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“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it's the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. ...Science fiction is central to everything we've ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don't know what they're talking about.” 

Ray Bradbury

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Occupied Earth

“Occupied Earth”

I kind of liked the first book in this series, although as I mentioned it turned out to be a horror story, but really didn’t know where it would lead. Well, now I know! It’s still in the venue of a horror story, but it’s been explained a lot more now. Captain Clayton Cross has had a career change! Boy, is that an understatement. Last time we read about him, he was the Captain of

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Star Forged

“Star Forged”

Although this book is like a Transformer movie, it’s still pretty good, not that Transformer movies were bad, just a little excessive, in my opinion! Newton “Dash” Sawyer is still flying around in a gigant mech built by the Unseen. These were a race of technologically advanced people who built a civilization of artificial entities that eventually called the “Golden”. The Golden then decided they didn’t need the Unseen and went to war with them.

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Rain of Fire

“Rain of Fire”

A new author, a new series and the first book, can’t get any better than that! Well, I guess you can when the first book reads like it’s going to be a pretty great series! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading anything from Mr. Kern, but this first book is very well written. I would think he’s some what of a history buff, and probably a penchants for military history. As he indicates at

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The Concord has just captured the leader of the Assembly with three Concord legacy fleet starships. How they got those legacy starships is under investigation now. Captain Thomas Baldwin of the Concord starship, Constantine, along with his crew, were responsible for the capture of the Assembly force including those ships. He has delivered everything back to Nolix, capital of the Concord. Now he’s told that he and his starship are going back out again to

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Raymond L. Weil is one of my most read authors. His stories are all very well written and seem to have a long timeline. This new series appears to be in that same mold. While I do enjoy his stories, sometimes I think he’s geared his writing style to young adults. There’s nothing wrong with that, except his writing sometimes gets repetitive. That continues in this story, but it doesn’t necessarily distract from what he’s

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There are two missions going on in this book which is kind of unusual for a John Walker novel. Both mission involve the Peck twins, Rita and Oliver, each going on separate missions. Rita has joined, again, with Eriss, the MerCon agent, to head back to Confederation space to try and find out who set up the secret lab and built the super secret and highly advanced gunboat. Unfortunately, she and Eriss were making the

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The ReBirth

“The ReBirth”

Well, the Ca’cadasan Empire has a new Emperor and that’s bad news for the Terran Empire! Unlike the recently assassinated young idiot who was called the Emperor, this new Cas’cad Emperor is an educated and mature being, one that is a lot smarter than most all his peers and probably closer to the intelligence of the humans in the Terran Empire military HQ. The war is not going so easy now. The humans are still

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Knife's Edge

“Knife’s Edge”

I read the first two books in this series a long time ago, back in May of 2017, so I had to do some re-reading of my old reviews to see if I could remember what had happened in those first two books. I kind of got the gist of the story, but there seems to be somethings missing. As this story continues in book three, it’s part of a seven book collection which I’m

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