided to jump right …5 Small Starscolrain-jack
Mozari Arrival
“Mozari Arrival”06/30/2019Colrain, JackWell a new author and a new series. I was immediately drawn into this story …5 Small Starscolrain-jack
Search for the Lost
“Search for the Lost”06/28/2019Weil, Raymond L.I’ll start out by saying that I do like these books, but they seem to …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
The Others
“The Others”06/24/2019Allan, jayIt’s very hard to convey the passing of time in a written book. Unless you …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Mech 2
“Mech 2”06/20/2019Hooke, IsaacAnother one of those Rade Galaal books that has come out of know where. We’re …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Planet Hell
“Planet Hell”06/18/2019James, JoshuaIt’s always good to star a new series with a new author. You don’t know …5 Small Starsjames-joshua
Clad in Steel
“Clad in Steel”06/14/2019McLaughlin, KevinThis was a very good story. Why it’s part of the Satori series is beyond …5 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
Alien Legacy
“Alien Legacy”06/12/2019Victor, James DavidAnother very short book. I’m not real happy with this collection of books just because …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Turning Tides
“Turning Tides”06/11/2019Walker, JohnThe Empire has decided it’s time to locate the hidden Resistance base(s) and stop this …5 Small Starswalker-john
“Mech”06/08/2019Hooke, IsaacI’m not sure why this book and it’s companion, “Mech 2” have come out. We’re …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Invasion: Pluto
“Invasion: Pluto”06/04/2019Victor, James DavidWell, this book is pretty short. That’s not unusual for the books in this series, …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Invasion: Proxima
“Invasion: Proxmia”06/03/2019Victor, James DavidObviously these books are already done and published, but I can not stand the cover …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Beyond Nightfall
“Beyond Nightfall”06/01/2019James, Robert C.Well, I should have expected this. The author told me in an email that he …4 Small Starsjames-robert-c
Arcane World
“Arcane World”05/31/2019Walker, JohnThe title of this book threw me off just a little.  There is a series …4 Small Starswalker-john
Armor World
“Armor World”05/27/2019Larson, B. V.When i want a break from the usual military science fiction story, I can always …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
New Alliance
“New Alliance”05/24/2019Hystad, NathanWell, I have finally done it. I entirely missed a book in a series and …4 Small Starshystad-nathan
“Dropship”05/21/2019Yanez, JonathanA surprisingly very good book! Not that Mr. Yanez can’t write, because I’ve read some …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
The Colossus
“The Colossus”05/20/2019Allan, JayWell, you knew the war with the Hegemony was going to have to end sooner …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Vigilance”05/15/2019Lozito, KenSo Connor Gates and Sean Quinn have teams working on a land-base and space-based interdimensional …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Battleship Indomitable
“Battleship Indomitable”05/12/2019Vandyke, David and Larson, B. V.Commodore Derek Straker continues on his quest to free all of humanity starting with the …5 Small Starsvandyke-david
“Emergence”05/04/2019Lozito, KenI haven’t been back to this series for awhile. I kind of thought it was …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Orion's Dawn
“Orion’s Dawn”05/01/2019James, Robert C.The author actually wrote to me and requested a review. I like doing that because …4 Small Starsjames-robert-c
Strom World
“Storm World”05/01/2019Larson, B. V.I was just thrilled to find that Mr. Larson was still writing this series. I …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Dark Paths
“Dark Paths”04/26/2019Walker, JohnThe Earth’s only starship, the Leviathan, has just returned home from a very successful mission. …5 Small Starswalker-john
Revolution Rising
“Revolution Rising”04/24/2019Walker, JohnOk, now back to a good story. For some reason I kept wanting to skip …5 Small Starswalker-john
Lucky's Marines
“Lucky Universe, Lucky Legacy”04/17/2019James, JoshuaWell, this is another 4 in 1 book. I’m not really a fan of cramming …3 Small Starsjames-joshua
“Assault”04/15/2019Walker, JohnEarth is recovering from the devastating attack by the Collector ship. It took thousands of …5 Small Starswalker-john
Starship Liberator
“Starship Liberator”04/11/2019Vandye, David and Larson, B. V.After having gone through a number of seemingly short books, I’ve now latched on to …5 Small Starsvandyke-david
“Sojourn”04/06/2019Jucha, S. H.Thirteen books in this series so far. That’s fantastic. S. H. Jucha is a wonderful …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
The Martin Incursion
“The Martin Incursion”04/01/2019Victor, James DavidSolomon Cready is back on Ganymede at the Outcast Marines training base and seems to …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
"The Titan Gambit"
“The Titan Gambit”03/30/2019Victor, James DavidAnother short, but very good story. Solomon Cready is still not getting any slack from …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
“Return”03/28/2019Hystad, NathanI think this was the most exciting book of the series. There’s a lot of …5 Small Starshystad-nathan
"The Kepler Rescue"
“The Kepler Rescue”03/26/2019Victor, James DavidFirst off I have got to comment on the book cover artwork, it’s terrible! I …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Outcast of Earth
“Outcast of Earth”03/25/2019Victor, James DavidStarted a new series with this book and wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Even …5 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Galactic Empire
“Galactic Empire”03/24/2019Hudson, G. P.This story has gotten better through each book.  While Admiral Jon Pike isn’t as bad …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
Lost Marine
“Lost Marine”03/20/2019Victor, James DavidSeems like I got in on the tail end of something.  We find Major Jack …3 Small Starsvictor-james-david
Golden Age
“Golden Age”03/20/2019Walker, JohnOk, so you thought this series was pretty much over, right.  With the Tol’An defeated …5 Small Starswalker-john
Orion Awakened
“Orion Awakened”06/19/2019Chaney, J. N.The start of this one kind of surprised me.  I didn’t remember that in the …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Revenge”06/18/2019Hystad, NathanA continuation of a very driven man, trying to find his lost family.  Councilman or …5 Small Starshystad-nathan
Face Toward Enemy
“Face Toward Enemy”03/11/2019Yanez, JonathanI’m not sure I really like this series.  Oh, it’s kind of interesting and the …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
Final Conflict
“Final Conflict”03/10/2019Weil, Raymond L.Well, we’ve come a long way since the first book.  The Kleese have been pretty …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Darkest Hour
“Darkest Hour”03/06/2019Walker, JohnJohn Walker writes good science fiction even if it’s almost the same story-line.  If you’ve …5 Small Starswalker-john
Martian Plague
“Martian Plague”03/04/2019Ellis, BrandonThis is the kind of story that could happen anywhere only this story happened on …4 Small Starsellis-brandon
“Vanquish”02/28/2019Hudson, G. P.Admiral Jon Pike has really accomplished a lot since we’ve been reading about him and …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
The Grand Alliance
“The Grand Alliance”02/26/2019Allan, JayInteresting that the book cover I have says it’s book 12, but in reality it’s …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Rift”02/19/2019Hystad, NathanThis was a pretty good story, but very predictable for the most part.  The Earth …4 Small Starshystad-nathan
Into the Breach, Always Forward, Chaos Sieged
“Into the Breach, Always Forward, Chaos Sieged02/16/2019Yanez, JonathanThis is a very long review! INTO THE BREACH This is some good writing.  It’s …5 Small Starsyanez-jonathan
Legends Never Die
“Legends Never Die”02/08/2019Dalzelle, JoshuaDidn’t think I’d get to read another book in this series.  Last time we were …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
A Fiery Sunset
“A Fiery Sunset”02/04/2019Chris, KennedyThis book seems to be a continuing story about mercenaries from Earth who are not …5 Small Starskennedy-chris
Gamma Strike
“Gamma Strike”02/03/2019Walker, JohnI like the way these books have been written; they have one central story and …5 Small Starswalker-john
“Recruit”01/27/2019Ryker, DavidI like these kind of books where it takes a young person doing what he …5 Small Starsryker-david
Interstellar Wars
“Interstellar Wars01/18/2019Hudson, G. P.Overview- This is a five book series contained in one Kindle file.  I don’t usually …5 Small Starshudson-g-p
“Marine”01/15/2019Dalzelle, JoshuaNow this is my kind of book.  It starts from the beginning and takes a …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
The Unsung
“The Unsung”01/11/2019Bartlett, ScottThis was one strange book! That doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad, but the concept …4 Small Starsbartlett-scott
Fire Fight
“Fire Fight”01/04/2019Ward, ChrisOnce again, I picked up a new author and a new series without reading anything …4 Small Starsward-chris
Orion Uncharted
“Orion Uncharted”01/02/2019Chaney, J. N.First off, this book seems short. If I remember correctly, the first book was also …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Empires at War
” Empires at War”12/28/2018Weil, Raymond L.We’re back again with the “special” five Lieutenants, which is something that Mr. Weil seems …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Dust & Iron
“Dust & Iron”12/22/2018McLaughlin, KevinWhen you write a series about someone or something, you’d think that thing or person …4 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
“Artifice”12/18/2018Jucha, S. H.Twelve books! Man, that’s a lot of books for one series. But, this has been …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Orion Colony
“Orion Colony”12/13/2018Chaney, J. N.A familiar and very good author has started a new series and it’s good! While …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Devastator”12/10/2018Hooke, IsaacI just can not get my mind around starships as characters in a book. This …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
“Weaver”12/04/2018Ezell, Kacey and Wandrey, MarkIf I had known what this book was about, I probably wouldn’t have read it. …4 Small Starsezell-kacey
“Nightfall”12/01/2018Allan, Jay  Admiral Tyler Barron and the Confederation is facing its pending destruction.  The Hegemony is …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Embers of War
“Embers of War”11/26/2018McLaughlin, KevinIt’s been a few months since I was reading this series. It ended with the …5 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
“Anomaly”11/23/2018Walker, JohnOne thing I have said before about the book in this Legacy War series, is …5 Small Starswalker-john
“Legend”11/20/2018Woods, ChristopherThis is a very good book by an author that is new to me. I …5 Small Starswoods-christopher
“Forerunner”11/17/2018Hooke, IsaacI think I might be getting tired of Mr. Hooke’s storylines. He’s gotten stuck on …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Vanguard Rising
“Vanguard Rising”11/12/2018Hadfield, A. C.I’m not a fan of detective stories disguised as space science fiction. That’s exactly what …4 Small Starshadfield-a-c
“Liberty”11/08/2018Webb, NickIt’s been over a year since I last read a book in this series. I …5 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
The Theos
“The Theos”10/31/2018Hystad, NathanLast time with left Dean Parker in pretty bad shape. His wife, Mary, had been …5 Small Starshystad-nathan
“Redeemed”10/29/2018Hooke, IsaacThe Bolt Eaters managed to get captured by the evil “Essential” that runs the entire …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Beyond Atlantis
“Beyond Atlantis”10/24/2018Ellis, BrandonWell, this series has certainly gotten carried away. Starting out as a unknown archeologist, Kaden …4 Small Starsellis-brandon
The Last Aeon
“The Last Aeon”10/20/2018Fox, RichardThe dust has settled after the last book where the Ibarra Nation rescued the crew …5 Small Starsfox-richard
“Invasion”10/18/2018Schoen, Lawrence M. and Braze, Jonathan P.I almost didn’t write this review. I am or was a big fan of Jonathan …3 Small Starsschoen-lawrence-m
” Discovery”10/15/2018Lozito, KenOnce again, I seemed to have gotten a very short book. It seemed like I …5 Small Starslozito-ken
“Reforged”10/12/2018Hooke, IsaacThe Bolt Eaters are still stuck on a suspected Banthar colony planet. They’ve been captured …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
“Reclamation”10/11/2018Walker, JohnThis isn’t a long book by any means. It follows most of the books in …5 Small Starswalker-john
The Ancients
“The Ancients”10/09/2018Hystad, NathanWe start out by finding our trio of main characters, Dean, Mary and Slate, trekking …5 Small Starshystad-nathan
A House Divided
“A House Divided”10/04/2018Fox, RichardGetting back to a quasi-religious war-fighting scene. In these books, there is a contingent of …5 Small Starsfox-richard
“Invasion”10/03/2018Allan, JayThis is a fairly long book. There is ample reason for it to be this …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Alpha Fleet
“Alpha Fleet”09/26/2018Larson, B. V.Captain Leo Blake and his crew have been more or less grounded due to an …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Orion Fleet
“Orion Fleet”09/18/2018Larson, B. V.We’re back on Earth with Leo Blake and his crew. They have, almost single-handedly, saved …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Rebel Fleet
“Rebel Fleet”Larson, B. V.Well, this is going to be a fun series! Leo Blake reminds me of James …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Earth Unknown
“Earth Unknown”09/11/2018Forbes, M. R.This is a new series that I’m starting, but I’m not exactly sure I’ll finish …4 Small Starsforbes-m-r
“Reactivated”09/07/2018Hooke, IsaacI kind of knew this series was going to have to start someday. I thing …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Colony Atlantis
“Colony Atlantis”09/03/2018Ellis, Brandon09/01/18 Ok, this one is getting a little crazy. I understand space combat and fighting …5 Small Starsellis-brandon
“Rebooted”08/31/2018Hooke, IsaacBack from a deadly mission that they weren’t supposed to survive, the “Bolt Eaters” needed …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Deep Dive
“Deep Dive”08/27/2018Walker, JohnOne thing about these books, the author writes about one specific mission and nothing else. …5 Small Starswalker-john
Destination Atlantis
“Destination Atlantis”08/22/2018Ellis, BrandonTalk about a confusing plot! This story is really confusing. The main character, Kaden Jaxx, …5 Small Starsellis-brandon
Regenade Dawn
“Renegade Dawn”08/19/2018Chaney, J. N.This kind of starts a new era in the Renegade Star Series. Chase Hughes is …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Reloaded”08/15/2018Hooke, IsaacWhen this author goes big, he really goes big. As you should know from the …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Black Dawn
“Black Dawn”08/13/2018Allan, JayWhen we last left our intrepid crew of the Dauntless, it was making a mad …5 Small Starsallan-jay
New World
“New World”08/05/2018Hystad, NathanThis story has really zoomed out to something totally different. In book 1, “The Event”, …4 Small Starshystad-nathan
“Refurbished”08/02/2018Hooke, IsaacOk, this is a new series by an author I have read for a long …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Project Atlantis
“Project Atlantis”08/01/2018Ellis, BrandonWell, this is a new author to me and a new series. I wasn’t sure …5 Small Starsellis-brandon
Operation: Bug Spray
“Operation: Bug Spray”08/01/2018Hooke, IsaacOnce more I’m back aboard the Argonaut after having captured another Purple Phant. It wasn’t …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
“Marooned”07/31/2018Walker, JohnThe Gnosis, Earth’s one and only starship, has been sent out on another mission. They …5 Small Starswalker-john
Planet Killer
“Planet Killer”07/13/2018Hooke, IsaacI cannot for the life of me understand why I did not read this book …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
New Threat
“New Threat”07/10/2018Hystad, NathanParker, saved most of Earth’s population from going into the Sun. He also managed to …5 Small Starshystad-nathan
Renegade Earth
“Renegade Earth”07/07/2018Chaney, J. N.We’re now back aboard the Titan, the moon-size starship which left Earth eons ago and …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Ashes of War
“Ashes of War”07/06/2018McLaughlin, KevinWell, you know what happened in book 6, so I won’t dwell on it. Let’s …5 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
Omnibus 4 thru 6
“Starship Satori Omnibus”07/04/2018McLaughlin, KevinI normally don’t read book collections. They are usually just too short and don’t tell …5 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
The Last Champion
“The Last Champion”06/30/2018Bostrom, PeterWell, we thought that with the destruction of the USS Midway and the defeat of …3 Small Starsbostrom-peter
“Nua’ll”06/18/2018Jucha, S. H.Things are really getting interesting in this fantastic universe created by Mr. Jucha. The Omnians, …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Renegade Fleet
“Renegade Fleet”06/10/2018 Chaney, J. N.This is one of the better sci-fi series out there. The original story has changed …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Alliance Stars
“Alliance Stars”06/09/2018Wallace, MichaelThis is a British-based story.  Being an American, I can sometimes get confused with British …4 Small Starswallace-michael
“Superhuman”06/02/2018Currie, EvanThis book has a familiar theme, one that’s been around for awhile mostly in comic …5 Small Starscurrie-evan
Star Warrior
“Star Warrior”06/01/2018Hooke, IsaacI have read a lot of Isaac Hooke books and for the most part, they …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Satroi Rising
“Satori Rising)”05/22/2018McLaughlin, KevinI normally don’t read books like this that try to cram three books into one, …5 Small Starsmclaughlin-kevin
“Ascension”05/18/2018Lozito, KenI don’t know why, but this particular book didn’t hold my attention as well as …4 Small Starslozito-ken
“Alliance”05/11/2018Walker, JohnBy now we should be used to the fact that Earth has only produced one …5 Small Starswalker-john
Thunder and Lightening
“Thunder and Lightening”05/05/2018Nuttall, Christopher and Champion, LeoI really don’t like books like this! Now, I hope that doesn’t turn you off …4 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
Lost Systems
“Lost Systems”04/26/2018Walker, JohnI’ll start out by saying that the typography problem I found in book 1 has …4 Small Starswalker-john
“Gnosis”Walker, JohnRight off the bat, I’m going to tell you why I gave this book a …3 Small Starswalker-john
Dark World
“Dark World”04/22/2018Lardson, B. V.Whenever I want to take a break from the very serious nature of space warfare …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
The Black Flag
“The Black Flag”04/18/2018Allan, JaySo all the major players are back and in agreement that something is going on …5 Small Starsallan-jay
To the Stars
“To the Stars”04/11/2018Weil, Raymond L.Our author, Raymond Weil, has this thing about five young people saving the world. He …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Funeral Games
“Funeral Games”04/05/2018Allan, JaySo, Arkarin Blackhawk used to be a really, really bad guy. He was an Imperial …5 Small Starsallan-jay
The White Fleet
“The White Fleet”03/30/2018Allan, JayJay Allan keeps pumping out excellent military science fiction books. By my count, I have …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Sanctuary”03/23/2018Lozito, KenYou would have thought that the end of this series was in the last book. …4 Small Starslozito-ken
The Event
“The Event”03/17/2018Hystad, NathanA new author and a new book. That’s like getting a present from someone you …4 Small Starshystad-nathan
Enemy in the Dark
“Enemy in the Dark”03/15/2018Allan, JaySometimes an exciting book can get a little boring. I found myself in this situation …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Prisoner of Eldaron
“The Prisoner of Eldaron”03/04/2018Allan, JayPeople sure do live a long time in the universe of the Crimson Worlds. We …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Winds of Vengence
“Winds of Vengeance”02/25/2018Allan, JayWith the defeat of the First Imperium Regent, the remaining survivors of Fleet Admiral Terrance …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Renegade Lost
“Renegade Lost”02/21/2018Chaney, J. N.This is a very interesting series. I didn’t know this fourth book was going to …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Shadow of Empire
“Shadow of Empire”02/17/2018Allan, JayI read a previous book titled, “Blackhawk (Far Stars Legends)” by Jay Allan and liked …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Age of Expansion: Exploration
“Age of Expansion: Exploration”02/04/2018Noffke, Sarah and Chaney, J. N.Something is just off in these two books. I don’t know what it is, but …4 Small Starsnoffke-sarah
“Mercs”02/02/2018Allan, JayThere are a lot of Crimson Worlds stories. They never seem to end, which isn’t …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Invasion”01/25/2018Weil, Raymond L.I don’t know, but it seemed like I had read some parts of this book …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Dauntless”01/21/2018Allan, JayBack again with Commodore Tyler Barron and the Confederation. They are now and have been …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Mech vs Dinosaurs
“Mechs vs Dinosaurs”01/17/2018Hooke, IsaacWell, I’m getting a little more tired of this series. I think the author has …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Revenge of the Ancients
“Revenge of the Ancients”01/13/2018Allan, JayOn our way to Shangri La or the planet that promised to hold untold advance …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Shadow of the Gods
“Shadow of the Gods”01/12/2018Allan, JayOn to book 2 of this series. Boy, that first book worn me out. So …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Into the Darkness
“Into the Darkness”01/12/2018Allan, JayFor some odd reason I didn’t actually want to start reading this series. I’m not …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Sanctuary”01/03/2018Proctor, D. J.Ok, here’s another new author with a pretty exciting new series. And, yeah, there’s a …5 Small Starsproctor-d-j
The Price of Honor
“The Price of Honor”01/01/2018Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)While this book is supposed to be about the Grub Wars, it’s really a political …4 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
“Alliance”12/30/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)I wonder if authors ever run out of bad guys? I mean, there is a …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Forged in Space
“Forged in Space”12/26/2017Victor, James DavidDon’t let the cover of this book fool you. That picture of a Space Marine …3 Small Starsvictor-james-david
“Recruit”12/24/2017Victor, James DavidI hate reading novellas. They seem to just get you started on a story and …4 Small Starsvictor-james-david
“Legacy”12/24/2017Lozito, KenThis book seems to wrap-up the series. There’s a lot of fighting between the New …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Age of Expansion: Formation
“Age of Expansion: Formation”12/20/2017Noffke, SarahA new series which has a ring of familiarity to it because I’ve kind of …4 Small Starsnoffke-sarah
Renegade Moon
“Renegade Moon”12/19/2017Chaney, J. N.I like this series and this third book doesn’t disappoint. I’m really interested in seeing …4 Small Starschaney-j-n
Blood World
“Blood World”12/15/2017Larson, B. V.We’re back with James McGill, Centurion, Legion Varus. Yeah, that guy! He’s managed to stay …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Rogue World
“Rogue World”12/12/2017Larson, B. V.I had thought this series was over. Then I found two more books available via …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
“Vinium”12/07/2017Jucha, S. H.Alex Racine and his group of Omnians are out after the Nua’ll, a race of …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
True Measure
“True Measure”12/02/2017Fox, RichardRoland Shaw is armor. At least that’s what he’ll tell you when asked. He’s also …5 Small Starsfox-richard
“Warspite”11/30/2017Nuttall, Christopher G.This is kind of a spin-off from the Ark Royal series since the original Ark …4 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
Star Cross: The Vorn!
“The Vorn!”11/27/2017Weil, Raymond L.This series has gone through some changes. If you go back to the first few …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Renegade Atlas
“Renegade Atlas”11/23/2017Chaney, J. N.So, by now, I hope you’ve gotten used to the language in these books. It …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
Renegade Star
“Renegade Star”11/21/2017Chaney, J. N.New series and a new author. Wow! This is certainly an adventure book. And it …5 Small Starschaney-j-n
“Nemesis”11/18/2017Lozito, KenI continued on with the First Colony series to this second book. The first book …5 Small Starslozito-ken
“Genesis”11/16/2017Lozito, KenThis is the start of a new series. I think it’s going to be a …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Rade's Fury
“Rade’s Fury”11/10/2017Hooke, IsaacFinally got back to this series. It was getting a little tiresome what with Rade …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
“Extinction”11/06/2017Walker, JohnThis is almost a short story. In fact, all of the latest books in this …4 Small Starswalker-john
Cauldron of Fire
“Cauldron of Fire”11/02/2017Allan, JayThis is a very long book. It could have easily been broken into two separate …5 Small Starsallan-jay
The Ibarra Sanction
“The Ibarra Sanctions”10/31/2017Fox, RichardGideon has now formed his lance consisting of Roland, Aignar, and Ch’ril, even though the …5 Small Starsfox-richard
Echoes of Glory
“Echoes of Glory”10/24/2017Allan, JayYou’d think our time with the CFS Dauntless. Captain Tyler Barron and his crew would …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Iron Dragoons
“Iron Dragoons”10/20/2017Fox, RichardI am absolutely thrilled to find another series that starts out like this one. I …5 Small Starsfox-richard
The Last Dawn
“The Last Dawn”10/15/2017Bostrom, PeterThings have not settled down in the galaxy where the USS Midway starship patrols. While …5 Small Starsbostrom-peter
Ruins of Empire
“Ruins of Empire”10/09/2017Allan, JayI have so many good series to read that sometimes I forget what each one …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Time Strike
“Time Strike”10/05/2017Dandridge, DougWow! This was a quick read. Probably because it was very exciting. In this one, …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Day of Infamy
“Day of Infamy”10/02/2017Dandridge, DougThis is the eleventh (11th) book in this series. I have no idea how long …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
The Forever War
“The Forever War”09/27/2017Weil, Raymond L.Once again this is one of my most favorite authors. I have probably read more …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Hecate”09/22/2017Rockwell, J. B.I was caught by surprise with this book. So as not to have you in …5 Small Starsrockwell-j-b
The Spacemen
“Spacemen”09/15/2017Burns, MichaelThis is a new author to me. This author has written a very good book. …5 Small Starsburns-michael
“Defiance”09/10/2017Webb, NickAdmiral Shelby Proctor is back with the Integrated Defense Force of United Earth. She had …5 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
“Rebellion”09/05/2017Walker, JohnThis seems to be a short book. It’s also a straight-forward mission for the Behemoth, …5 Small Starswalker-john
Blood United
“Blood United”09/02/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)Well, I think this is the end of the line for this series. If so, …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
At the Sign of Triumph
“At the Sign of Triumph”08/28/2017Weber, DavidThis is the book you have been waiting for. If you are a fan of …5 Small Starsweber-david
Freedom's Fray
“Freedom’s Fray”08/19/2017Adair, BobbyWell, I finally got back to book 3 of this series after reading almost a …5 Small Starsadair-bobby
Freedom's Fury
“Freedom’s Fury”08/17/2017Adair, BobbyOk, one thing I learned is to read the titles of the books very carefully. …5 Small Starsadair-bobby
Freedom's Fire
“Freedom’s Fire”08/14/2017Adair, BobbyI found a new to me author and a new series. I think it’s going …5 Small Starsadair-bobby
Echoes of the Past
“Echoes of the Past”08/11/2017Goodson, SimonI’ve finally returned to this series after a year and a half. I had to …5 Small Starsgoodson-simon
City of Phants
“City of Phants”08/06/2017Hooke, IsaacOk, so this book kind of puts me off on this series as it’s developing. …4 Small Starshooke-isaac
Critical Dawn
“Critical Dawn”08/02/2017Wearmouth, DarrenThis is an interesting book, but I’m not a fan of science fiction books that …4 Small Starswearmouth-darren
Esther's Story: Special Duty
“Esther’s Story: Special Duty”07/29/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)We’re following the careers of two young people who happened to have the most famous …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Horns of the Ram
“Horns of the Ram”07/26/2017Rogers, AustinThis is one of those books that I didn’t feel any urgency to read after …4 Small Starsrogers-austin
Universe in Danger
“Universe in Danger”07/21/2017Weil, Raymond L.I finally got back to one of my favorite authors and one of his best …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
The Devil's Do
“The Devil’s Do”07/15/2017Forbes, M. R.These are interesting books if not a little off the deep end. I don’t mean …5 Small Starsforbes-m-r
Galaxy's Edge
“Legionnaire”07/13/2017Anspach, Jason and Cole, NickA new author to me and what appears to be a new series. This book …5 Small Starsanspach-jason
“Omnia”07/10/2017Jucha, S. H.We’re back with Alex Racine and Renée de Guirnon, his constant companion, but things have …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Robot Dust Bunnies
“Robot Dust Bunnies”07/01/2017Hooke, IsaacRade Galaal and his Argonauts are again working for Surus. It, a Green Phant, are …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
The Last Hero
“The Last Hero”06/28/2017Bostrom, PeterOnce again I’m back aboard my old ship, the USS Midway! Only this time, it’s …5 Small Starsbostrom-peter
Rising Force
“Rising Force”06/24/2017Lozito, KenThis series is getting somewhat better although it’s also predictable. As we last left the …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Search and Destroy
“Search and Destroy”06/19/2017Dandridge, DougI just got back to this series after finding out that I had bought and …4 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Galaxy in Peril
“Galaxy in Peril”06/15/2017Weil, Raymond L.This is a very good story about the good guys against the bad guys. See, …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Time of Destruction
“Time of Destruction”06/10/2017Meyer, John C.Something different for all you military science fiction readers. This is definitely not military. I …5 Small Starsmeyer-john-c
“Revolution”06/05/2017Dalzelle, JoshuaI just can’t get enough of these books. They are super good, just the kind …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
“Artifact”06/01/2017Walker, JohnThese books are getting better. There is no long one single solitary starship protecting the …5 Small Starswalker-john
Behind Enemy Lines
“Behind Enemy Lines”05/30/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)This is another book by one of my favorite authors. I’ve read all of his …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
"The First Days on the Front"
“The First Days on the Front”05/27/2017Blare, WalterThis a strange book or short story or novella as the author calls it. I’m …3 Small Starsblare-walter
Quantum Predation
“Quantum Predation”05/26/2017Hooke, IsaacAnytime I just want to read an good fighting book, I pickup one of the …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Second Front
“Second Front”05/24/2017Dandridge, DougWhat the heck is that on the front cover of this book? I have no …5 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Fire and Brimstone
“Fire and Brimstone”05/21/2017Forbes, M. R.This is turning into a pretty good series. I like the cast of characters even …5 Small Starsforbes-m-r
Earth Honor
“Earth Honor”05/17/2017Arenson, DanielOk, I’m getting sick of this series. What started off as a very good military …3 Small Starsarenson-daniel
Alien Empress
“Alien Empress”05/14/2017Hooke, IsaacAnother book in one of the better long running series. This is truly a military …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
The End of Liberty
“The End of Liberty”05/11/2017Forbes, M. R.If you remember the end of Book One “Starship Eternal”, Captain Mitch Williams was now …5 Small Starsforbes-m-r
Sol: Legacy
“Sol: Legacy”05/09/2017Kittle, Vanessa and Grooms, ErinA very complicated book. Not really my kind of book although there is some military …4 Small Starskittle-vanessa
Noah's Story: Marine Tanker
“Noah’s Story: Marine Tanker”05/03/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)I literally flew through this book. I was hoping it was going to be a …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Infinity's Edge
“Infinity’s Edge”05/02/2017Lozito, KenWe continue wit an improbable story of Earth just starting to reach for our outer …5 Small Starslozito-ken
The Last War
“The Last War”04/28/2017Bostrom, PeterThis is a new author to me and a new series. I think i’m going …5 Small Starsbostrom-peter
Starship Eternal
“Starship Eternal”04/25/2017Forbes, M. R.I’ve only read one other book by this author, M. R. Forbes, and it’s interesting …5 Small Starsforbes-m-r
You Are Prey
“You Are Prey”04/21/2017Hooke, IsaacThe Argonauts are teamed with with a Green Phant, a good Phant, bent on capturing …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
The Human Factor
“The Human Factor”04/18/2017Dalzelle, JoshuaAnother very good book in an overall great series. We’re back again with Captain Jason …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
“Pursuit”04/15/2017Walker, JohnThis series has gotten better with each book. No longer are we assuming that one …5 Small Starswalker-john
“Celus-5”04/13/2017Jucha, S. H.This was a strange book. Not in the way it was written, but in the …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
The R.E.M. Effect
“The R.E.M. Effect”04/10/2017Langham, J. M.The title is way, way too long and it’s definitely not my kind of book! …3 Small Starslanham-j-m
Hell's Rejects
“Hell’s Rejects”04/06/2017Forbes, M. R.A new author for me and a new series just beginning. This is a very …5 Small Starsforbes-m-r
“Redemption”04/03/2017Dalzelle, JoshuaYou just don’t get a fantastic series that is already out to seven books very …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Awakening to Judgement
“Awakening to Judgement”03/31/2017Adams, P. R.This book seems a little odd. Jack Rimes is a rough and tough, combat veteran …4 Small Starsadams-p-r
“Wormeholes”03/25/2017Meredith, DennisAs I have repeatedly stated here, I read and review most military science fiction. On …5 Small Starsmeredith-dennis
Earth Reborn
“Earth Reborn”03/21/2017Arenson, DanielAs I said in my previous review of book six, this series is science fiction …5 Small Starsarenson-daniel
Bug Hunt
“Bug Hunt”03/17/2017Hooke, IsaacI wasn’t sure what this new series by one of my favorite authors was going …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Call to Arms
“Call to Arms”03/14/2017Allan, JayWell, here’s the second book in this series and it just keeps getting better. I …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Esther's Story: Recon Marine
“Esther’s Story: Recon Marine”03/10/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)Esther Lysander, as you know, is the twin daughter of the great, Rick Lysander, retired …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Destination Oblivion
“Destination Oblivion”03/06/2017Kallias, ChristianI’m getting tired of this series. It’s really getting childish and not very exciting or …3 Small Starskallias-christian
Duel in the Dark
“Duel in the Dark”03/01/2017Allan, JayFor some reason, I was reluctant to get started on this new series. Jay Allan …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Exodus”02/24/2017Scott, Jasper T.Wow! I almost forgot to get this book reviewed. I know I finished it a …5 Small Starsscott-jasper-t
Transition of Order
“Transition of Order”02/20/2017Adams, P. R.I wasn’t sure about the first book in this series, “Momentary Stasis”. That title didn’t …5 Small Starsadams-p-r
“Allora”02/15/2017Jucha, S. H.I’m not a fan of “novellas” since they seem to be short and don’t build …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
“Conflict”02/14/2017Walker, JohnWe’re back with the Behemoth, Earth’s only starship that just completed a mission eradicating a …5 Small Starswalker-john
Secret of the Phoenix
“Secret of the Phoenix”02/11/2017Dalzelle, JoshuaThis entire Omega Force series is one of the best for just plain military science …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Space Hoard
“Severan”02/08/2017Wolf, Galen********** Spoiler Alert – I tell you the who story in the following pages. *********** …4 Small Starswolf-galen
Just Another Day
“Just Another Day”02/07/2017Hooke, IsaacCannot find this on Amazon any more! Ok, right off, this is a short story, …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Legacy Marines
“Legacy Marines”02/06/2017Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)This seemed to be a short book. It is the start of another series that …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Dark and Stars
“Dark and Stars”02/04/2017Rockwell, J. B.Hopefully, you’ll read this review before you read this book. There’s nothing wrong with the …5 Small Starsrockwell-j-b
“Eradication”01/30/2017Fox, ChrisThis military science fiction book and the whole series would make an absolutely terrific Class …5 Small Starsfox-chris
Worlds at War
“Worlds at War”01/27/2017Hooke, IsaacWe’re back with Captain Jonathan Dallas, Commanding the starship Callaway of the United Systems. They …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Return of the Archon
“Return of the Archon”01/22/2017Dalzelle, JoshuaThis is a very entertaining series. I needed something like this after reading some pretty …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Earth Valor
“Earth Valor”01/17/2017Arenson, DanielI need to create a new military science fiction genre. It will be called military …5 Small Starsarenson-daniel
The Contested Planet
“The Contested Planet”01/13/2017Ryan, T. J.At least this was a full book this time. Yeah, the author got raked over …4 Small Starsryan-t-j
Momentary Stasis
“Momentary Stasis”01/11/2017Adams, P. R.This is a new author to me. I think he’s got something good going here …5 Small Starsadams-p-r
Red Team Alpha
“Red Team Alpha”01/08/2017Allan, JayWell, I knew this would be an exciting and well written book since Jay Allan …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Raid”01/05/2017Walker, JohnThis was a very enjoyable, but predictable book. For once, a military science fiction book …5 Small Starswalker-john
Zaxon B: The Final Struggle
“Zaxon B: The Final Struggle”01/03/2017McGregor, AndrewA new year and an ending to a bloody battle, maybe? This is the book …5 Small Starsmcgregor-andrew
A King's Ship
“A King’s Ship”12/31/2016Holmes, D. J.This is a very good book with a distinctly British flare. Our starship is the …Missing Attachmentholmes-j-d
Earth Shadows
“Earth Shadows”12/28/2016Arenson, DanielWarning! If you tend to get depressed easily, you should probably not read this book. …Missing Attachmentarenson-daniel
Fury to the Stars
“Fury to the Stars”12/28/2016Kallias, ChristianThis is a pretty good series if you like the kind where there’s one and …Missing Attachmentkallias-christian
The Supremacy
“The Supremacy”The new Combat Team 1, or “CT-1” as Captain Habraum Nwosu usually called them, was …ekeke-c-c
Inish Carrraig
“Inish Carraig”This was kind of a so-so science fiction book. There’s not really much to it. …zebedee-jo
Earth Fire
“Earth Fire”Warning! This book is very dark. If you’ve ever suffered from PTSD, you might want …arenson-daniel
“Malestrom”This is an interesting series, not what I thought it was going to be. My …ekeke-c-c
Planet Genocide 1
“Planet Genocide 1”12/02/2016McGregor, AndrewI believe this is a continuation of the “When Galaxies Collide” series, but the author …4 Small Starsmcgregor-andrew
“Chosen”The book starts out by introducing the main characters which happen to range from young …bernette-a
Void Wraith
“Void Wrath”11/22/16 Another really good space science fiction book. This follows the first book, “Destroyer”, picking …fox-chris
The God That Failed
“The God That Failed”This wasn’t a bad book, it just wasn’t very inspiring or interesting! The story is …faria-jeff
The Mortalis
“The Mortalis”This should have been titled, “The Life and Times of the Former Lieutenant Colonel Marion …cockerham-larry
“Warfare”This is an interesting series. I don’t know how far this series can go, but …walker-john
“Titan”Wonderful missions for the MOTH Team Seven never seem to end. Now we have a …hooke-isaac
“Zeus”I’m going through this series way too fast, but it’s just that kind of series. …hooke-isaac
“Hoplite”11/06/2016Hooke, IsaacMan, I really like this author. I just recently found Isaac Hooke by reading his …Missing Attachmenthooke-isaac
“Mindscape”11/02/2016Scott, Jasper T.I just don’t know. This book took me an unreasonably long time to read. I …Missing Attachmentscott-jasper-t
Home World
“Home World”10/28/2016Larson, B. V.The books in this series are all the same, absolutely perfectly written! I thoroughly enjoy …Missing Attachmentlarson-b-v
“Independence”10/25/2016Webb, NickWe’re back with Shelby Proctor, or Professor Shelby Proctor which was something she was never …Missing Attachmentwebb-endi-nick
Dusk to Dust
“Dusk to Dust”10/23/2016Felder, AdrianThis was an advance review copy (ARC). It came out as, “Beneath Crimson Sky: (Dust …Missing Attachmentfelder-adrian
Rogue Shepherd
“Wayward Hope”10/18/2016Vaughn, ChrisThe story-line was OK. The writing, not so much. This book needs a lot of …Missing Attachmentvaughn-chris
“Behemoth”10/17/2016Walker, JohnThis is a new author to me; one of his first books that I’ve read, …Missing Attachmentwalker-john
Star Carrier
“Star Carrier”10/15/2016Larson, B. V.Once again, we’re with Captain William Sparhawk, of House Sparhawk, and his stuffy, straight-laced way …Missing Attachmentlarson-b-v
“Espero”10/11/2016Jucha, S. H.Once again, Mr. Jucha has written a wonderfully great book. If you have not started …Missing Attachmentjucha-s-h
Enemy One
“Enemy One”10/06/2016Stephen, LeeWhat a roller coaster! My goodness, this book can yank the emotions out of an …Missing Attachmentstephen-lee
The Dead Planet
“The Dead Planet”10/01/2016Ryan, T. J.I hate short stories that try to be books. This short story is over before …Missing Attachmentryan-t-j
The Red Leopards of Zaxon B
“The Red Leopards of Zaxon B”09/29/2016McGregor, AndrewThis book continues the intense and bloody action we witnessed in the first book of …Missing Attachmentmcgregor-andrew
Destroy the Planet
“Destroy the Planet”09/25/2016Ryan, T. J.Well, I wasn’t even going to do a review of this “prequel” because I don’t …Missing Attachmentryan-t-j
Atlas 3
“Atlas 3”09/24/2016Hooke, IsaacWhat an amazing series this has been. I am completely worn out! It feels like …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Atlas 2
“Atlas 2”09/20/2016Hooke, IsaacWow! I really like these books! They are just about exciting as anything I have …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Atlas 1
“Atlas”09/16/2016Hooke, IsaacIsaac Hooke is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I’ve already read and reviewed …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Earth Rising
“Earth Rise”09/11/2016Arenson, DanielOk, I almost forgot to write a review of this book! This is the third …5 Small Starsarenson-daniel
Earth Lost
“Earth Lost”09/08/2016Arenson, DanielThis is a gruesome and horrifying book! It is also an impossible love story/triangle with …5 Small Starsarenson-daniel
Sacred Planet
“Scared Planet”09/06/2016Rogers, AustinThere’s a lot going on in this book. You have your normal run-of-the-mill scavenger by …5 Small Starsrogers-austin
The Empathtic Detective
“The Empathic Detective”09/03/2016Reed, JaxonStepping a little out of my normal genre of military science fiction, I was asked …5 Small Starsreed-jaxon
Dark Invaders
“The Dark Invaders”08/31/2016Weil, Raymond L.Cranking out military science fiction books seems to be all that Raymond L. Weils every …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Cradle of War
“Cradle of War”08/29/2016Hooke, IsaacI haven’t been reading many of Isaac Hooke’s books, but now I’m “hooked” on them. …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Earth Alone
“Earth Alone”08/27/2016Arenson, DanielIf you are a military veteran, I think you’ll be able to associate with this …5 Small Starsarenson-daniel
Earth - Last Sanctury
“Earth – Last Sanctuary”08/25/2016Kallias, ChristianI believe this is the first book of a new science fiction author. I could …4 Small Starskallias-christian
Confessioins of the First War
“Confessions of the First War”08/22/2016White, Matthew D.Well, I read the short story that leads to this three book series and I …3 Small Starswhite-matthew-d
Before Space Recon
“Before Space Recon”08/22/2016White, Matthew D.I was looking for a new military space opera type series and I happen to …5 Small Starswhite-matthew-d
Dawn of the Singularity
“Dawn of the Singularity”08/19/2016Simpson, DavidEvery time I read one of David Simpson’s books I get a headache! If you …4 Small Starssimpson-david
New Frontier
“New Frontiers”08/15/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaI am reading a lot of Joshua Dalzelle’s books lately. He’s got this Omega Force …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Star Alliance
“Star Alliance”08/14/2016Lozito, KenThis is another one of those science fiction books where Earth has sent out an …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Enemy Within
“Enemy Within”08/14/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaAnother great book in this series. This time we find that the private starship destroyer …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
“Sol”08/02/2016Jucha, S. H.This has got to be one of, if not the best, science fiction series ever …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Star One
“Star One”07/30/2016Weil, Raymond L.This was a very good story. It is very science fiction and not much military …4 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Resurgent”07/23/2016Ekeke, C. C.While this book is definitely in the military science fiction genre, it takes a while …4 Small Starsekeke-c-c
Super Giant
“Supergiant”07/17/2016Rhine, ScottThis is kind of a strange book. I mean, I read book one, “Void Contract” …4 Small Starsrhine-scott
Savage Homecoming
“Savage Homecoming”07/13/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaYes, I did read all three books in a row. That’s what you do with …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Soldiers of Fortune
“Soldiers of Fortune”07/11/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaI knew this series was going to be great! After forming the Omega Force in …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Omega Rising
“Omega Rising”07/09/2016Dalzalle, JoshuaI have found a new series that I think is going to be great. It’s …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Blood and Stone
“Blood and Stone”07/06/2016Martin, C. E.This one seemed like a short story, but I don’t think it would qualify as …4 Small Starsmartin-c-e
June Is Done Gone!  I had a good June reading a lot of good books. There were a …blog-updates
Brothers in Stone
“Brothers in Stone”07/05/2016Martin, C. E.I don’t usually read series that are all rolled into one book. But, this came …4 Small Starsmartin-c-e
“Genesis”07/02/2016Weil, Raymond L.This is the author I read most. I have 18 books, wonderful military science fiction …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Haraken”06/28/2016Jucha, S. H.This is probably the second best series I have ever read. I’m very surprised I’d …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Crimes of War
“Crimes of War”O’Neil, RyanWell, this was certainly a military science fiction story. There was a lot of killing …4 Small Starsoneil-ryan
“Excelsior”06/25/2016Scott, Jasper T.This story is pretty far fetched with a lot of intrigue. You really don’t know …4 Small Starsscott-jasper-t
The Black Guard
“Quest for the Inviolable Man”06/21/2016Smith, KasDoes anybody know what “inviolable” means? I certainly don’t and you don’t find it defined …4 Small Starssmith-kas
Passage of the Phoenix
“Passage of the Phoenix (A Novella)”06/17/2016Broussard, RaymondI don’t normally read novellas. They are always too short in length and character building. …5 Small Starsbroussard-raymond
A Test of Mettle
“Test of Mettle”06/16/2016Hooke, Isaac06/15/16 This is the second book of “A Captain’s Crucible” series and it’s just as …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Flag Ship
“Flag Ship”06/12/2016Hooke, IsaacI’ve really read a bunch of great military science fiction books lately. This one is …5 Small Starshooke-isaac
Mind in the Clouds
“Mind in the Clouds”06/08/2016Perrin, Bruce M.I was kind of wondering when someone would write a book about UAVs, drones, or …5 Small Starsperrin-bruce-m
“Blackhawk”06/05/2016Allan, JayJay Allan is a prolific writer! I think that’s really a huge understatement. I have …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Destroyer”06/03/2016Fox, ChrisA pretty simple and down-right exciting space warfare and adventure story. We find ourselves assigned …5 Small Starsfox-chris
Chains of Command
“Chains of Command”05/31/2016Kloos, MarkoI really like this series. It’s what I would like to do if I could …5 Small Starskloos-marko
The Check
“The Check”05/27/2016Harmony, Clair WmThis was a strange book. At first, I wasn’t even going to read it. Then …5 Small Starsharmony-claire-wm
Beyond the Horizon
“Beyond the Horizon”05/25/2016Spry, GregContinuing with my male chauvinist attitude of not liking female heroines in science fiction books, …5 Small Starsspry-greg-authors
Beyond Cloud Nine
“Beyond Cloud Nine”05/18/2016Spry, GregOur hero or should I say heroine, is a drug addict! That right there would …5 Small Starsspry-greg-authors
Angles of Attack
“Angles of Attack”05/15/2016Kloos, MarkoWe’re back with Staff Sergeant Andrew Grayson, Combat Controller, who seems to always be where …5 Small Starskloos-marko
“Insurrection”05/11/2016Weil, Raymond L.I think I’ve said this a few times before, but this is one of my …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Shackletons Folly
“Shackleton’s Folly”05/06/2016Yunker, ToddI just finished a very good space adventure book. Yeah, it’s one of those kinds …5 Small Starsyunker-todd
“Remanence”05/01/2016Well, Jennifer FoehnerThe second book in this series is better than the first. As we left the …4 Small Starswells-jennifer-foehner
Dog Country
“Dog Country”04/28/2016Cross, Malcolm F.This is a very strange book. It’s certainly science fiction and it’s a military science …5 Small Starscross-malcolm-f
The O. O. P. Art
“The O.O.P.Art”04/23/2016Wolf, T. J.This book was confusing! I didn’t understand what was going on in a great portion …3 Small Starswolf-t-j
Star Divide
“Star Divide”04/18/2016Lozito, KenI wish just once that a military science fiction story had the Humans as the …5 Small Starslozito-ken
Son of Justice
“Son of Justice”04/15/2016Hawk, StevenBefore you get started on this book, be advised that there are three previous books …5 Small Starshawk-steven
“Counterstrike”04/12/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaDang! I really, really hate to read the last book in a trilogy! That obviously …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
Call to Arms
“Call to Arms”04/10/2016Dalzelle, JoshuaEvery once in a while, I run into a military science fiction series that I …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
“Warship”04/09/2016Dalzalle, JoshuaI’ve had this book and this series on my reading list for quite some time. …5 Small Starsdalzelle-joshua
When Gravity Fails
“When Gravity Fails”04/05/2016Freitas, JohnI hate to state that this is a very short book. It’s almost a short-story, …4 Small Starsfreitas-john
“Fluency”04/03/2016Wells, Jennifer FoehnerWell, this book was good, but I think the characters need a little work. The …wells-jennifer-foehner
“Victory”04/03/2016Webb, NickWe’re back with Captain Timothy Granger and his relatively new ship, the “ISS Warrior” which …5 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
“Ephialtes”03/28/2016Parker, Gavin E.While this was a very good science fiction book, I can’t stand the name or …4 Small Starsparker-gavin-e
Star Shroud
“Star Shroud”03/21/2016Lozito, KenThis was a pretty darn good science fiction book. It involves conspiracy theories, big corporations, …5 Small Starslozito-ken
The Last Marine in the Galaxy
“The Last Marine in the Galaxy”03/18/2016McGregor, AndrewMan, this book is intense! The reader gets you thinking about your everyday life and …5 Small Starsmcgregor-andrew
Battlefield Mars
“Battlefield Mars”03/18/2016Robbins, DavidThis is a good, but short book. I would almost say that it is more …4 Small Starsrobbins-david
“Serengeti”03/14/2016Rockwell, J. B.This book is very science fictional, but then again, it’s also more humanistic than most …5 Small Starsrockwell-j-b
The K2 Virus
“The K2 Virus”03/09/2016Rhine, ScottAfter reading, The K2 Virus, I think I’m ready for my Doctorate in Medicine! This …4 Small Starsrhine-scott
That Which Othe Men Cannot Do
“That Which Other Men Cannot Do”03/09/2016Brown, RykWe’re back with Captain Nathan Scott and his crew aboard the Aurora. This is a …5 Small Starsbrown-ryk
“Titanborn”02/29/2016Bruno, Rhett C.This is a detective story set in a science fiction venue. That’s all it is. …4 Small Starsbruno-rhett-c
“Thrum”02/25/2016Slate, S. K.What the heck is “Thrum” supposed to mean? This book started out kind of interesting …3 Small Starsslate-s-k
Time's Adversary
“Time’s Adversary”02/25/2016McGovern, J. G.This book is a little strange; no a whole lot strange. I not sure where …3 Small Starsmcgovern-j-g
Wanderer's Escape
“Wanderer’s Escape”02/21/2016Goodson, SimonA very good, if not run-of-the-mill science fiction story. This is the kind of sci-fi …5 Small Starsgoodson-simon
Evaluations of the Tribe
“Evaluations of the Tribe”02/19/2016Jordan, Raphyel M.After about five pages into this book, I thought this was not my kind of …5 Small Starsjordon-raphyel-m
Earth Has Been Found
“Earth Has Been Found”02/16/2016Jones, D. F.I was very intrigued by the cover of this book, so I bought it off …5 Small Starsjones-d-f
Mech 1
“Mech 1”02/15/2016Larson, B. V. I have read a lot of B. V. Larson books. They all have been really …4 Small Starslarson-b-v
“Waterkill”02/10/2016Donovan, MarkOk, the story wasn’t bad, but it’s not a national best seller either. It’s a …4 Small Starsdovonvan-mark
“Homefront”02/09/2016Allan, JayI read the first to books in this series sometime ago and then kind of …5 Small Starsallan-jay
“Homefront”02/09/2016Allan, JayI read the first to books in this series sometime ago and then kind of …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Heart of Stone
“Hearth of Stone”10/07/2016Keith, H. LynnVery exciting techno-thriller even though it was somewhat sexually graphic in places. You also need …5 Small Starskeith-h-lynn
The Glorious Becoming
“The Glorious Becoming”02/05/2016Lee, StephenI keep giving these books high ratings although I’m getting a little ticked off at …5 Small Starsstephen-lee
Oblivions Light
“Oblivion’s Light”02/04/2016Weil, Raymond L.This is another book with Admiral Jeremy Strong and the other “Special Five” which have …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Snowfall on Mars
“Snowfall on Mars”01/28/2016Frankel, BrandenThis is a who-done-it story on Mars. Life is pretty bleak for the remaining 500 …4 Small Starsfrankel-branden
“Hero”01/19/2016Stephen, LeeIf you read book two, then you MUST read book three. There is no way …5 Small Starsstephen-lee
Outlaw Trigger
“Outlaw Trigger”01/16/2016Stephen, LeeThis is the second book of the Epic Book series. I have never or rarely …5 Small Starsstephen-lee
Dawn of Destiny
“Dawn of Destiny”01/14/2016Stephen, LeeWow! What a good book and apparently, a good military science fiction series I have …5 Small Starsstephen-lee
“Commandant”01/08/2016Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)This is the book I have dreaded reading since I saw that it was published. …brazee-jonathan-p
“Dreadnought”01/10/2016Larson, B. V. A stuffed-shirt account of Earth’s return to the stars. As in the previous book, “Battlecruiser”, …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Demon's Sacrifice
“Demon’s Sacrifice”01/08/2016Andrew, SaxonI don’t have a “0 star” rating.  Other authors collaborated on this? Now that is …1 Small Starandrew-saxon
“Mythical”01/06/2016Martin, C. E. I really didn’t want to read this book. I wasn’t sure what it was about, …5 Small Starsmartin-c-e
Transmat World
“TransMat World”01/04/2016Hendrix, GlenWell, this certainly is science fiction; strange science fiction! Over all, I kind of enjoyed …4 Small Starshendrix-glen
Battle Cruiser
“Battle Cruiser”01/01/2016Larson, B. V.This is one of my favorite authors. I’ve read everyone of his Star Force Series …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
The Void War
“The Void War”12/27/2015Holmes, J. D.A new author I haven’t read before. He obviously must be from the United Kingdom …5 Small Starsholmes-j-d
Blood of Heros
“Blood of Heroes”12/20/2015Fox, RichardThis third book of the series continues to be a bloody struggle for Earth’s remaining …5 Small Starsfox-richard
The Ruins of Anthalas
“The Ruins of Anthalas”12/16/2015Fox, RichardI really like reading a military science fiction series, especially when two or three books …5 Small Starsfox-richard
The Ember War
“The Ember War”12/11/2015Fox, Richard12/11/15 This book starts out a little slow. Some college kid gets woken up by …5 Small Starsfox-richard
Split Second
“Split Second”12/10/2015Richards, Douglas E.Douglas E. Richards really knows how to write thrilling science fiction books. I think this …5 Small Starsrichards-douglas-e
Human Empire
“Human Empire”12/02/2015Taylor, Tim C.12/04/15 These books are a little hard to understand. It’s got a lot of moving …4 Small Starstaylor-tim-c
“Warrior”12/03/2015Webb, NickA really good space warfare, military science fiction book. I like to read stuff like …5 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
“Colonel”11/23/2015Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)What a career! And it almost ends on a sour note! Lieutenant Colonel Ryck Lysander, …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
“Méridian”11/21/2015Jucha, S. H.This series is one of the best written series of science fiction books I have …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
The Star Cross
“Star Cross”11/17/2015Weil, Raymond L.Mr. Weil is one of my very favorite military science fiction authors. He is a …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
The Chimera Sequence
“The Chimera Sequence”11/14/2015Garber, ElliottThis is a very good book. It is well written and pretty exciting. It is, …5 Small Starsgarber-elliott
End of the Line
“End of the Line”11/09/2015Hill, TravisIf you’re looking for a cheery, fun book, this ain’t it! In fact, it’s about …5 Small Starshill-travis
The Farthest City
“The Farthest City”11/05/2015Swenson, Daniel P.This is real science fiction. I mean real weird science fiction! A little too weird …4 Small Starsswenson-daniel-p
Seeds of a New Birth
“Seeds of a New Birth”10/31/2015Bradford, Orrin JasonWaring – Spoiler Alert! Some guy named Flip manages to ‘break-into” a secret lab where …3 Small Starsbradford
The Terminal War
“The Terminal War”10/14/2015Hadfield, A. C.This is the kind of science fiction writing that got me into reading science fiction. …5 Small Starshadfield-a-c
Vanguard of Man
“Vanguard of Man”10/10/2015Lovil, J. D.This is a weird book. It’s along the line of “World Ship Praxis” which I …3 Small Starslovil-j-d
Jubilee Year
“Jubilee Year”10/02/2015O’Neill, Gerard10/02/16 Very interesting book, but also a little difficult to understand. The setting is Australia …5 Small Starsoneill-gerard
Renegade Legioin
“Renegade Legion”09/27/2015Tayor, Tim C.These are strange books in that they are about Marines, but not the kind you …5 Small Starstaylor-tim-c
Shadow of Worlds
“Shadow of Worlds”09/23/2015Lovil, J. D.I am definitely not a fan of this kind of story. It is a mixture …3 Small Starslovil-j-d
The Lost Destroyer
“The Lost Destroyer”09/22/2015Heppner, VaughnThis was a very good story. I’ve been following the exploits of Captain Maddox, Star …5 Small Starsheppner-vaughn
World Ship Praxis
“World Ship Praxis”09/17/2015Lovil, J. D.I wasn’t too sure about this book. The cover is starkly plain and doesn’t give …5 Small Starslovil-j-d
Into the Darkness
“Into the Darkness”09/15/2015Weil, Raymond L.This is just great! We started a series way back when with the first book, …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Lieutenant Colonel
“Lieutenant Colonel”09/11/2015Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)This was the book I was most looking to read. Having been a Lieutenant Colonel …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
“Breakout”09/08/2015Bronten, XaiverI don’t know what the author’s native language is, but I do know it can’t …1 Small Starbronten-xavier
“Meritropolis”09/05/2015Ohman, JoelThis book was interesting, but not my kind of book. Oh, it is science fiction …4 Small Starsohman-joel
The Weak and the Innocent
“The Weak and the Innocent”09/03/2015 Brown, RykI really, really like this series. It has changed considerably since the first book, or …5 Small Starsbrown-ryk
“Constitution”08/30/2015Webb, NickWell, we’re in for another fantastic space war series. This one is for all the …5 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
The Lost Voyager
“The Lost Voyager”08/27/2015Hadfield, A. C.This is the second book I’ve read with the main character named Carson Mach. He’s …5 Small Starshadfield-a-c
“Libre”08/22/2015Jucha, S. H.Second book in the Silver Ships series. I don’t know how to exactly describe these …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
“Major”08/20/2015Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)This is one of my favorite series. The action is always intense and pretty much …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
The Antiterrorist
“The AntiTerrorist”08/18/2015Macy, AlWow! What an exciting short story! This “book” starts off with Jake getting taken prisoner, …5 Small Starsmacy-al
Lords of War
“Lords of War”08/17/2015Thomas, Michael G.Spartan never quits. The Alliance won’t let him and neither will the bad guys! He’s …5 Small Starsthomas-michael-g
Kato's War
“Kato’s War”08/10/2015Broderick, Andrew C.I didn’t think this was going to be my kind of book when I accepted …4 Small Starsbroderick-andrew-c
Never Surrender
“Never Surrender”08/07/2015Nuttall, Christopher G.Last time we read the series, Brigadier Jasmine Yamane and part of her Commonwealth Expeditionary …5 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
“Remember the StarFighter”08/03/2015Kan, MichaelThis is a very great example of why I read science fiction books. You can …5 Small Starskan-michael
“Colonization: Humanity Isn’t All They Left Behind”07/28/2015Platt, Sean and Truant, Johnny B.Ok, so out of the blue we jump ahead two years! Things have changed greatly …5 Small Starsplatt-and-truant
“Inevitable: The Future Has Already Happened”07/22/2015Cotton, StevenAnother fantastic science fiction book sent to me by a publisher. I had no idea …cotton-steven
“Contact – Find the Missing; Fear the Found”07/20/2015Platt, Sean and Truant, Johnny B.This is the second book in the series. The first book, in case you missed …5 Small Starsplatt-and-truant
Galactic Search
“Galactic Search”07/15/2015Weil, Raymond L.In the last book, three of our heroes were just blasted through a black hole. …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Lineage”07/12/2015Keeton, B. J.This strange story continues. I say strange because it’s not my regular kind of science …5 Small Starskeeton-b-j
Netcast Zero
“The Fall of the Core: Netcast Zero”07/07/2015Brown, RykAh, hmm…, what I thought was a book, turned out to be a long short-story. …3 Small Starsbrown-ryk
The Alliance
“The Alliance”07/06/2015Weil, Raymond L.This was a very good story. We continue the series from the point where the …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
“Soldiers”07/03/2015Dandridge, DougMissiles, missiles and more missiles.  That’s about all this book is about.  The Empire under …4 Small Starsdandridge-doug
Android Hunters
“Android Hunters”06/23/2015Bergeron, JonathanWhen I was much, much younger I thought I was tough and mean. Boy, did …5 Small Starsbergeron-jonathan
“Invasion”06/18/2015Platt, Sean and Truant, Johnny B.This book made me mad, but, that’s not bad, really. I believe that when an …5 Small Starsplatt-and-truant
Void Contract
“Void Contract”06/16/2015Rhine, ScottI have to admit, this was a pretty darn good book once it got going. …5 Small Starsrhine-scott
The Collective
“The Collective”06/11/2015Hillard, KenanDidn’t think I was going to like this book because it is an after the …5 Small Starshillard-kenan
“Birthright”06/09/2015Keeton, B. J.I don’t know, I just don’t know about this book. On one hand, I know …4 Small Starskeeton-b-j
The Atlantis Ship
“The Atlantis Ship”06/04/2015Hadfield, A. C.This book struck me as short. It’s not really at 402 pages, but I read …4 Small Starshadfield-a-c
The Shiva Syndrome
“The Shiva Syndrome”05/28/2015Joshua, AlanThis was a thrilling book. A mystery of mind boggling proportions that not everyone is …5 Small Starsjoshua-alan
The Other Side of Fear
“The Other Side Of Fear”05/25/2015Hudner, KennedyI got hooked on this series by reading the first book, “Alarm of War”. That …5 Small Starshudner-kennedy
Death World
“Death World”05/17/2015Larson, B. V.How many ways can a soldier die?  I really, really don’t want to know, but …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
“Captain”05/07/2015Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)Really, really like these books. Some of this stuff must be a re-cap of Col …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
The Silver Ships
“The Silver Ships”05/05/2015Jucha, S. H. This was a very, very nice book. That’s certainly not a normal statement for me …5 Small Starsjucha-s-h
Contact Us
“Contact Us”04/27/2015Macy, AlIf I were to write a Sci-Fi book, this would be it.  This has got …5 Small Starsmacy-al
Reconquest: Mother Earth
“Reconquest: Mother Earth”04/25/2015Alves, CarlWell, this one starts out kind of strange. Our Hero, Mitch Grace, who happens to …5 Small Starsalves-carl
The Masters of War
“The Masters of War: Expanded Edition”04/20/2015Harris, T. R.I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this book since everything that had been going …4 Small Starsharris-t-r
A Show of Force
“A Show of Force”04/18/2015Brown, RykBoy! These books are exciting! I can’t get enough of them. Yet, I’m reluctant to …5 Small Starsbrown-ryk
The Hunting Season
“The Hunting Season”04/10/2015Boroch, PeterHarry Potter© was a bedtime story for little kids; this one definitely is NOT! If …5 Small Starsboroch-peter-e
First Conquest
“First Conquest”03/31/2015Vandyke, DavidThis book is really a science fiction space combat at it’s finest.  The entire book …5 Small Starsvandyke-david
Veterans of the Psychic Wars
“Veterans of the Psychic Wars”03/29/2015Trotman, Wayne GerardI should have read the author’s bio (at the back of the book) first. This …5 Small Starstrotman-wayne-gerard
“Chimera”03/20/2015Tanger, N. J.Not a bad story, but it is for young adults.  I don’t qualify for that audience …5 Small Starstanger-n-j
“Dammit”03/16/2015Baker, S. SpencerThe continuation of the first book “Slabscape: Reset”.  they go together pretty well.  In this …5 Small Starsbaker-s-spencer
“Reset”03/12/2015Baker, S. Spencer[This was a book provided by the author’s publisher for my reading and review. This …5 Small Starsbaker-s-spencer
“Exile”03/08/2015Larson, B. V.I hadn’t read one of these Star Force books in quite awhile.  Not that I …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
A Galaxy to Conquer
“A Galaxy to Conquer”03/04/2015Harris, T. R.[Ed:  I may have gotten this book and the next one reviewed together because I …5 Small Starsharris-t-r
Apex Preditor
“The Apex Predator”03/02/2015Harris, T. R.[Ed:  I may have gotten this book and the next one reviewed together because I …5 Small Starsharris-t-r
The Lost Command
“The Lost Command”02/24/2015Heppner, VaughnI am at a loss for words!  The difference between this book and the first …4 Small Starsheppner-vaughn
Machine World
“Machine World”02/16/2015Larson, B. V.I really like theses books although I’m not so sure I could accept the idea …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
Indigo Squad
“Indigo Squad”02/13/2015Taylor, Tim C.This is still a strange book.  Now graduates, although much too early, Arun McEwan is now …4 Small Starstaylor-tim-c
“Rebellion”02/07/2015Weil, Raymond L.Well, these books didn’t take a whole lot of original thinking to create.  Mr. Weil …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
The Black Rift
“The Black Rift”01/31/2015Thomas, Michael G.We’re back with Spartan, I think!  Sometimes these books can get quite confusing.  I know …5 Small Starsthomas-michael-g
“Avilon”01/26/2015Scott, Jasper T.Whoa!  Feels like I’ve just read about thirty volumes of a grand mind-twisting book.  I …5 Small Starsscott-jasper-t
Like a Mighty Army
“Like a Mighty Army”01/25/2015Weber, DavidI just love this series! This one did NOT disappoint! Yes, if your not a …5 Small Starsweber-david
Marine Cadet
“Marine Cadet”01/19/2015Taylor, Tim C.This one is kind of strange.  Apparently, Earth has been invaded a long time ago.  …5 Small Starstaylor-tim-c
Countdown: The Doomsday Playbook
“Countdown: The Doomsday Playbook”01/11/2015Freeman, RashadNot my kind of book.  This one starts off with some exciting Special Forces action …4 Small Starsfreeman-rashad
The Fall
“The Fall”01/10/2015Allan, JayCain gone wild!  Yeah, that’s not much different than his normal mode of operation!  Yet, …5 Small Starsallan-jay
Quantum Lens
“Quantum Lens”01/05/2015Richards, Douglas E.You must read this book or it won’t exist! Now I could be wrong about …4 Small Starsrichards-douglas-e
The Lost Starship
“The Lost Starship”12/30/2014Heppner, VaughnThis has got to be one of the silliest books I have ever read.  I …3 Small Starsheppner-vaughn
Wrath of the Gods
“Wrath of the Gods”12/20/2014Thomas, Michael G.This series is interesting but really, really confusing!  There is so much going on that …4 Small Starsthomas-michael-g
Into the Void
“Into the Void”12/15/2014Webb, Nick (Endi)Ok, here goes my review.  The story has some interesting aspects.  We’ve just gotten out …3 Small Starswebb-endi-nick
Rise of the Alliance
“Rise of the Alliance”12/13/2014Brown, RykLast time we left our heroes, they were just defeating a Jung War Platform of …5 Small Starsbrown-ryk
“The Lieutenant”12/13/2014Brazee, Jonathan P., Col., USMCR (Ret.)“The most terrible job in warfare is to be a second lieutenant leading a platoon …5 Small Starsbrazee-jonathan-p
Final Contact
“Final Contact”12/13/2014Clarke, J. D.Great Series and a Great Finish! 4 of 5 Stars Well, it’s finally finished. Initially …4 Small Starsclarke-j-d
Battle for Helios
“Battle for Helios”12/05/2014Thomas, Michael G.For some reason I haven’t been consistent in writing reviews for this series of books. …4 Small Starsthomas-michael-g
Star Viking
“Star Viking”12/02/2014Heppner, VaughnThis continues the story of Commander Creed.  If you haven’t read the previous two books …5 Small Starsheppner-vaughn
Tech World
“Tech World”11/29/2014Larson, B. V.It’s time you got a cushy job with Legion Varus.  You fought and dies numerous …5 Small Starslarson-b-v
“Endgame”11/21/2014Weil, Raymond L.This book gives great satisfaction!  If you’ve read the other six books, you know what …5 Small Starsweil-raymond-l
Craing Dominion
“Craing Dominion”11/19/2014McGinnis, Mark WayneIf you remember the end of the previous book, Captain Jason Reynolds and some of …5 Small Starsmcginnis-mark-wayne
Hard Lessons
“Hard Lesson”11/14/2014Nuttall, Christopher G.We’ve move 50 years in to the future after Steve Stuart and his brothers were …5 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
A Learning Experience
“A Learning Experience”11/10/2014Nuttall, Christopher G.This book is pure science-fiction.  There isn’t much better science-fiction than what this story tells. …5 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
First Strike
“First Strike”11/09/2014Nuttall, Christopher G.This book starts right in the middle of something so it’s a little hard to …4 Small Starsnuttall-christopher-g
Lines of Departure
“Lines of Departure”11/03/2014Kloos, MarkoOf all the ships to read about, it has to be the Midway! As a …4 Small Starskloos-marko
“Inhuman”10/30/2014Simpson, DavidI really don’t know why I read these books.  After each one, I have to …5 Small Starssimpson-david
The Ten Thousand
“The Ten Thousand”Allan, JayGreat Continuing Story Line – Little Bit Annoying! General Jake Taylor has brought his army …4 Small Starsallan-jay